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New website is terrible

I am a NRA instructor. Wanted to renew my credentials...its a joke..the website is sub a 1 out of 10... I would hope they realize this soon.
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Tyree Lzu

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My husband is deceased, and I do not want any more mail sent to me.

My husband, Thomas Barnett is no longer living. So please do not send any more mail. I have been getting mail for the last six months and he is no longer with us anymore. So please remove him from all mail. I appreciate it.
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Neil Gug
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Tried to Check policy for travel

Hello Sorry ...One of the *WORST* Sites I Have EVER *TRIED* to USE ... NRA Seems 2 have Moved on to SET Their Services and .. Use.. Of Site 2 the Under 45 yr olds ...As have many other sites. My Opinion is Formed from talking to most people over 60+ an ...Their conversations on HOW they DO Not Understand How We *LOST*...R Ability 4 Simple Stated Directions. *(IF U NEED TO FIND INFO: or Use It)*... Go here-...Open-Close ,Below ,Start Stop,*:)SIMPLE DIRECTIONS:)... Enough...!! The Person ..If They Read This Little Up Date ..Probably Won"t Understand a Thing About This Statment. :):)...ugh. I know (Its Poorly Written). I Thought I would Just Get THE PHONE An *CALL* an Ask 4 A Update on My Policy. Fat Chance Of A *HUMAN*...Answering...ha,ha,ha,ha,.. But I know The Site Is *Sooooo* Easy 2 use. Thxs 4 Nothing An *** LOT OF Years Service. Mr B
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Richard V Qst

The NRA refund service sucks even more than Wells Fargo Bank

I have a Wells Fargo Debit card and checking account and when I dispute a charge they always have taken care of it until I got a $140.00 over charge from the NRA and they would only take care of $40.00 of the charge and now I cannot find any help with this NRA $100.00 Overcharge from Wells Fargo or the NRA. I support the NRA but will never ever join them ever again! Do not send the NRA any money ever because once the NRA has your payment you have lost all recourse if there is any problem. Called NRA to sign up for Five (5) Year program after hearing a rousing 2nd Amendment talk and was charged $140.00 and immediately afterward on the very same page an ADvertisement popped up to buy the NRA Membership for Five (5) Years on a special offer for just $100.00. Immediately called NRA back and got stonewalled then called Wells Fargo to Dispute charge and they would only refund $40.00 and I got made and decided to get all of my money back for being cheated by the NRA and then by Wells Fargo.
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bait and switch tactic

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As long as Wayne LaPierre is involved in any way with the NRA, I and my family and at least "50" fellow conservative retired military friends and co workers - will not have " anything " to do with the organization..... Oliver North was right.... He's a blight on the organization and most likely a crook......

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WARNING - the National Rifle Association is not even a member of the Better Business Bureau. I am filing a complaint against them. This organization makes you think it's your duty as a patriot to join. We sent in our money more than 6 weeks ago, and I still don't have my membership packet - I was a renewal, my husband joined the same day as a new member. He got his packet 3 weeks later. "Customer Service" is non-existent at this organization. No matter who you speak with they begin reading scripted responses when you pin them down. We will not go through this again. Let the uninitiated join this group, and good luck to you when you need customer service. After they have your money, you don't matter. By the way, they got their money out of our bank account 2 week after we called and joined.
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Not as described/ advertised

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NRA does not unsubscribe

I admire the National Riffle's Association's support for the Second Amendment, but am discussed with their junk mail, and passing my email on to others. I joined the NRA about five months ago. Immediately upon joining my junk mail increased from about two a day to seven or eight a day. In addition I began getting almost weekly email solicitations from the NRA. I have unsubscribed numerous times, but continue to get more NRA emails. Well, that's about all I have to say. Hope they read this complaint. Have I reached 100 words yet? Seems like no. Lets try for a few more.
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Poor customer service