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Kathleen Rawls, owner sold me a horse she did not legally own at the time of the sale.Legal owner was, John Hollowell of Walla Walla, WA. He maintains Ms. Rawls was not his agent. The vet sends me photos of horse. The horse had been grossly neglected. She was emaciated, infested with worms, had a fungal infection on a leg (called Scratches) and hooves were in deplorable condition; vet said she could not travel with hooves the way they were. The horse had to be quarantined for several weeks, when she arrive at my residence. I spent a significant amount of money at our vet to get her healthy.I purchased a REGISTERED, pure bred Arabian mare. This is how she was presented by Ms. Rawls. Ms. Rawls finally paid the money she owed for two years, to Mr. Hollowell for the mare late August 2010 . I purchased the mare April 5, 2018. Ms. Rawls got the registration papers however, she is refusing to give them to me. She now wants me to pay additional money for the papers. I am continuing to request she send me the registration papers I paid for.
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Prescott, Arizona
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send registration papers I paid for
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send registration papers
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Kathleen Rawls Mt. Dragon Pony Acres

Update by user Nov 23, 2018

On 11-Nov. 23 2018 I got a message from Pissed Off asking if Kathleen Rawls had contacted me.

Ms. Rawls, is now claiming, in an effort to get this complaint removed from internet, she has tried to contact me to resolve the issues. She is a liar. She has not made any attempt to resolve the complaint.

The only way to resolve the issue is to send me the registration papers, I paid for when mare was purchased. She sold, what she told me, was a registered, purebred Arabian mare. The papers were a part of the purchase price.

The resolution is to send me the papers. I will not pay her another dime for the papers that I paid for and ethically belong to me.

Update by user Oct 25, 2018

The above address is on Kathleen Rawls website. I have no other contact information.

Original review posted by user Oct 24, 2018
To Whom It May Concern, On April 4, 2018, Kathleen Rawls owner of Mt. Dragon Pony Acres, called me to let me know she had a horse she could now sell me. I had done business with her many years ago and had no reason to be distrustful of her. She directed me to her website, so I could look at the registration papers and the horse. She also gave me the name, of the former owner of said horse, John Hollowell, of Walla Walla, WA. I contacted Mr. Hollowell and based on his recommendation, I decided to purchase the mare. At this time he did not mention he was legal owner of the mare. I continued to request a current photo of mare. Kathleen continued to tell me, the weather was not good enough for a decent photo. I sent Kathleen a check for $4000.00. I also made arrangement to have the mare shipped to AZ where I live. I hired Kathleen’s vet to do the health certificate and asked him to take a photo of mare. It was shocking to see what had happened to this mare, she had been neglected and starved. However, her vet indicated she was sound to travel provided her hooves were taken care of. I guess his assessment , depends on ones definition of “sound”. I contacted my bank and they tried however, were unsuccessful in stopping payment on the check I had sent her. I also contacted The Yavapai Sheriff's office to file a complaint against Ms. Rawls. We had no contract at this time, and we wanted our money back. She claimed she had already spent it. Mr. Hollowell, then sent us photos of the mare when he owned her, and assured us we could get her in good condition again. Based on his encouragement and the fact, Kathleen was now threatening to start charging us board for the mare we made arrangements to bring her to AZ. After Ms. Rawls already had and spent our money for the mare, she sent us the “contract”. This contract was, of course, totally in her favor. We had no choice but to sign it or lose our money and the mare. When the mare arrive I took her to our vet. In addition to being malnourished, she was infested with worms, and has a serious fungal infection on a leg. We have had to spend a significant amount of money, just to get her healthy. I have enclosed our vet bills. I inquired on numerous occasions about the registration papers. Kathleen did not respond to any of my inquiries. I then contacted the, Arabian Horse Registry, they could not help us without the cooperation of the last registered owner. Finally in July 2018, I get a call from John Hollowell. He now tells me he is the one holding the registration papers, because Kathleen never paid him for the horse! He tells me she was never his agent. So Ms. Rawls sold a horse she legally did not own. I believe this is call, FRAUD. The contract she forced us to sign is null and void. She misrepresented and lied about everything concerning this transaction. Mr. Hollowell tells me she has owed him the money for two years and refused to answer any form of communication from him. He suggests, I go after her. If he gets his money he will send me the papers. He was complicit with Kathleen on the selling of the mare to me, because he hoped to get his money once I paid, Kathleen. That did not happen. I have contacted various agencies to file a complaint against Ms. Rawls. Mr. Hollowell now has gone back on his word and decided not to send us the papers. She, understanding the nature of what she has done, pays him for the horse end of August 2018. Kathleen still owes him money for a puppy he sold her that has not be paid for, so he does not want to cross her. He sent Ms. Rawls the registration papers on our mare. Kathleen says, before she will give us the papers however, we must sign an agreement not to exposed her for what she is, a liar, an animal abuser, and someone who is willing to commit fraud. We paid for the papers, she told us she would send the papers, when the hauler came to pick up the mare, she told him she would send us the paper because, “haulers tend to lose registration papers.” We are not signing anything for her because the paper were a part of the purchase price. I would go so far as to wonder, if we got the correct mare based on the fact Kathleen, is such a con artist. Without the papers, we do not know what she sold us. We are requesting Ms. Rawls send us what we agreed upon when we bought this horse. The registration papers were a part of what we paid for and she agreed to send us. Sincerely, Marie and Don Torget As a post script, I wish to add the photos that, Dr. Schaefer Kathleen’s vet took, were taken on 4-18-2018. In an effort to cover herself, Kathleen took some footage of the mare approximately 10 days later (or so she said) and sent it to us. The footage did not reveal the mare’s condition. They were shots of her head over the her side of her back; artsy shots. Also had some of her moving in a straight line. Dr. Scheafer photos were, what we asked for. Photos do not lie. Interstate Fraud is a federal offense and considered a felony, so we have been told. P.P.S . On 10-22-2018 I received the rebuttal to complaint filed with OR. B.B.B. In Kathleen rebuttal, she says, she is willing to sell us the papers. A new low for this unethical person. We paid for the papers. She sold, illegally, a registered, pure bred Arabian mare. Given our experience with Ms. Rawls, she could have switched horses on us. We are continuing to ask for registration papers we paid for.
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Yes, I could take her to court and win. If I lived in OR.

I would have done so already. I have consulted with a lawyer. He tells me I could end up spending a lot more the approximately $5500, I have already spent on this mare. I am not asking for a refund on the mare.

I would never send any animal to this cruel, unethical person. I would never release her to Kathleen for any reason. I paid for and am demanding Ms. Rawls send us the registration papers.

Mr. Hollowell sent the registration papers to her because, she still owes him (for 2 years) money for a puppy he sold her. She demanded the papers from him, so that she could bargain with them, to keep us silent about what she did to us. This entire transaction was a fraud.

It all about Greed, Money and Abusing animals, using them as a commodity without taking care of their basic needs, for profit . Incidentally, these folks all claim to Christians.


Wow...Unreal. So, cant you take her to small claims court?

I agree, the papers were paid for when the horse was purchased. I don't understand why he gave her the papers when she doesnt even own the horse? She has no business even having those papers. Dont you dare give that crook any more money or sign, agree to anything.

Get a lawyer and go through the courts. Good Luck!

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Prescott, Arizona
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no registration papers
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Seller needs to send registration papers for the horse.

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