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Was turned down for auto even though I paid NFCU on or before date required.I went to USAA for that car loan and was approved in a matter of minutes with no money down AND they over nighted the check to me via FED EX.Had a car that was financed with NFCU and it was in car accident and declared a total wreck.Insurance company paid NFCU $16238 leaving me with a $4634 balance.I called NFCU and applied for personal loan for that amount and was...
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I liked
  • When i joined they refinanced 3 auto loans for me
I didn't like
  • Unable to speak to anyone
  • Turned me down on loans
  • Heartless skinflint inflexability
They have no communication throughout departments at all.I have a car loan that i pay every month i asked to change the due date since it conflicts with other bills but they cant, which i understand. THEY suggested i split the payments between 2 weeks. I let them know the second payment would be after the due date. THEY said that would be fine and it would be noted on my account to avoid any issues. That was a YEAR ago and every month they levy...
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