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I purchased a Neato vacuum for my wife for Christmas in 2015.We have had it replaced several times. The system starts and stops in the middle of the floor. Neato upgraded the unit with a new battery.....the battery would not charge. For you, who have dealt with Neato technical, you know the frustration. They put the burden of proof on you and make you jump through multiple hoops to no avail. I have proof of 65 email correspondence with the tech...
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I purchased my robotic vacuum in My 2015. It has never really worked and I actually exchanged the first one and am on the second one. Unfortunately a number of life events caused me go outside the warranty period by not contacting them earlier. I completely understand that was my fault. However, when I contact Neato and ask for a recommended service provider they cannot provide me with any information. In case you look there is one...
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Anonymous Interesting timing... must be the planned obsolescence of the product. almost same exact story. I am on my 2nd NEATO after a warrantee repair . This one also stopped working ...

I liked
  • Product is good when it works
I didn't like
  • Do not have relationships with reputable repair companies
  • No options for service after year 1