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Felix S Paj

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Please be careful about this Scam

Navan365 - Please be careful about this Scam
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Navan365 - Please be careful about this Scam - Image 2
Navan365 - Please be careful about this Scam - Image 3

I am writing to ask for your help. I got scammed.

I don't know where to report, can you take 1 minute and help me please?

I heard about Navan (https://navan.com/about) through a platform: www.navantravel.life who then changed to https://www.navan365.com/Index, they said they are doing the market analysis for Navan.com and they offered me a job opportunity.

But now, I found that they are scammers, they asked me to recharge again and again during the journeys and promised I would get all my recharging back and more! (commission)

My job was to rate 5 stars to 40 sightseeings on the platform, after rated them all, I could get a commission. But the problem was that I needed to recharge during the journeys, otherwise I couldn't complete it. I spent more than nearly 20K to recharge for my last journey, they said I can't withdraw more than 50K once I complete these 40 Journeys.

It is too much money, I couldn't afford it.

I needed time to find enough money. Although I cleared the negative in the end,they banned my account. They said because I was late to pay, the platform frozened my account. The way to get my money back is to pay 3500 usd more to activate my account.

This was not what they promised from the beginning. I feel I got scammed.

I attached the communication between the manager of the fake "Navan '' and me. You can see he said I could get my money back without condition if I cleared the negative.

But when I asked to unlock my account, they asked to pay more. (3.5K)

Please help me, I have broken because of https://www.navan365.com/Index and I borrowed too much money I couldn't afford.

They had ruined my life and my family. Could you please help to let me know what I should do to get my money back and not let more people suffer from them?

Another thing I need to mention is that we recharge using crypto currencies.

I don't know if they are doing something illegal or money laundering.

I had contacted the real Navan, they said navan365 has nothing related to them. Please find their reply attached.

Please help!

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Preferred solution: Full refund