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Horrible customer service and extremely poor feedback to the customer. Completed application on 3/30/2016 was given "we try our best to complete the refinance in 30 days". Email received 7/5/2016 saying it closed finally. As of 7/11/2016 still have no funds from our cash out cause the title company says the pay off on the loan was to old to work with and they had to request a new one. Still waiting! Our credit scores were 806 and 807 with less than 4% credit card utilization. Debt to income was excellent! Faxed all documents requested the same day as application. Then 4/11/16, 4/16/16, 4/19/16 still need things answered ie., need a HUD-1 from a house we sold 10/21/14, questioning a middle initial of D cause somewhere they showed an O. Obviously a typo somewhere in my 60+ years of doing business, all simple but time consuming questions. Signed E loan estimate closing disclosure on 6/6 - 6/7 - 5/9 - 4/1 - 3/30 - 5-20. Yep 6 times! The $495 paid for appraisal on 3/29 only to pay an additional of $125. to come back out to verify the hot water heater strap. The first time out we had a wrap around the heater and she couldn't see the strapping well enough. Really.... I will never use this company again and will go with a local mortgage company with customer service skills. I only used this company because they were on Costco's site
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

Lisia Ulh
map-marker Orchards, Washington

Nations Choice Mortgage - Loan Review from Orchards, Washington

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Previous lender was 3 weeks start to finish. This company is only a paper push with no customer relationship. I have explained my situation (income etc) prior to moving forward with the loan. Loan officer officer is at the mercy of underwriters who make it very difficult. Will go back and do another "no cost" loan with my existing lender. This place I would not recommend. I'm out $495 bucks but will take it as a lesson learned. My wife agrees.
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Reason of review:
Problems with payment
Yashvi Ixn

She promisses to return $495 FEE but she never do it!

We got national choice through the We decided to refinance our mortgage from 4.125% to 3.5%. She told us we cant make it on time for the papers work. We try our best do to it as fast as, we can. She propose several loan options if we dont like it, she will return our money. We check the new loan proposal and we dont like it because either the rate to high or she charge lender fee. We sent her email "we are not interested with the new loan proposal" We just want to move on and get return our money $495.I hope some one out there read all of these review before go to this company. There so many lender company without charging fee! Why we should go with these company! Lernt from our mistake font waste your time and money!
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Yashvi Ixn
map-marker Los Angeles, California

Why you have pay $495 if there are many lenders out there?

Please read this review don't waste your time and money. They do bait and switch first they offered low rate and they rush you and said you cant make it in time manner and the interest already going up. They give several options with high interest rate (very not competitive rate. She promissed to return the fee $495 but she did not. I sent email she never response. They are bad company and bad people. I hope someone out there can help me. I just dont want this happend to another person. Please think about this why this company charges $495 and mostly lender doesnt charge fee? Because they want to steal the money!
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map-marker Los Angeles, California

Can you say....Bait and Switch

What a JOKE! They claimed to have locked my rate but the agent could never send me a confirmation of the rate lock. She could never be reached unless she was calling for a new document every few days. Returning voicemails with emails is just unprofessional and a shows a complete lack of professionalism. The processor made me fee like I was bothering her anytime I tried to get an update (since I could never reach my agent) - why was I paying fees for this kind of customer service? IF YOU ARE IN THE MARKET TO REFINANCE OR PURCHASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND FIND A REAL MORTGAGE BANK. There are so many choices out there and I would stay away from Nations Choice Mortgage, but don't take my word for it - look them up on the BBB.
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Shahidah Xto


Tried to charge me an extra $1,300 for what they called a change in sales price due to an appraisal. When challenged they were violating RESPA laws she changed the reason for the charge and said it was due to not locking in the rate which they had assured me they did 3 weeks prior.

They promised to close in 30 days and kept asking for addendum to extend the closing date almost two months later, they still couldn't close the deal. If completely fell apart due to their negligence, incompetence and lies...DONT USE THEM They suck you in with a low rate in the beginning and change it in the end!

map-marker Santa Rosa, California

NationsChoice Mortgage Rates and Bait-and-Switch

They advertise a low rate, and then they switched (aka "bait-and-switch"). We hope others can learn from our experience with NationsChoice Mortgage Company. Specifically, here is why others should stay clear: My wife and I are low-risk borrowers. We each have high credit scores (800 +/- 5 at Experion), high net worth, and high loan-to-value ratio (LTV) on our home. We applied for a refinance loan to lower our monthly payments, with no cash out of the refinance. We paid $495 for an appraisal and our home appraised at about 50% higher than the loan amount. We provided all requested documentation with not problems or outstanding requests from NationsChoice. We were told we could lock the loan rate in, once the appraisal was completed. Contrary to what we were told, a week after the appraisal was submitted to us, NationsChoice backed away from their statement that they could lock our rate and to the rate previously stated, the rate advertised (, - even that day's advertised rate. They raised up new explanations for not locking the rate we had never heard of before. After pressing them, they "suggested" a rate 1/8 point higher than their advertised rate that day. At this point it became clear to us they had no intention of committing to their advertised rate. This was a "Bait-and-Switch" operation. NationsChoice Mortgage Company is a "Bait-and-Switch" company, pure and simple. At this point we gave them an ultimatum to meet the advertised rate, the one they promised. They would not commit. We don't do business with unethical companies like NationsChoice, and terminated the application, leaving $495 on the table.
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Same thing happened to me with NewPenn Financial. I found NewPenn Financial from Bankrate, I'm glad I came across your information.

I was about to inquire about Nation Choice mortgage the rates looked good. I all so found Nation Choice through Bankrate.


They did a bait and switch on me as well. They advertise the lowest rate on Bankrate.

Too bad it is all a scam.

They never return calls either unless they need something from you. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND


They did the same to me. My loan consultant claimed his wife was ill and apologized for missing the deadline.

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hungdung n
map-marker Washington, District Of Columbia

They lied to me about the $495 appraisal fees

I was promised to have my $495 appraisal fee refunded if the loan did not go through. I was working with a guy name Jason Landeen, after submitting every thing that he asked for, he assured me that I would be approved no problem. They sent an appraiser out and charged the $495 fee, I repeatedly asked him to make sure that it was refundable if for some reasons that the loan is not approved. And he said that his company is big and that they don't do that. After about a month, with all the phone calls. Finally, they said that I don't have enough income after just a few days ago he said I qualified and that he sent docs in to underwriter for processing. Now they don't want to refund my $495. I will make sure to post this information to every website available to make sure that they don't do this to others. And of course, I will make sure that BBB, consumer affairs are aware fo this as well. Also, I just refinanced with Greenlight 3 months ago, I was qualified then, but not now.
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map-marker Redlands, California

PLEASE shop somewhere else for a loan...PLEASE!!!

I am hoping this is a forum that people will seriously read before making the same mistake I (and evidently several others) have made. NationsChoice advertises low rates and no fees. Before long, however, "we want to help you close this deal before escrow closes so let's get an appraisal done." That sounds right. "Now we just need $500 for the appraisal...It's not a fee, it just covers the appraisal." Hmmm...well, I do want this property and I need to close the deal's my credit card number... Days turn into weeks and you can't wait any longer..."Hey, how's my loan going?" "Things are looking good. Our underwriter just has a few questions but if you can fax us over some additional documentation I think we can complete your loan." Sounds great, huh? Not so fast. You fax everything they need, some things twice since 'somehow' they misplaced a document or two. Then you wait some more. Now you're getting a little nervous because escrow is creeping up on you. You don't dare pursue another lender because NationsChoice is already into for the $500. Well, they finally break the news (with a real positive spin) that it "appears" that they can "almost" approve you but because of some technicality the rate will be higher than advertised and, well, they're going to need to charge your credit card another $1,000 because your particular loan is a "little out of the ordinary." They found out through the appraisal that the house has nine windows instead of the standard eight windows, and there are three outlets in the master bedroom, not the four required by the 'American Institute of Master Bedroom Outlets.' But, not to worry, "we're working really hard for you and you're going to be so happy with your new home." As you are only days from escrow closing you call/email daily. "Oh, I'm sorry, so-and-so is out of the office today" or "She just left, can I take a message?" Of course, you're getting calls from your agent (who may have warned you about unscrupulous lenders like this, but 'you knew better') and the escrow office but you've got nothing solid to share with them regarding the status of your loan. You finally come to the realization that you've been "had." There is no loan, the 'underwriter' is a figment of someone's imagination, and someone in Gilbert, AZ is trying to determine on a Friday afternoon which bar they're going to celebrate with your "appraisal fee." Oh yeah, at some point during the day you receive a phone call from NationsChoice. They've been notified by escrow that escrow is over and there's no deal. That wonderful sales person from NationsChoice that wouldn't return your calls for days now begins to call you wanting to know why you're canceling your loan. You stand in disbelief thinking that it's all a nightmare and that you will wake up soon. But no. It's real. You've done everything you were supposed to in an all out effort to get your loan. They've lead you along with no intention of ever giving you one and now they want to know why you're canceling. It's insane. Is there a silver lining to this very dark cloud? Yes. Don't worry about them bothering you with another phone call. They have your money, they don't need you anymore. The silver lining would be prettier if someone out there heeds this warning. Please get your loan from a reputable lender. Whatever you do please DO NOT do business with this lender.....
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What was the extra $1000.00 dollars for? Your story sounds kinda ***.


Why can't you call your cc co. and dispute the charges?

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millerprm M
map-marker Valencia, California

Beware of Nations Choice Mortgage $495 fee

Through the website I found Nations Choice Mortgage. The person I spoke to was Mr. Schude. I told him I wished to refinance my home. He took my personal financial information, i.e. how much I wanted to borrow (a loan of $196,000) did I have a 2nd mortgage, what was my income, credit score etc. AFTER he took my financial information there was never any mention of my not qualifying and there was $495 application fee. He then emailed the forms, including a CC authorization form. An appraiser was sent to my home. Just over a month after I had applied I received a form letter with the box Excessive Obligations checked. I called Mr. Schude. He told me I had insufficient income, but would recheck the numbers and see if anything could be done and call me back. He never called back. A few days later Mr. Schude forwarded me an email stating "...We got an approval at a max loan amount of $159,000. This would mean that you need to bring $62,000 to close. Is this an option for you?" It is clear from an exorbitant amount requested at closing that Nations Choice Mortgage never had any intention of approving my loan. Mr. Schude would have known this as soon as I gave him my financial information during our first conversation, yet he requested a $495 non-refundable application fee and an appraisal. This is highly unethical. Nations Choice Mortgage is a company that engages in tactics that are deliberately misleading to the consumer. I sent Mr. Schude an email stating I would be filing a complaint against Nations Choice Mortgage. Only then did they make me an offer of a $200 refund AND I would sign a document stating I would give up my rights to file a complaint. I didn't sign the document as I had every intention of filing complains on consumer websites, so other would be borrowers would be aware of Nations Choice Mortgage's shady business tactics.
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Was about to apply with them glad I took the time to research them. I have dealt with companies like this.

No Thank You!!

I'm Grateful to everyone who took the time to share their experience. I am sorry you were treated badly!


I wished I saw this comment before I have applied with them. Everyone stay away. Bait and switch is their game.


OK - I just spoke with someone at NCM. He DID disclose the $495.00 application fee...he said that by law, they are now required to disclosed every single fee.

And I saw some comments about the "recapture" or prepayment paper...he told me that you CAN"T pay the loan off for 5 months...but you can after that period of time. You can pay it down during the first 5 months, but not to zero.


Thank you everyone for this information...we were about to discuss a loan with these guys...we will look elsewhere. I am sorry for your pain!


I agree with all said above. We got a loan from them but the service was terrible and many misleading info.

It was the most stressful process among all the mortgage transactions with many lenders in our lifetime. After"$495" was collected their service went downhill.


I had the same exact issue with Steve Schude at Nations Choice. He stated I should be able to refi with little down and after they collected the fee he said I would need 100k to close!!! They cost me $495


SO GLAD I READ THESE REVIEWS! NOT going with Nations Choice!


I provided some info online and received numerious phone calls from them in the next few days. They wouldn't mind call you after 10pm.

They are extremly aggressive in getting the business. it sounds like they drop you once they hooked you up.


Stay away!! They took my $495 in Oct.

2010 and that was it. Didn't hear from them until the end of Dec. 2010.

By that time the loan application was already expired and the rates was way up, higher than my current rate. I'm still trying to recover the $495.


Mr. Shude is not even a licensed loan officer at the company.

I checked.

Strange don't you think? With the new laws this is NOT allowed.

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