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I thought the flavor changed becaus e police needstores to make sales and to tell the fbi they announce only people they haven't asked for sex eat them and hacmve caused factory to add the same yeast police use for things people enjoy eating. burning the mouth and needing social workers to stop supplying tgier thoughts about how the good taste is less important by helping herpes patience perhaps use cheaper additives then possible at Nabisco....
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Longtime Nabisco customer. Oreos and Sheathing biggest consumption products. Don't eat as many Oreos but still a lot of Wheat Thins. Product quality and consistency is poor to deplorable. Was about to quit buying them, got better, then, now *** again. Just spent 10+ minutes on hold with complaint line where every 30 seconds we are told you care, ***. Short term goals lead to long term and permanent failure. See it over and over again . Fix it or...
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Imagine my surprise when starting to prepare the hordourves--many were going to use the Wheat Thins as a base--I saw the small size of these crackers. Even though the box said "Original" there is no way these are the original Wheat Thins I've used for years. Not even a note on the box that they're now smaller. They are too small to be used as the base for the usual cracker based hordourves--Brie/Fig jam/smoked salmon for example. I will no...
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Nabisco Original Wheat Thins Crackers Review

I love ranch wheat thins but last box i got had hardly any seasoning,. Disappointed
I recently opened a box of Nabisco Wheat Thins and found them to be rancid. The expiration date was Sept. 16, 2016, so they should have been fine. I found since food companies have moved away from using additives to preserve shelf life, their products seem to deteriorate much quicker. Also, having a husband that used to work for Unilever, I'm aware these big food companies are only concerned about their bottom line. They are always, always,...
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I liked
  • I love eating ritz crackers
The quality of these has dropped significantly.For the past 3-4 months its been hit and miss. I eventually started to look at the numbers on the box indicating what batch they came from and tried shopping for similar boxes that I found to be decent from my previous experience. Unfortunately that now no longer works. I cannot afford to try a cracker/cookie hoping that it'll be good. PLEASE put more effort into Quality Assurance. Right now your...
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Crackers Donald Trump attacks Nabisco because they manufacture his beloved Oreo's in Mexico now. I'm assuming the other products are as well. I found this website searching about the...

I liked
  • Loved the original taste and high standards of your products
I didn't like
  • Oreos
  • Ritz crackers
  • Chips ahoy