Stay away

This school is a joke. I was so close to getting my Associate degree and was told that my federal student loans were all depleted, there was no more money and i would have to pay for my semesters out of pocket. The online teachers were absolutely no help at all and i had so many acidemic advisors and financial advisors to no who i needed to turn to. They lied about tuition cost, they lied about job placement and they scammed me out of 61,000 for a degree i didnt even get to finish. This is wrong and i will fight them. Please think very carefully before going to this scam of a university.
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Brooklyn Center, Minnesota
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National American University Taking advantage of students

Hello, I’m Britney McKinney and I have a grievance against National American University. I have reached out several times without any solutions. There were also situations when staff told me to only speak with them and basically yelled at me for speaking with someone else. Staff member was upset because I told him that another staff told me he was not resourceful. It was not a team effort at all. I wrote the following letter only to get a very rude, unprofessional, without compassion response from Danielle Wall whom is the campus director. ( letter follows) I am writing this letter to state why I do not feel that I should be held responsible for the tuition for the classes that I was enrolled in when my brother passed away. I called several times trying to communicate with several people at the school but received no help. Instead of the school helping me during my time of grievance, they told me that I had to take my finals anyway, but they were sorry for my loss. I was not in the right mindset to deal with my academics properly. Yet the school failed to assist me with my situation. In spite of my distressed mental state and limited knowledge of the collegiate process, I felt forced to stay in school, take my finals, and enroll in the next semester of school. The school did not care about my situation; they were only concerned about the financial aspect of the situation. That was very unfair to me and I feel that I had been taken advantage due to my situation. This is my first time being enrolled in college and I depended on the advisors and the school staff to advise me in the right direction, but instead they misinformed me and that has led to financial hardship. They have completely changed the entire staff that originally worked there. They have a turnover ratio so high that every time I call its new staff member and I have continually had to explain the situation time and again. My brother died August 4 2017. Instead of encouraging me to take a break so I could properly grieve. They encouraged me to sign up for three more classes by Aug 9 2017. I would like the money for the last two quarters to be refunded to me. I would also like for the loan money to be returned that came from my student loans so that I can pay the money back to them because I am still the responsible party. I want to be clear of debt and clear of the school. At very least I would like to get my transcript to move forward and deal with an institution that has my best interests at heart. I just want my degree so I can soar. In addition, I would hate for anyone else to experience this type of treatment after and during the loss of a loved one. Britney McKinney 214900**** K.birds2050@***.com
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The University is a joke. Can not transfers of credits to other college's they do not except them total loss of money do not use this University it has cost me thousands.

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I feel like I was taken advantage of by the advisors who were supose to help me.
Preferred solution
I want to be debt free from National American University & my transcript so that I can move forward and get my degree.

Horrible "School" and using the term School loosly

I had 54.50 credits with them, upon the winter quarter being a few days away,( Dec 1,2016) I still hadn't gotten my books. I emailed them several times, and on the 28th of November, I am being told is, they were forcing me to take the winter break off, so that I could pay off my 2300. balance or get an educational loan of 10,500 so that I didn't have to worry about owing them, mind you, they have at that point already received over 19,000.00 from the gov't as well as over 1050.00 from me. No mention of withdrawal. I went thru finals Nov 14-21 of 2016. However, upon looking at my financials for fed aid, come to find out, that POS school claimed I withdrew on Nov 21, 2016. Are you kidding me???????? Why would I have invested thousands of dollars and 17 months of MY time, if I wasn't planning on finishing. I have already contacted the BBB, I have sent a letter to the local newspapers in that area, and I am in search of an attorney to pursue legal action. This place is a scam, they steal students money, then toss them aside. If you do your research, you will find they only have a graduation rate of 17%, that speaks volumes.. DONT GO TO THAT SCHOOL...
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  • Entire place is a sham
Reason of review
Other issue

Angry Students

The reason why NAU is not receiving enough new students for every quarter is because they keep failing their current students. They set their standards too high so even when the student is so close to passing, they still don't have a chance of passing. The current students go out and let other people know not to attend the school is because of this exact reason. NAU's tuition is very expensive and increasing almost every quarter, it's ridiculous. People are waiting to see these graduates and some are even in the process of dying and still won't get to see their loved ones graduate because NAU's *** instructors.
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If you see the name Leiran as an instructor run far away


I attended NAU some years back and did alright academically right up until my second year. I am no mathematician, yet was required to take college algebra, a class which I hadn't a prayer of passing since I failed out of Algebra II in high school.

To make things even more precarious, I was also enrolled in a Business Law class which had an instructor from ***. After failing both of these classes, I was advised that I was on academic probation.

Weeks later, the financial aid adviser calls me and tells me that she didn't submit the charges to SallieMae because my grades were less than passing, and that I owed the school thousands of dollars. They don't do their job, they go out of their way to fail students, and then they stick you will the bill.

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Bloomington, Minnesota
Reason of review
Terrible instructors
Preferred solution
Let the company propose a solution

Bad Service at NAU

I actually went to NAU, I originally enrolled in Bloomington, MN; I was never actually at a campus there, I've been to a couple of them around there they seemed decent enough and the staff was always very friendly. Then I transferred to one in South Dakota and actually attended classes at the campus and again the staff was always friendly with me, didnt have any problems. I was two quarters away from graduating when I moved to Texas and the closest NAU to me was the Mesquite location. So I had my classes transferred and the first quarter I was mostly online again except I had to physically be in a classroom one night a week. For the most part the staff was fairly friendly but being there only one night I never really got to see how the staff acted. My last quarter came and went, I knew I was going to have to do an internship for the summer so I started bugging the program coordinator about getting me a place pronto. I would never get return phone calls and wasnt even placed until a few days before the internship was supposed to start. When it came time to graduate I specifically asked about a graduation fee and was told there wasnt one. As soon as I got in my car and drove away financial aid called me and said i owed 300 some odd dollars before i could actually graduate. I pressed for the reason why I owed so much when I the whole time I was there I didnt have anything extra to pay. I was told that my FAFSA information had change which meant there was a shortage but I had been filling out the FAFSA the exact same way from the very first quarter I had attended in Bloomington. She tried breaking it down for me but still didnt sound right so i asked for the info in an email before I paid and nothing was ever sent to me in reference to a fee I owed; which makes me think maybe I dont owe anything at all because if I did they would have no problem sending me a bill. Every time I try to call no one ever answers and even if I left a voice mail I doubt it would even get heard.
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I had a similar experience. I was 1 term away from graduating and was slapped with “you owe $2,500 out of pocket to complete degree program”.

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Plano, Texas

Unprofessional Service Review

This school is a joke!! There are a bunch of liars who work there who are unprofessional and shouldn't be advising student at all. The school is money hungry and you don't even get your financial aid disbursement!! They keep it all, stay away from this school.
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Minneapolis, Minnesota

National American University Mesquite, Texas is HORRIBLE

I wanted to sign up for college and after about 20 phone calls from them, I finally went in for an interview. Well I could not believe how I was lied to. The whole interview was a lie. I had this big fat black girl who looked like she stepped out of the "Bad Girls Club". She was dressed like a tramp and kept saying " you know what im sayin" She talked liked she did not even complete jr. high school. She had a long wig and bangs and very dirty. She told me all my credits would transfer and I could get finnancial aid and all a lie. They have ghetto people there.
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Yes they do. A ghetto chick signed me up for classes.


I don't really understand why you had to describe her as big, fat and black.I don't see how that pertains to the point, which is why NAU isn't such a good school. I understand the ghetto portion but I think the description you gave was very IDK....RUDE!


I used to work for NAU in that area and we all heard of the problems at the Mesquite Texas Campus. We heard there was confrontation that this black girl caused with everyone.

There was actually fighting in the office and from day one with this black girl. We also heard of lying and cheating to get enrollments. I left NAU because I felt their practices were misleading but I think they kept that black girl even though she was a bully and a cheat. Everyone knew what she was doing.

I think the campus is really desperate. If the shoe fits as they say and she was causing quite a bad stir for the campus.

This is true. She is a nasty human being with low self esteem.


I agree that the Mesquite Campus is unprofessional. I was there and walked out after a few minutes.

This fat black girl with spiked heels comes to greet me and I thought I entered a pool hall not a SCHOOL. She had a bad wig on and smelled like dirty socks. She tried to tell me to take medical assisting when I wanted nursing. What a scam artist.

She was raising her voice. How dare this low life raise her voice at me. She did not speak well at all. This campus is like returning to ghetto life.

By the way.

I am black and embarrassed for the my race. She was a stinkin mess.


Your biased comment is not deserving to be taken serious! What's up with the black this, the guetto that, and Bad Girls Club ---assuming you referencing the "big black girl" to Tarnisha of the BGC! smh


your bias complaint deserves not respectable comment smh

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Livingston, New Jersey

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