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Nationwide Recovery System - Debt Collection Review from Fort Worth, Texas

I believe NRS fraudulently put my name on hospital billing accounts and tried repeatedly, by use of harassment and threats of continuing collection activities against me, to collect debts they were fully aware were not my responsibility. I have digital recordings of the phone calls with a Mr. Jason Jackson of NRS, messages left on both my home answering machine and 10 calls made to my husband's cell phone. I repeatedly told Mr. Jackson these were not my debts and not to call me anymore. According to hospital billing reps these debts were NEVER in my name. Collecting debts from family members is evidently a favorite of abusive debt collectors. I have experienced several incidences of that practice from other debt collectors attempting to collect debts owed by my daughter. This is first time I have experienced a debt collection company actually transferring debts from other people's name into my name. It is my belief and concern that there is no real difference between putting my name on a debt they are fully aware is not mine and trying to coerce me to pay it and outright opening an account in my name without my consent. I believe that what NRS has done amounts to identity theft and I intend to pursue it as such. In order to protect myself from what Mr. Jackson assured me would be continuing collection activities against me, I will filing complaints with every state and federal agency with jurisdiction over collection agencies, as well as reporting what I believe to be criminal identity theft to the Tarrant County Sheriff's office for investigation. I will also contact news agencies to warn the public.
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National Recovery Systems were very unprofessional...

This site is considering I use a minimum of 100 words. Not happening. Anyway, in 2006, I was in the Marines coming from Okinawa, Japan to Camp Pendleton, CA. This was a big change for me because I was in Japan for 2 years with minimal leave. As soon as I got into California I went to a Cingular (now AT&T) dealership to get a phone in order to contact family members. The transaction went smoothly and everybody was real nice. This was a month before I was told Iraq and I were finally going to meet. I signed a 2 year contact with them. For training purposes I was sent to Twenynine Palms. I still had my phone and used it whenever I was in a service area, which was hardly. Probably illegally, I didn't get mail (which includes bills). After about a month (the only thing I have been able to pay was the down payment for Cingular) goes by and I finally get to go back to California. I get my mail and I recieved 3 bills from AT&T for a rediculous amount. The only thing I wanted was txt msg and calling privileges. I didn't need internet or a fancy phone. So for this to be as high as it came out to be was rediculous. I went to the dealership and he told me that it was a mistake on their part and they would have all the fees deducted and explained to me how to use "pay my bill" on the phone. So that was fine. This was approx. 2 weeks before I was to be shipped out. Before I went on my ten day leave I was given a letter by a higher up stating that I needed to freeze my contract. So I did. I go home for leave and come back. Our mail was already being shipped over. I finally get to Iraq and recieve my first piece of mail, my Cingular bill. No fees were deducted and I was being threatened of having my fees turned to a credit report agency. The only thing I could do was send them an e-mail. So I did. Screw my mom and family, I need to straighten out this situation. A few weeks go by and I get no reply. I get a letter from Nationwide Recovery Systems. I knew I had frozen my Cingular account so I wanted to deal with it when I got home. Time goes by and I forget, it happens. That was the only letter they sent me. Anyway, recently I have gotten out of the Marines and found a job that pays real well. I also get disability and the GI Bill. So I have enough money to fix past mistakes if I wanted to. I had 2 deliquent accounts. One was with Midland Collection Services and the other was Nationwide Recovery Systems. By June of 2008 I haven't received a letter or phone call from either of these so I went to and paid their monthly fee to get the contact information. I first call Midland Collection Services. The gentleman I talked to was the nicest man ever. I asked if I could perhaps pay a monthly fee until I get it all and he said yes! I was excited! I made my first payment of $50 and the transaction went smoothly. I was actually excited about paying these guys off, even though I had no idea what the fee was for. Southwestern Bell? I have never had a land-line. I just wanted it off my credit report. That's is how that went. I get off the phone with Midland and immediately gave Nationwide Recovery Systems a call. Went through the automated system blah blah blah. This is how it went: "Hello," the operator (deep voice) said. Was like I called the wrong number and the person answering was questioning who I was while saying Hello as meanly as possibly. I then told them who I was and why I called. This person did not listen. Midland went so well! I tried to explain that too. "Is there any way I can do a monthly payment like I did with Midland?" I asked. "No." No explanation. "Why?" I ask "Because your account has been delinquit over a year and we are going to send it over to another collection agency next month." My Midland account was the same way. "Where are you sending it to, I just negotiate with them." "I can't tell you" "Why not?" "Can you pay anything now?" "About $100." "And then the rest before the month is over?" "No, I can't do that." "Why can't you?" "I like it better when my family is able to eat." "Why didn't you pay this before?" "I tried." "No you Didn't" argument for about 3 minutes on this. "You went to Iraq? They make a lot of money out there." "Not really." Anyway, this went on for awhile. Finally we set a transaction for $100 and hung up. The money never came out of my account. On June 30, 2008 a bounced check fee was in my account. I don't have checks. I called my bank and the operator told me that a transaction from the collection services fee of $476 bounced because of insufficient funds. I closed my account. Monday (yesterday) I get a rude call asking "Mr. Stone, where is our money?" "What money?" I ask. "You said you were going to pay the full amount and we have a bounced check." "I didn't write you a check." "Yes you did." "No." "We need our money, Mr. Stone." "Obviously I don't have it" "Can you borrow it from someone?" "No. I do have the hundred agreed upon." "We agree on the full amount." "No, we didn't." It was this rude the whole time. I finally made her so mad she was adding fees with every word I spoke. It went from 467 to over 700. That is unreasonable. Another lady called and asked what my problem was? Why I couldn't pay them? I tried to be reasonable and explain things to her but she started yelling. She said I was being unrealistic and so on. You may think I leaving out details but I'm not. At this time I still have my bank account closed and I am getting a new CheckCard which is the only way I can access money. I like it that way and I have never had a problem with it. I live in Arkansas and my bank is in California. They have an awesome online service so I stay with them. Like I said, I have never had a problem with them. Anyway, I told her I could pay the original fee they were trying to steal out of my account and that's all when I recieved my CheckCard. She didn't think that was acceptable and she told me I was *** for using a bank that far away from me. She then asked if I could wire her the money. I said we could try it. She gave the me company's info and we hung up. I called my band to get a wire. Apparently I can't send a wire through my bank without a name on the account, she did not give me one. The bank teller I was talking to was really nice and I asked her for her contact information because I knew I was going to be called a liar. I called NRS back and asked for the women I talked to earlier. She wanted a confirmation number. I explained to her that the wire didn't go through because she didn't give me a name. She called BS and told me that however I get the money to her was up to me, but I will get it to her. She wouldn't listen to me and now I keep getting calls from them. I would really like to pay them but I have no desire to now and I would rather ruin my credit score. Hopefully part of the story will hold up in court for the "bounced check". If not, oh well. Thanks if you read this! I know it was long and after awhile I blacked out in memory of this incident.
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