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Me and my children were living in a home that my husband shared with us as well he up and left us one day and three weeks later my electric got shut off will come to find out he never paid the bill I wasn't working at the time so he was in charge of all that well with no electric and no oil and not being able to afford the rent I had to move in with my mom National Grid photo that I was living with my mom and they added my bill on to my mother's...
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5 days before christmas i get a 72 hour notice to be shut off I am a mother of four kids and was told it does not matter if you have kids.Ok but what about the fact that it is 10 degrees outside? In which I was told that did not matter either. Now I have to figure out how to pay 225. In three days and my kids still need a christmas. This is so sad.We need another nimo company here in ny
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offconsumerpissed If you are getting a disconnect notice - whether it's five days before Christmas or 364 days away from Christmas - then you've not paid your bill in quite some time. YOU chose...

They shut my power without considering I have a baby at home. I came home and called them to make payment and still nobody showed up till the next day. National grid you guys are bunch of idiots put to gather to make life miserable for your consumers . I hate this company and wish I can switch..
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Anonymous Did you think that having a baby gives you permission to not pay your bills? Alas, not true. Do you think that the power company knows everybody that lives in every house? ...

National Grid Residential Electricity Supply Review

Absolutely hate their "peak event" days. Nobody actually benefits except for them, bunch of greedy CEO's. They make the time frames so long people have no choice but to pay 5X the amount to cook or do laundry on days it's hot out. Disgusting company wish there were more/better options in the area I would drop them in a second
Natty Grid was fixing a pole and shut off electricity for about an hour around 10:00 am 4/25/2016 (is what I gather from neighbors - i came home after 4:00pm).Well, I have 3 desktops, 4 routers, 3 flat screens, a monitor, Directv boxes and an Airwave box for Sprint cell phone service. Airwave box and one router fried thanks to them, just a simple notice and I could have easily unplugged the vulnerable units beforehand. Almost all my units (16)...
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rollo2016 You might try filing a claim with your homeowner's insurance.

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