JoeHolloway H
map-marker Clermont, Florida

Problem solved and New Beginnings corrected all issues previously statted.

The Founder of New Beginnings Mr. Steve Smith and I sat down and had a lengthy conversation and we were able to reasonably discuss the issues that I had stated to him and others within the organization and came to a agreement based on a professional and honorable level.

It is with great pleasure that Mr. Smith restored my opinion of New Beginnings and I firmly believe that he is a man of the highest integrity and was lead to start New Beginnings for all the right reasons.

Every business and charity has what we consider to be growing pains and hurdles as each day passes and knowing this I believe that New Beginnings has done remarkable things for the community and will continue to do even greater things as time passes.

When think of a charity to give items or money as a donation in the future, New Beginnings will be the first charity that I will be donating to.

Steve Smith is a great individual that really does look out for those in need and our community as a whole.

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Good customer service
JoeHolloway H
map-marker Clermont, Florida

Resolved: New Beginnings Charity in Clermont Florida

New Beginnings sent their pick up crew to our deceased relative’s home to pick up items that we donated to them. The pick-up crew destroyed a frame that they were told was not being donated to remove a Michael Jordan Jersey and proceeded to take the Jersey, along with that they took a new lawn mower and rummaged thru the donated items and only took what they wanted. The Michael Jordan jersey was returned by Kim Wolf with the assurance that they would pay for the damaged frame and we were advised that the lawn mower never made it to the New Beginnings thrift store in Clermont. After a month we never received the money for the damaged frame and when I went to the Clermont location and spoke to Mr. Keith Rugh he made a low offer of reimbursement and then did not honor it. I was also advised by Mr. Rugh that the employment of the individuals that picked thru and picked up the items that they wanted along with stealing the lawn mower and destroying the frame had been terminated then a few days later Mr. Rugh stated that a part time individual that was with the pick-up crew that came to our home denied that they damaged the frame or took the lawn mower, so as far as the pick-up crew being terminated, that was a lie by Mr. Rugh and suddenly another individual is brought into the picture that denies everything that occurred. How convenient, Birds of a feather flock together as the saying goes. This charity is horrendous and the individuals have no integrity and appear to be involved with taking advantage of donors and condoning the actions of their employees. Mr. and Mrs. Smith the founders of New Beginnings will not return calls and the number I called 352-404-**** always goes to an answering machine. Once you complain about this charity and their actions you will receive a threating letter like I did from their attorney Edward Jordan/The Edward Jordan Law Group in Clermont Florida. This was meant to intimidate me into not saying or writing anything against this charity. Read below and this is what you can expect. : This firm has the pleasure of New Beginnings of Central Florida, Inc. (“New Beginnings”), a not-for profit ministry to the impoverished and unemployed in our local community. New Beginnings received an email from you concerning an alleged theft of a lawn mower during a scheduled pick-up of donations from your residence. New Beginnings has completed its investigation of the alleged incident and confirmed that neither it nor any of its representatives or volunteers removed a lawn mower from your residence during the pickup of your donations. This information has been conveyed to you by Keith Rugh in his June 6, 2016 email and provides you a complete summary of the investigation. Please know that while New Beginnings is not responsible for the missing lawn mower, you will be responsible for any defamatory remarks or statement that you cause to be published or spoken of against New Beginnings. Your threat to defame New Beginnings with the express purpose of diminishing contributions to this non-for-profit ministry is not taken lightly, as New Beginnings is totally dependent on its good will in the community. Any harm you cause to this community-based and charity dependent ministry could result in claims against you far in excess of your alleged damages related to the lawn mower. Thank you in advance for your understanding. Sincerely, Edward P. Jordan II For the Firm I spoke to another individual recently and the same thing happened when she had New Beginnings come to her residence to pick up donated items. BEWARE OF THIS CHARITY BEFORE CALLING THEM TO COME TO YOUR HOME TO PICK UP ANYTHING BECAUSE YOU MAY REGRET IT AND POSSIBLY HAVE TO HAVE ANOTHER CHARITY COME TO YOUR HOME TO PICK UP THE REMAINING ITEMS THAT NEW BEGINNINGS LEFT BEHIND THAT THEY DID NOT WANT.
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Liars and thieves

Preferred solution: Provide reimburshment for frame and replacement of lawn mower that ws stolen