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I just start wearing new balance because i heard its a good shoe to wear in the support is very good the style of the shoe is wonderful but the quality is poor to me I haven't had these shoe more then 6months in the sole is worn out in when it rains the sole make a noise the thread is coming loose in everything like it has water stuck in them the shoe is very comfortable but the shoe isn't fit as it should this shoe states its for active fit...
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I didn't like
  • It was my first and last time
I have bought 6 pairs of NB walking shoes over the past 5 years. The first 3 pairs were very comfortable and well-made. The last three were defective. The back half of the sole separated a lot from the shoe on two of the pairs after about 6 months. The soles themselves were in perfect shape, just not attached to the shoes. I tried to glue them back together, but it didn't work. On the third pair, the top front came apart causing the shoes...
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