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WOW!! I want to thank all of you for your imput. I am so srry this happened to you but im happy i read this before getting involved w/those people. THANK YOU!!
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Vandercook Lake, Michigan
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Horrible experience with My Medical Loan

Im so glad I read these reviews about this company. They were trying to charge me $700 for a $4000 loan, and I have great credit!! Just ridiculous! After doing some research I found a company called FundMyDoctor.com. They were very professional with explaining how everything works. FundMyDoctor paid my Dr's office the following day. Not only was I happy with their services, My Dr's office is currently working with FundMyDoctor for all their patients who need financing. So glad I read these reviews!! ive read horrible reviews on other blogs also about My Medical loan. The Customer service was horrible, and I felt like they were trying to force me into something I didn't want.
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I have being looking and reviewing doctors and payment plans I believe and it’s my opinion To just go to the doctors office in witch you wanna have your process done and ask about there process and payment plan you will be surprised


I can't even get them to return a call or reply to an email...

Can you email the info for fundmydr

Thank you

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La Jolla, California


i applied for a loan with MY Medical Loan. It asked for my credit card info. Needless to say I was not approved for a loan, And I didnt get my money back! WHat a scam. I have not been able to get in contact with the company. Some of these companies are out to scam and take your money! I hope no one else will apply for a loan with this company!!! What a waste of time and money. I have less than perfect credit, but they promised to approve me, which i was denied. bastards!!! taking people money.
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I am Brown a resident/citizen of the United Kingdom.

I am 52 years of age and an entrepreneur/businesswoman. I once had

difficulties in financing my project/business initially when I started

and a good friend of mine introduced me to Mr Phua Ahmed who is a

citizen of the United States of America and a business mogul/financier to get a

loan from his company. When I contacted them it took just 24 hours to

get my loan approved and transfer to my account after meeting all

their modalities as set forth in their loan agreement/terms and


If you need urgent financial assistance you can contact them today via

this email address:

Name: Mr Phua Ahmed

E-mail : phuaahmed12@***.com.sg

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About a week ago i started to fill out an application for a medical loan through mymedicalloan.com i didn't have all the required information so i just cancelled the application without submitting it. All of a sudden i got a call from a man name Brandon that he received my application and that in order to continue with the process i would have to pay $200 and that if i didn't pay it by Friday which was like in 2 days, they will cancel my application and i could not reapply until like 24 months. So i told him that i didn't even submit an application and he couldn't give me a reason of how he got hold of my info....i'm so mad right now because that means that anyone in that company can access people's info and do whatever they want with it. BE CAREFUL OF THAT COMPANY THEY ARE VERY DODGY!!!!!
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Tampa, Florida
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Med Loan Finance

Stay away from Med Loan Finance they trick you into paying for a pre-approval loan and then sign you up for more loans than you need. When i asked to have the loan fee waived i was rudely treated by the staff and hung up on. I was never given an option to select what loan i wanted. The company just took it upon themselves to charge my credit card and apply to two different loan companies. STAY AWAY! They proceeded to give me advice on how to handle the two credit cards i would be receiving in the mail (which was not accurate) They have no idea of what customer service means!!!!!!
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My Medical Loan and Med Loan Finance are 2 different companies!!!


I started the loan process, but I did not complete it. However, should I be concerned due to giving them personal information?


Any update on the Kansas Attorney General Investigation?

I've posted this several times in other threads I've found about Med Loan Finance. Also feel they are scam.

Wife and I applied. Did not enter credit card info at first. Called - woman assured us we'd only be charged if we accepted one of the loans. We have excellent credit.

No loan offers, but instead 3 credit cards! We were told to call each one of the companies and tell them "we were approved"!

Absolutely ludicrous.


:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

Please read their contract carefully. They will scam you if you choose option 1.

Even if you get approved for a lower amount, they will charge you.

Even if you choose not to go through with the loan, they will charge you. They are rude and I would recommend you staying clear of them.


This is a complete joke! these people are out to get people.

i co-signed for my mother. these idiots tried to charge me a application fee and a $900 fee to get $14,000. i did my research and found FundMydr.com the best option for me. i was so happy with the customer service and the loan they offered.

straight forward, and honest rep's. i told my Dr the fees they were charging me, he was really upset and stopped using them...


The Attorney General of Kansas is now looking into Med Loan Finance. Also Financial Solutions, Becker Plastic Surgery, Credit Repair Services (wonder why they need one )My Easy Credit Cleanup, look to be located at same address.10515 w 148th ter Overland Park Kansas 66221


Just checked their address. Also has Axford Enterprises, Advanced Patient Financing, Advanced Background Checks, Funeral Loan Finance, Dental Loan Finance, Back Loan Finance (the last three have same website as Med Loan Finance).

James Axford is listed as the lender / business owner.


One more: RxPlusFreeCard.com! This comes up as a 'special partner' on the Med Loan Finance page!


They have had 13 complaints filed with the BBB this year check your self.

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New York, New York

My Medical Loan

They approve you right away and then proceed to *** you around. They screen calls, have few voice mailboxes and don't respond to emails. Upon closing your figures won't make sense because they hide fees on top of the interest rates they charge you! They drag things out so that you have to rush through everything. My clock was ticking for my funds being needed for my procedure with my infertility doctor. They know exactly what they are doing when they drag things out. They had me rush through everything and upon questioning the figures told me that we had to move things along so that my doctor would have his money on time. They even had me re-sign everything with an earlier date in order to make the timeline. Poor excuse for a loan company! Never use My Medical Loan!
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This company runs a scam! It's a ponzi scheme waiting to explode. :eek


I am looking to work with a medical financing company for Medical Tourism in Mexico. Trying to determine which one is better...but you are right nobody answers the e-mails.

We have some of the best Doctors in Orthopedic, Infertility,Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons with savings up to 70%! Quality Care Mexico offers health care on demand.

I keep researching for the best medical loan company that covers surgeries abroad. Good luck!

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My medical loans.com--Never use them

I have had a horrible experience with mymedicalloan.com. They have representatives there who are beyond incompetent and their follow through is quite poor. I was approved for a loan for a surgical procedure only to be told 1 week before the surgery BECAUSE I called them that the bank that my funding was through, and other people, notified them that they were bankrupt. My medical loan took no responsibility and had no empathy. They basically stated, "well, we'll continue to look but you can too. They told me that they would call me back but never did! Never do business with this company.
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MyMedicalLoan acquired SurgeryLoans and rebranded as MedicalFinancing.com to get a fresh start they have now rebranded again as Consumer Acceptance Corp at 16161 Ventura Blvd. Suite C Encino CA 91436 tel.

888-502-**** or 818-290-****.

You can tell because they are all based out of the same office and are affiliated with Camillo *** and Johannes Haze. So you are trying to avoid *** business with MyMedicalLoans you may want to be cautious about MedicalFinancing.com or Consumer Acceptance Corp.


after reading the reviews i learned fundmydoctor.com and chase are the best finance companys for a medical loan. ive been using the same dr for 12 years and he totally agrees.paying ridiculous int rates and fees are something people are really upset about and i made sure it doesnt happen to me... :)


Medicalfinancing.com is definitely the worst option available as far as medical financing goes. When I applied- I waited 24hrs and received absolutely no notification that I was approved.

So I decided to call & then I was notified that I was approved. My loan officer Cecelia told me that in order to complete the process I would need to schedule my procedure (which requires a 10% downpayment). After making the appointment & providing Cecelia with my loan documents I heard nothing from her for weeks. So with it being 3 weeks til my procedure I decided to email her & ask for an update- to make sure my doctors office received payment.

NO RESPONSE. One week later (the day before my pre-op) I received a letter in my mail from medicalfinancing.com stating that my loan was denied. So I called Cecelia in the morning a couple hours before my pre-op & she nonchalantly told me that my co-signer did not have adequate proof of income & that I did not make enough to sustain my own loan. I thought this was outrageous because my paystubs reflect my income at $1000 per week & I was only trying to fund $5000.

So come to find out- SHE READ MY STUBS WRONG & thought they were bi-weekly. After arguing with her and being shot down at any idea I had to fix the situation, she told me she would call me the next morning with some results for a new loan. NEVER HEARD FROM HER AGAIN!

The next day- I applied for a zero interest for 1 year Citi Bank card & was approved for much more than I needed for my procedure. This woman was clearly incompetent & I assume that is a reflection of this company- considering someone thought it was smart to hire her.


They charged me $1600 (1/2 through incorporated into my loan) in fees PLUS interest PLUS deposit... for a 4500 surgery. I was told the only fees were $795, still a little steep but whatever.

I WISH I did my homework and avoided them...



I was attempting to send in my last 2600$ on Oct 13 2012,but the amount was never pulled from my account, finally on Oct 27 I get a hold of a Representative and he says the doctor added another 1200$ and the payment had not been received because they changed the fax number on the form that they currently send out to all patients. I cancelled my card, stop payment and ordered a new card.

I'm not satisfied and I feel robbed.

I had a plan and being that I now owe more, my surgery will be pushed back unless I find a doctor that can take the payment from My Medical loans, which so far in my state is NONE. I have not found any establishment that excepts this payment


omg.... Has anyone heard of woodbine financial lb.

They called me and scamed me out of 300.00 dollors..

just wanted to let others beware of them... I have called everyone and reported them..


omg.... Has anyone heard of woodbine financial lb.

They called me and scamed me out of 300.00 dollors..

just wanted to let others beware of them... I have called everyone and reported them..


I'm not sure if all of the people commenting are talking about the same company--Med Loan Financing. Are we all on the same page?

If so, these scammers applied for a Discover card in my name using an email that actually can be traced to their company.

Now they are trying to dun me for a $99 fee for services rendered!

I've contacted Discover, reported as fraud, contacted the Att Gen of my state, closed the account and cut up the card.

Be careful if it sounds too good.


Jules: Yes, you are really on top of your information. CHASE is no longer in the medical business since April of 2012.

Get your facts first before making comments.

Also, your Doctor seems like he really knows what is going on as well. Perfect match!


Maybe in your state! N/e ways if you dont have n/e thing nice to say dont say n/e thing at all.

Who do you think you are. Lol

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Los Angeles, California

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