Naca Home Loan Reviews

And yet, this Naca process is getting more and more frustrating after 5 months now. Everything they ask for is uploaded the same day or the next day. I got everything they ask for but still.... I got to the point where if it was not only for the no down payment and no closing cost I would already go to a Bank. You will find out later. 0 for customer service, 0 for follow up and follow-through. If you do not schedule an appointment with you...
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I got back into the NACA program October 2015, it took 5 months to get qualified for 95K. When I found out how the buydown portion worked, I opted for a higher qualifying amount. Got a higher amount 2 months later (165k). Now, I have gone through everything to get qualified to look for a home. Consistently sending in the same documents that are in my file. Consistently sending in bank statements and check stubs as required on a bi-weekly basis.
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I didn't like
  • Lost confidence
  • False information
  • Not getting back to members about important information in files