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Start from the beginning call DirecTV for Internet service somehow we got Exede Internet they sell me a router up the truck the router ended up to be default it call them to get a new router they said they don't do that that I have to take it up with the technician well that was a big argument rude customer service unbelievably rude customer service from the supervisor get a phone call a few weeks later they said they would replace the router as...
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I get the supposedly "new" Netgear modem, and set it up. Immediately, the issues start up with dropping. It's not as bad, at first, then gets to be just as bad, some days dropping up to three times a day! I call them back on June 10th, finally, and tell them it's the same problem. I ask if they sent me the same thing back or some refurb model. They won't tell me. Already a RED flag! You don't get a new in box system in these cases. You get a...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service-tech support is foreign hard to understand
  • Tries to charge to change settings
  • Customer service