Twisted sick people who eat customers orders throw them away and then laugh at them..sickos

is there any decency anymore out there..people are so evil and twisted even restaurant owners screw over customers and just laugh at them have no soul or decency and are evil sick people. it seems many asians who come to this country to open up restaurnats, esp in the orlando area are rude angry and pathetic people who abuse americans here. That goes for orientals and indians. I began going to nagoya sushi becaues their sushi seemed decent. so far it was good. recently, i went there and placed an order at 9pm. i got there around 9:30 to get my order and the minute i walked in the crazy rude japanese manager rudely said "WE CLOSED!" i said...yes i have an order to pick up...again he rudely said..WE"RE CLOSED!! i said...but i placed an order? then he said that it was thrown away or eaten and there were no more chefs. wtf? i was mad...i drove 20 minutes..and this *** is telling me that my order was thrown way. I said you cant throw people's orders away like that...what kind of restaurant are you? he could care less...for him it was a joke and he was laughing and didn't care. he said that they said it would be ready in 5-10 mins and that's it. i said so you threw my order away b/c i wasnt there in 5-10 mins? that is crazy and no restaurant does that and no one can do dare they... this japanese psychopath seemed ot be doing this for sport...he just kept staring at me to see my reaction as i was upset, and really upset...he is a sadist and psychopath...what kind of human being AND restaurant manager would do that to a customer? and have no care or remorse and also get off on this.. if that was my restuarant..i would feel terrible, apologize and offer a free roll next time..anything. this sociopath was just getting off on abusing a customer female and screwing the customer over for fun...he did nothing. i said you're not going to comp me a roll next time? anything? what kind of company are you? its a terrible *** by sick disgusting people. i dont even get how you can be a human and just screw people over like that for fun...these days there are so many twisted disturbed evil people out sushi is run by evil disturbed sickos like this...stay away from this *** place and know that the people that run it are cold hearted lunatics who abuse customers for no reason and get off on it...this sicko was even laughing at me as i was really upset....go back to japan where your evil *** belongs you worthless evil pieces of slimy sushi ***
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Jerks at nagoya sushi ate or threw away my order and laughed at me--disgusting sick service from lunatics

there seems to be something going on with asians who come to this country and these twisted losers and the restaurants they open and how they treat customers. It seems to be common in many asian restaurants whether its indian, oriental...sick people really. Not all but many especially in orlando area. I began going to nagoya sushi and their sushi seemed pretty good. I went back a few times. recently, i placed an order at 9pm. I got there at 9:30 right when they were closing. I walked in and the rude dumb japanese male, manager, immediately looked at me arrogantly and said..WE CLOSED!! he was rude and said it again. i said yes i placed an order for pick up..he said..YES WE CLOSED..we threw it away.. like shrug. I said excuse me? you just threw an order away though it was only ordered 30 mins ago...he didn't care.. not only did he have a careless attitude he was basically mocking me and almost laughing... he explained to me that they told me it would be 5-10 mins and since i didnt arrive between then, they ate my food or threw it away. wtf?! are you kidding me? i have never heard of a restaurant just eating a customer's food becaues they didn't arrive in 10 minutes..that is crazy and ludicrous..shame on these lunatics. Are there just sociopaths in this world today to where you cant even order food without being abused now? the sickos at nagoya sushi are sociopaths...they have no souls no conscience. the *** didn't care at all..he just looked at me staring at me condescendingly mocking me as if it was funny. I said what kind of business are you that you do this to customers?! he didn't care...just looked down..i said you can't just throw people's food away because they didnt get there in ten minutes. I had driven 20 mins to get there and was really upset. this psychopath did nothing to be courteous nice...if that was me, my restuarant...i would apologize, feel terrible and offer a free roll next time. the *** there was just looking at me as if this was a preplanned joke and he was glad with the reaction he was getting. yes even japanese people are psychopaths here...what kind of twisted people are these anyway? how can you even do that to a customer and then laugh in their face? I was really upset then and got mad...and he just laughed at me..i said you're not goign to comp me something for next time? he laughed at me. sick people and restaurant..horrendous service..stay away from this ***
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Deplorable service Nagoya sushi throws away customers orders and laughs about it

I don't know what is wrong with the humans of today and these disgusting businesses but there are no morals no shame. Sick people exist today. It's not that there is no customer service there is no decency humanity just worthless Sociopaths everywhere. I placed an order for a sushi roll at Nagoya sushi and placed the order at 9pm. When I got there it was 930 the time it closed the nasty rude manager told me WE CLOSED I said I have. Order to get. He then rudely said well we threw it away. Huh?? These businesses are run by just evil sick people. He then said well we say 5-10 mins. I said so what. U punish customers for not coming in within 5-10 mins and throw their food away? No he literally said they either throw it away or eat it. The *** that did this was the manager and he really thought it was funny. He was semi smirking at me as if it was done intentionally. I said I drove 20 mins to get here. U can't just throw orders away? He semi was laughing as I was upset staring at me. These people are really sick people. I know this was done intentionally as he cud care less and was smiling as I was upset and frustrated. What kind of sick people exist out there that businesses find it fun to screw customers over this way? Nagoya sushi is located in winter springs florida. Do not patronize this sick place. The *** manager didn't comp me And said sorry as if it was a big joke to him. Worthless twisted people. Now businesses abuse customers for not coming In within ten mins and eat their food. Shame on these sickos. Orlando has many many bad deranged people and businesses here. It's the worst. They target specific people esp women it seem and mistreat them this way. Nagoya is run. By lunatics who abuse n screw customers over. Oh yes the psyxho manager was staring Into my eyes in a strange way. As if he found it fun to witness a pretty female all upset and it was a sick sadistic joke to him. *** pos horrible company out there
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Winter Springs, Florida
Reason of review
Poor customer service

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