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So, needing another couple tires for my truck, I decided to try a different Mr. Tire closer to my work so I could drop it off and pick it up more conveniently. I scheduled my appointment and got a quote for the tires and the regular service maintenance needed that I mentioned earlier in this review. So, to my disappointment there ended up being a few more things that "Needed" to be done and of course they amounted to thousands in repairs....
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I didn't like
  • Sketchy follow up service
Wow...How is it that you go in to get tires/wheels put on your truck, because after all that is clearly what they do at Mr.Tire(Edgewater)right, and excuse me, but the *** TIRE FALLS OFF NOT EVEN A BLOCK AWAY!! So not only has your nice custom truck been slammed down on its frame in the middle of rt. 2 but you also have to jack the truck up and put the crappy spare on that the *** from Mr. Tire(Edgewater) brings out to you!! Why were they not...
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