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My wife loves the Whole Grain Triple Berry Newton but unfortunately most of the stores in my area either don't carry them or cant keep them in stock. I understand why they can't keep them in stock, because they are so good!. I don't frequent any specific store so I don't want to ask a manager to order based upon my wife's needs. Should I resolve to ordering online? Please advise. Please see my attached email for your response. I look forward...
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I liked
  • Whole grain triple berry newton
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  • Availabiliy in my area of the whole grain triple berry newton
The Newtons Fat Free Fig (see pic below) SUCK. I have enjoyed Fig Newtons all my life (I'm over 70 now). A few years ago I had surgery that required I go to a reduced fat diet. So I switched to the Fat Free Fig Newtons. I actually liked them better than the old cookies. They came in a package of 24 cookies (when packed correctly and not turned sideways) Now then shrunk the size of the package (but did not change the price) you now get 20...
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Nabisco Newtons Cookies Review

I understand the need to change pkg and size of fig Newton. But they are not the same Cooke. I find stems and other debre in each one. It's Newmans for me from now on.