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I HAVE been trying to get a refund from ndot for a project they never compleated and after a year of trying they have finally refused to give me a refund so in total i have lost $6000, if you plan to do business with this company thenn you are a bigger fool then i am. never trust this bunch of scammers they are the worst people i have ever dealt with. check their google reviews even their linkedin page and you will find they are frauds. dealing...
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SiD Your shi(t)ty grammar and the spellings that you've used, just clearly shows that you are no where near any of the original English-speaking countries.
Especially, you're d...

Ndot Technology and its other name Taximobility is a scam company. When you are planning to purchase an App. In my case A taxy app, they will promise every thing you require to complete the project. The peoblems starts when you made a payment. They will start to delay and refuse to acknowledge what you have agreed with them. The app they built for me is piece of Shite and it cost me thousands of dollars. They will keep asking for more money...
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