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I have read a lot on people complaining about NACA, many of the same people pursue it (myself being one of them) - why? because final result is sweet (or going to be sweet, in my case) - i mean, i will be closing with 0.0625% interest rate, no closing costs, no PMI and will be paying monthly mortgage of the amount at 15-year fixed rate, that some of the people i know are paying at 30-year fixed rate for the property that is less expensive than... Read more

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I started trying to work with Naca 12 months ago. I have been through three housing coordinators, lied to multiple times, had many failed promises, and told that documents were received then told a day later that the same person did not get the documents. What a waste! I was told that I needed $4k to pay for closing costs, and that I was not saving correctly. I have saved $30k to put down, which they had documents to show. My neighbor who is... Read more

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  • Sep 07, 2016
  • by anonymous
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Huge waste of time. Reams of paper. Years lost. Still no house.

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I can give a SELLERS overview for working with NACA. Do. Not. Do. It. Very simple and I repeat: DO NOT DO IT. Wait for a buyer who can put true skin in the game and a loan process that is handled efficiently. So far we've been through two extensions, we have all our belongings in storage, made all home repair requests per NACA, have all our fire certs and other needed by the seller to close. It's cost us storage fees for our belongings, we're... Read more

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I bought a home in Boston through NACA five years ago. The house is a multifamily and is now in need of small repairs and new appliances for tenants and myself. I contacted NACA after I learned through my bank that NACA still had LIEN after the 5 years where I was told that It would go away. It would be much cheaper too assume HELOC payment then to pay for these things with a Credit Card. I was told I had to apply for a subordinate Lien through... Read more

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The lawrence ,ma naca office. I will have to say im new to the program but already i see why people give so many complains. They are short staff something that they make you aware off, un organized,. The boss or so i think hes the boss or manager is an awsome person but i had an encounter with mable pizarro and i would have to say shes very un professional un organized and very rude. In my opinion naca needs more staff more profesionals and... Read more

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My husband and I showed up early for our app. we had everything organized and ready to go we even came with 3k in our accounts. This program claims they are character based .. BULL ***. If you don't have your utilitie bills paid on time forget it. Even my car loan was a day late and they wouldn't look at it. I had nothing on my credit report. They didn't care to look at any other of my ontime bills they just stopped at my electric bill. They say... Read more

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I have been with NACA over a yr. Took me 6mths to get approved. Finally found a house and that's when everything went to ***. I have been having issues closing and before closing. I have contacted member services , my mortgage counselor, his boss, his boss boss etc ( member serv is a waste of time since they direct me back to my useless mortgage counselor). My mortgage counselor (boston Office ) does not follow up with me. Hadnt heard from him... Read more

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I was trying to purchase a home with naca as a first time home buyer with experience as a loan processor and at that time interest rate was in the 2's even when i submmited a complete package to them somehow they wait for weeks or month to ask me for new documents again and it took me over a year to realize the they are wasting my time and money. I went to a local bank and got a 3.75 interest rate and finally move to my new home. my mother in... Read more

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STAY AWAY! This dirt bag organization bullies banks into giving low interest loans, and then bullies and bullshits low income consumers who really need help. A VERY unprofessional, unorganized company that does NOT deliver what it claims to deliver. Endless paperwork and endless verification that's never good enough, always more hoops to jump through, and Nothing at the end of the process. A total waste of a year and a half of my life. a a a a a... Read more

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