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Overcharged for Multiple Repairs

Newport Lexus - Overcharged for Multiple Repairs
Newport Lexus - Overcharged for Multiple Repairs
I went over to the shop on Tuesday and spent a good 20-25 mins with Justin going over the various repairs. He said that he would do what he could to keep the time down and that because the front part of the engine area needed to be broken down, the Flat Rate Estimate Manual/Book estimate per repair item would be less for there were multiple things being done in the same area of the vehicle, i.e. there would be overlap. I took him at his word. Then I got a very bad feeling after speaking with Arlyn after the repairs were completed Friday morning. Each of the three engine area repairs were estimated/billed as though they were done individually. This is not right and unethical as far as I am concerned. There must be a real time accounting for these three repairs done at the same time, timing belt(TEN HOURS), leaking steering rack seal (FIVE HOURS) and power steering line(FIVE HOURS) and in the same area. I've included the individual estimated time in parenthesis in the prior sentence. There were two hours charged for the brake work. That is a total of 22 hours of labor charged on the collective repairs. I didn't give the go ahead for the repairs until mid-morning Wednesday and Justin finished the car before lunch on Friday. That is two full-time days or 16 hours assuming he worked on my car the entire time and he was there the entire time. Keep in mind I wrote Arlyn at 5:35PM Tuesday evening that "Please give me a call in the morning when you get in. I'd like to discuss cost with you a little and the possibility of a volume discount for the large amount of work." He called me Wednesday morning and said that he would check with Justin on time required for each repair. It seems just from this analysis that I was charged at least 8 hours more for the work than the real calendar would allow(no discounts). I understand that Arlyn is trying to maximize profit for your company. He always seems so busy and glosses over important details. I did not expect to be taken advantage of by a service consultant for any reason and I firmly believe that you do not support these business practices yourself. When a customer comes in for service, it is not an opportunity to bill as much as possible. I was told that he is notorious for over charging people and being profit motivated yesterday (too late). In the end I spoke with the obnoxious and bullying General Manager, Mr. Tony D'Amato, this morning who said Arlyn is his best guy and I can go pound sand. He also said their hourly rates are a bargain compared to the BMW shop ($150 v. $178 per hour). They are *** at NB Lexus and hold onto your wallets. BUYER BEWARE! In response to D'Amato reply: Here is what D'Amato said to me on the phone yesterday-Oct 3, 2016. He left this out of his reply. "There you go again." "Why did you go talk to Justin the mechanic anyway" Because I was asked. "You gave us a bad Yelp review." "You have a history of not being happy with your service." "I don't know why you came back here." "I wouldn't have given you any discounts." In his reply: "At this point through an exchange of emails and telephone calls, you and Arlyn agreed to go forward with the repairs mentioned above and the repair work began." I never emailed Arlyn a response to begin work on the car. Let me stop you right there. Don't make stuff up. In closing, how did Justin work 22 hours in two days??? D'Amato can't answer it. We'll let others decide and his defense is very weak. If only he could admit they are crooks. How does he sleep at night? In short, D'Amato is dishonest. He didn't check with Justin. Justin said access would be easy for two of repairs/the time would be much less and I never authorized all that time. D'Amato is one sided and completely full of it. Even the cashier said that was a tremendous amount of money. I had to contact his corporate office and Newport Lexus yesterday afternoon after his repeated and harassing phone calls. I also had to fax his Corporate office twice this morning. Decide for yourself. He's a bully. How did Justin work 22 hours in two days??? He didn't. These are the same people that stated some mechanics work faster than others and you pay the book estimate even if the time spent on the repairs is 2-3 times lower. BUYER BEWARE!
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After i sign the contract , this Lexus financial lady Lisa giving me bad attitude, (I was surprised she is the manager. ) She called me for 2 years tax return for my company on 6/10 Tue. I said i do not have time to go there so if i can email her. She said NO YOU NEED TO COME IN. I said i don't have time so whenever i have time i will. Today 6/16 5pm she called me again. LISA :You didn't come in. ME : I didn't have time to come in. LISA: Can you come in today? ME : No i don't have time today. Let me see my schedule and call you back ok? SHE START SCREAMING. LISA: NO!! YOU DONT CALL ME BACK JUST COME IN! What is wrong with her? LISA: YOU JUST NEED TO COME ASAP!!! I said ok i will. As soon as i hung up she called me another time and left A voice mail. IF YOU DONT KNOW WHEN YOU CAN COME IN, YOU COME HERE TO RETURN YOUR CAR!!!!! Again, i told her i will call her back for my schedule BUT SHE SAID NO. At very last it was ok for sending my tax return by email why did i need to come in from the first place? ==================================================­=========== And you know what happen? this is the surprise! I emailed Mr. president A.J. D. of Newport Lexus about this. He CC my email to other Lexus people and also other company called "brandtailers" the company doing their business marketing. CAN YOU BELIVE THIS?? THE OWNER OF NEWPORT LEXUS DID CC MY EMAIL TO OTHER PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITHOUT TELLING ME ANYTHING!!!!! I see comments from him on bad reviews ONLY and TELLING to take care of the customer but that is a lie JUST PRETENDING. IF YOU EMAIL HIM, HE WILL CC TO OTHER 22 PEOPLE. His reply was awful, OWNER: She was just doing her job. (Is it really her job? giving me bad attitude and screaming at costumer? ) OWNER : She contact you 5/24 and she was waiting until now. (THIS IS ANOTHER LIE !! FIRST TIME SHE CALLED ME WAS LAST WEEK 6/10!! AND I MENTION HER I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO COME IN! I OFFERED EMAIL TO HER BUT SHE SAID NO. FIRST TIME SHE CALL ME SHE TALKED TO MY ACCOUNTING MANAGER , ADN MY ACCOUNTING MANAGER HAS A RECORD FIRST TIME SHE CALLED ME WAS 6/10 ) The owner was just protecting his staff not customer. This is how they treat their customer. How they think about their customer. The satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority, ????????? Oh really.... THEIR HIGHEST PRIORITY IS HOW THEY LOOK FROM PEOPLE READING YELP REVEWS NOT THE REAL SATISFACTION OF THEIR CUSTOMER. I KNOW LEXUS HAS good car. BUT NOT THIS LOCATION. You know here is not the only location you can buy Lexus !!! AM I COMING BACK TO THIS LEXUS FOR NEXT LEASING ? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! I am not gonna choose Lexus for the next one!
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