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Two dresses I ordered (and frustratingly, I even paid for the 2 day shipping) are supposed to be in my possession, but they’re not. Instead initiating positive relationships with your consumers and having a plan in place to resolve unfortunate situations like these, Nasty Gal chooses to place the blame on UPS, and later the consumer, instead of offering a reshipping or reimbursement as a courtesy. What a disappointment. I wanted to like you as a... Read more

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I've been looking for a winter formal dress for seemingly weeks now, when I stumbled upon NastyGal's website. I found a gorgeous textured black dress (Dorian Fit & Flare) and fell in love. $88, pretty sure free shipping on that order. A little expensive for a high school dance, but not too bad. The model stats were given, and the pictures were great at showing an idea of the dress. My only worry was that only two people had reviewed the dress at... Read more

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I ordered 5 items from, and was told later that one of them was unavailable (clearly available as seen on screen when I placed the order). Without any explanation on what was going to happen with the refund of this canceled item, zero communication for quite a while, and I was charged for all 5 items plus more than 9 dollars international transaction fee plus 1 dollar interpay fee!$#*! I panicked, checked the reviews on this nasty... Read more

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I ordered from and shipped to a US location so did not experience any customs fees or delays with my shipment as other reviewers have mentioned here. The quality of the clothing is horrible. I would say you could buy this stuff at Walmart, but that wouldn't make sense because as far as I know, Walmart does not carry inappropriately aged club clothing for ten year olds. That's right, a US MEDIUM at Nasty Gal wouldn't fit a prepubescent person.... Read more

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Not worth it, poor quality overpriced products, *** customer service poor work ethics. Clothes are do not look like the pictures, sizing incorrect and they always come way later than they are meant to. Not to mention you can not chase up orders as the online services do not work and the phonemail waits times are ridiculous. Honestly why did I even bother. I never want to order online again. It’s a shame because I love the way the products look... Read more

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So I have a school social (kind of like prom but less formal) and ordered approximately 2 months in advance expecting my order to come in 4-7 business days. The romper was extremely expensive but appeared quite nice and I even talked to someone via live chat that confirmed I would be a medium (I'm often worried with rompers that they wont fit because I'm thin & tall and they often give me a camel toe or are too large) so I waited about 14-15... Read more

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I have never, ever written a review - good or bad. I just don't have the time. but PLEASE, PLEASE do yourselves a favor and AVOID this company at all costs. I order some boots. I check out. My order cancels itself and I have to go again. Red flag!! But no, I ignored it. 3-5 day shipping. Wrong! 2 weeks! And during this time, the boots went on sale on another site! No problem, I think, I'll just return them. Except the website says it doesn't... Read more

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I placed an order at nasty gal back in June. I never received my package. I called customer service, emailed, followed up again. When they finally replied they said the package was delivered and they would not refund my money! Now I am out $350 with no merchandise.

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Order from Nasty Gal if: A) You want to receive item(s) other than the one(s) you ordered B) If you want the only solution offered to remedy the company's mistake is for YOU to send back the item they sent incorrectly, and once that is done, re-order the item you already ordered, but wait! They will give you free shipping on the item they should have already sent... C) You want to wait on hold for 15 - 45 minutes on the Customer Service line for... Read more

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  • Jun 10, 2016
  • by anonymous
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Customer service? They do not even bother answering you once your order is completed. So now I am, I have been waiting 8 days now for a 5-7 days delivery, with no tracking number and no clue where my stuff is. -.- awful experience

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