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Calling constantly; no messages left for a reason for their calls being left. We are a do mot call list and they call anyway??? Telephone number is 603-717-0159; 589-7558: 574-4992. When we call those numbers back...can't leave any message either as it states not a eorking number?

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How interesting. My ex sister-in-law was tracked down cuz someone is trying to do a "pre-trial" deal with me. In 2013 i received a call from Landmark Litigation and come to find out, they were a fraudulent collection agency.....because i had changed my card #they then sent it to another company....that was in Oct of 2014 right after my mother died. They've threatened to take me to court and the whole bit. They said that I owed money to Banner... Read more

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Ive been paying NCO Financial Systems for the past four months to pay off an National Grid Electric bill come to find out when I called National Grid there stating that they never recieved any payments. I can't stand this schemeing company.

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You call they put you on hold 2 hrs not helpful very rude they harass you to death this is worst co to deal with any were

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I send a payment on the 3rd of every month a for some reason you haven't received it yet? I sent it to the Main Office in Rancho Cordova,CA And this is the 19th of Aug, so I would like to know why it has not been posted on to my account 2160345471????? Does it take that long for you all to post someones money on to there account if you are that slow you better find some body who can do a better job.It's really bad when your agent calls you and... Read more

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Aps arizona public services uses a company call NCO to take there over the phone payments, well i made a $414.56 payment saturday when i recieved my aps bill got no comfermation number and hung up on called the3 bank they said nope they took it. so monday i call to see if it was posted to my aps acct. NO so i call asp nothing they have me call nco. I spend 2 hours on the phone have acct to banhows jackson elk online telling them what it says... Read more

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I am the manager of a new fitness center. We have several phone lines at our facility and NCO Financial calls every single day to collect on multiple people on several of our lines. Nobody by any of those names work here, have worked here, or will ever be hired to work here. I have told NCO Financial to remove these lines from their list and we still get calls every single day. I called again today and the lady was extremely rude and said no... Read more

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When they call asking to speak to you and ask you to verify your #SS, simply ask who they are and why they need your #SS. Explain to them firmly that unless they give you more information about who they are that you do not feel comfortable giving them your #SS because you did not call them, they called you and without any information about why they are calling asked for your #SS and you feel like it is scam. They will get frustrated and tell you... Read more

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My last payment of $56.00 was scheduled for 12/12/2012, spoke with NCO and both of us agree'd to the payment being moved to 12/28/2012. Here it is 12/23/2012 and I get a letter from my Credit Alert monitor about NCO applying a Negative report. I have received no communication from this company so I wonder how can they just submit something with no evidence and it be added to your credit report. Companies like this need be investigated... Read more

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UPMC St. Margaret's sent me a bill for $70 that I had to pay in payments. I was paying at least $25 a month. They sent me to NCO financial. I called them immediately and told them I was paying on it. I had only $15 left and that I get paid once a month and they would get it after the day they wanted it. They turned it into the National Credit bureau because I didn't give them the last $15 that I called and told them they would get... Read more

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