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Stole the tenants deposit

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My Management Company - Stole the tenants deposit
I hired Ray Perron owner is My Management Co. in Twin Falls, ID. To rent my beatifull home in KRR in Buhl by the Snake River. A 300K home. Ray places very low class tenants with the names of Kenneth rayan Kotch and Summer Dawn Lund. These two tenants destroyed the home, the garden, did not pay the HOA fees and services and stayed the month of August without paying rent. At this point they owe more than $3000. As for Ray Perron he refuses to return the dirty tenants deposit for $1350 and refuses to provide invoices for the claimed expenses. He also incurred bank fees as his deposits were always late by 10 or 20 days. Do. It do business with Ray Perron and do not rent to Kotch and Lund they will destroyed your property and leave bills and garbage behind.
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Reason of review:
Problems with payment

The BBB has reviewed her claim, examined the documentation we provided and determined her claim is inaccurate and false. See our reply to the BBB below for additional details.

Below and attached is our response to her claims as wells as proof in writing that her claims are false.

Please note that Veronica's complaint simply states her opinion. No evidence whatsoever has been provided by Veronica to substantiate her opinions. Our response however, includes documents disproving her statements as well as proving the statements we have made are accurate. Upon review, please email us your resolution statement.

Thank you,

My Management Company



An "Owners Statement" This statement accounts for ALL income and expenses from the beginning to the end of our contract with Veronica. Upon reviewing it, and comparing it to the "tenant ledger" you will clearly see that Veronica was paid all money she was due, including her tenants security deposit. 2. Copies of the cleared electronic transfers from our bank account to Veronica.

These statements prove the amounts listed as paid to owner in Veronica's "Owners Statement" did indeed clear our bank account. 3. The Tenants Ledger This ledger will disprove Veronica's statement that we "told the tenant the HOA's and water were included in their rent." The tenants were clearly charged and paid the HOA's and water on top of their rent charge. 4.

The Management Contract. Highlighted in this contract you will see where we are within our contractual rights to charge the 10% management fee as well as the $250 1 time yearly leasing fee. These fees are very fair and are in line with industry standards. None of the statements made in Veronica's complaint are accurate.

Unfortunately this owner was always strapped for cash and struggling to make her mortgage payment. In her complaint she states "1. Mortgage payments were not deposited on time...," what she is trying to say is "rent payments" not "mortgage" payments were not paid to her on time, which is inaccurate. Her tenants are good people but they would unfortunately pay late.

Often times between the 8th and 17th of the each month. This late payment caused Veronica to receive her rent proceeds later than she desired and this caused her to be upset with us. The tenant was requested multiple times to pay on time, and even charged late fees to encourage on time payment, but they still paid late. This is not a violation of the lease agreement as long as they paid their late fees, which they did.

Veronica was paid all of the money she was due the VERY DAY her tenants check cleared our bank. We can't pay any faster than that! Regarding the accounting accusations: Our company provides a monthly profit and loss statement called the "Owners Statement" for each owner. This report is in standard accounting format as expected.

Our bookkeeper did a full audit on her account and found it to be correct. Veronica continued to not understand the reports and again accused us of not giving her all of her money so I PERSONALLY audited her account and again found it to be correct. Not one single error. I spent hours with her on the phone each month walking her through the monthly income and expense reports, and each time, despite my clear explanation of how she has been paid everything the tenant owes her, she would state that "she doesn't understand", and demanded I send her more money.

Maybe accounting just isn't her cup of tea, or maybe Upton Sinclair explained her problem perfectly, "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it." She claimed she was never able to understand the accounting despite its simplicity. There was nothing we could do, over and above what we had already done, to satisfy her. She always wanted more money and always needed it sooner. Her tenant didn't owe her any more money, and I can't give her money she isn't owed.

I hope you understand. For further clarity on this issue I have also included our most recent email history. (See below) EMAIL HISTORY On Aug 9, 2017 8:52 AM, "Veronica " wrote: Good morning, A few months ago I asked the Real Property Management to take over the management of my home in 4410 Hidden Canyon Lane and asked you to please cooperate with them by sending the signed contract and the tenants deposit ( which by law it should be held in a trust account). Yesterday the Real Property Management advised that you haven't sent to them the tenants deposit as requested.

Would you please send the tenants deposit immediately to Real Property Management? I appreciateyour full cooperation on this matter. Veronica On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 10:55 AM My Mangement Company wrote: As I mentioned to them and you months ago, per your instructions at the time, and per your final statement that deposit was given to you as the owner of the property. On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 12:08 PM, Veronica wrote: Hi, That is a lie I never got any deposit from you.

You paid back the money you kept with no justification. If you don't send the deposit to the real state management I will contact Business Better Bureau. Veronica On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 2:43 PM My Management Company wrote: Veronica you are well aware you have the tenants security deposit. We discussed this issue in great detail when ending our relationship and reviewing your final statement.

I'm not sure what you are trying to pull on your current management company or the tenant, but contained in this email is everything needed to PROVE you have the deposit. It is so blatantly obvious on your final statement NO ONE is going to continue to believe your lies. The statement clearly shows the security deposit was given to you in your last check. Attached is a copy of the final statement you received, a copy of the cleared electronic transfer, and the bank statement showing the electronic transfer cleared our account.

See the highlighted areas on each on these statements for the pertinent information. The final owners statement clearly states "Tenant Security Deposit Transferred to Owner." I'm not sure how you "misunderstood" who had your tenants deposit. Best of luck Will & Mary. :-) My Management Company On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 9:09 PM, Veronica wrote: Wow I am amazed at your lack of ethics.

1. You placed horrible tenants in the home 2. You lied to them saying that the HOA and water were included on the rent. When it was only a 3 month promotion to encourage someone to rent the home.

3. You never showed any statement of the "expenses" you claimed. You completely stole the first payment. 4.

My accountant added all your vogue "expenses" and still you were short for close to $1500 dollars. Which you sent me the most part after I told you I will call my lawyer. 5. You never sent the tenants deposit to me and I ask you for the last time to send it to Real State Management ASAP.

The truth always comes out. Veronica On Wed, Aug 10, 2017 at 12:10 PM My Management Company wrote: I'm not dealing with you anymore Veronica. Every singe thing you just said is a lie. 1.

Those tenants are good people. They always paid their rent when we managed the property. Yes they were late sometimes, but they always paid. That doesn't make them horrible people.

2. We told them no such thing regarding the HOA's and their ledger proves it. If they thought they didn't have to pay HOA's then why did they pay them? See attached ledger.

3. Of course we didn't take the first payment, that is a ridiculous statement. Attached is a statement showing your complete history with our company, AGAIN. If I had anything to hide, I wouldn't send this statement out to professionals like Will and Mary to review with you.

You have been paid every dime your property earned, including the security deposit. Maybe Will and Mary can teach you how to read it, because despite great efforts on my part, I couldn't. Upton Sinclair stated it perfectly, 'It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.' 4. I seriously doubt your accountant couldn't read the statement properly and that he/she made that comment.

5. The electronic deposits you received match the balances due on your statements, and it clearly shows in the final statement the tenants deposit was added to the income section and given to you. So, as I stated before, YES you were given the deposit. You can lie and make all the accusations you want, it won't change the facts.

I consider this matter settled. Proof in writing has been presented showing you have been given every penny your property earned as well as your tenants security deposit. You have not been dealt with unfairly Veronica. Just because you are strapped for money doesn't mean someone is taking advantage of you.

Stop blaming others for your problems. This will be the last email I will send you regarding this matter. You have everything you need, IN WRITING, to understand where your money is located.

There is nothing more I can do to help you understand something you don't want to understand. Best of luck, My Management Company

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Wow who takes the time to write more than 20 paragraphs on a reply. Ray Perron is a total Crook that uses his "portal" to rob people from their money. Be aware of this thief in Twin Falls, Idaho

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