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On October 3, 2014 I was approached at my house where I office from home for our family business [KAM Kartway and KAM Motorsports] by a man selling who said he was selling advertising on take out menus for local restaurants. He was working with Tator Junction on a big order and quoted me some numbers on how many customers they had come through the restaurant and also their take out volume. He quoted me around $500(ish) for an ad. I hesitated and told him that I would need to think about it and mentioned that the amount was over budget for us at the time (our slow season and year-end banquet for the race track was coming up). He turned on his salesman charm and pitched me an “offer I couldn’t refuse”: reduced the price to $364.00 for a larger ad than the one first quoted and said that he would throw in another restaurant’s menu (same size ad) for free. The other restaurant was Dos Chilis (both restaurants are in Boyd, Texas about 3 and 5 miles West of my business location). Being very familiar with both establishments and frequenting Dos Chilis an average of once or twice a month myself (and my husband often went to Tator Junction as well), so I knew that both places did have take-out menus and were indeed popular establishments, as he was using as one of his key points in the sales pitch I decided the offer was in fact a good deal and proceeded to sign a contract and write him a check. He asked me to email his mrmannsart@***.com email account with our logo and any pictures or previous advertisements we had done that they could use for inspiration to design our ad. I did so that next day. The check was cashed and cleared my bank on 10-7-14. On 10-17-14 I received the following email asking me for items (logo, pictures, etc.) for the ad from the “new” designer James Hughes. To which I sent the following reply with attachments for our logo, track pictures, a NASCAR themed ad I had done with one of our young drivers, our KAM Motorsports (parent company) logo, and another ad proof from previous ad campaign and pictures of our karts and drivers. I also directed him to our facebook page and website for further information on our track for which the ad was being produced: KAM Kartway. I wanted him to get a good feel for what we did and what our business was all about. On or about 10-20-15 the sales man came back to my house. [I am going to call him Brian Mann as that is what his business card says and lists him as the V.P. of Mr Manns Menu with a phone number of 817-717-**** and email address of mrmannsmenus@***.com (in addition to the art one listed above).] He said that he just landed another restaurant account to do their menus and insisted that I place an ad with this menu too as the place was booming with business and the food was amazing. In fact he had just ate there prior to coming over to my home office. The place was Freedom Fried Hamburgers and the deal he offered was if I placed an ad he would only charge me $150.00 since I had already signed with him to do the other 2 menus (Tater Junction & Dos Chilis). At this point he was such a good sales person I actually needed advertising and signage to be sold for my business, the dirt kart track. We discussed the possibilities and potential of what our track had to offer signage wise and being right on a major highway, sports geared towards children, motorsports being such a popular sporting venue, etc. he had convinced me that he could sell ALL the sign space that I had to offer at the track and as soon as he finished this last contract (I assumed with the burger place) he would get with me and we would have a sit down meeting with our mutually agreed upon sign company and work out the details. I admit that I was more suckered into that one and gave him my credit card information and purchased the additional ad for $150.00. I failed to get a contract for this transaction as at this point I felt that were on a “friends” basis and about to do business together ourselves. Shook hands and he told me to email him specs on signs and sales copy that I’ve used so he could do some “homework” on my industry (Race Tracks). On 10-17-15 I sent the following email to him: Initially we were in communications for about a month trying to pinpoint a date that would work for both of us and he answered my calls (approx. 3-4 at this point) with no problem. Since then I have left numerous messages with him and emailed him several times with the last being on 6-8-15 regarding selling advertising for my track. I have not heard back from him and the latest email bounced back to me saying there was no such email address. I was disappointed in not hearing back from him because I can be a hard sale and he sold me, not once but twice, advertising in a market that my business is already known in and the funds could have been better used elsewhere. I had put some high hopes in him helping me make money for our struggling business by selling highway and specialty signage at our dirt track. So in total I paid Mr Manns Menu (Brian Mann) $514.00 for ads that were never produced on menus that were never printed, nor to the best of my knowledge even authorized by the restaurants. The latter conclusion is based on the fact that on August 1, 2015 my mother was in town visiting and I took her to eat dinner at Tater Junction (first time I had been there in well over a year) and upon settling the tab with the manager after we ate I asked him to see one of his take-out menus. He informed me that he didn’t have any at the time, and he added that he hadn’t had menus printed in some time and, as an afterthought I guess, he mentioned how he needed to get some printed up. I asked him about our ad and the Mr Manns Menu guy. He didn’t seem to know what I was talking about so I further explained that at the end of last year I purchased a large ad that was supposed to be on his take-out menu and that I had paid $364.00 for the advertisement. I mentioned that he was doing menus for him, Dos Chilis and Freedom Fried Burgers. That seemed to jog his memory and he said “oh, that guy”, “yeah I talked to him about doing my menus but the deal never happened.”
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Hi. Your story is very similar to mine.

Same location, etc.. to my knowledge he' scammed many people (in various small towns). I was never under the impression he even contacted the restaurants to possibly do a menu.

He preys on small business owners! There's several business owners in the Boyd area that were scammed & cheated by this ***:(

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Rhome, Texas
  • Robert had a good sales pitch
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Scam never produced ad and menu never printed
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Full refund

Mr. Mann's Menu is a SCAM with a *** man

He did the EXACT same thing in Gainesville, Texas in January of 2015. He ripped me off for $199 and wanted to barter for the balance. He promised to hold my check for 30 days, and then went right across the street to cash it. I will take him to small claims court whether I get anything or not. It is the principal of him not getting away with harming Lord knows how many small businesses. He is a portly, sort of tall older man and I think he was kind of bald. Please don't let him harm anyone else. Take legal action and/or lets get his name plastered all over the internet.
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Gainesville, Texas
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Con artist
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Full refund

Robert Mahanes aka Scammer

DO NOT DO BUSINESS with this guy (Robert Brian Mahanes) aka Rob. In June of 2014 this guy claim that he can place an ad with Bosses Pizza at 8 location for only 600.00 per year. He wanted all the money right than but he agreed to take 200.00 upfront. I wrote him a check and he went to the bank that day and cashed it. So I started checking him out and found out that this guy was a scam. A part of the deal was a Kindle Fire table that I gave to him. I called him that day and could not get him on the phone. It took me calling him for several weeks before I can get him to answer my calls. Every time I talk to him he claims that he would bring it back to me with the money or he was headed out of town. At one point he told me that he overnighted it to me and I never got it. I called him back and he claims that he sent it and he don't know what happen to it. This guy is full of lies and just take your money and never deliver on any of the promises he makes. If you are one of the lucky ones that are able to get him to talk with you don't spend a lot of time calling him because all he will do is lie to get you to forget it. In September 2014, Robert Mahanes was detained and arrested in Denton County, Texas and subsequently booked at the county jail in Denton, where the mugshot above was taken for Theft and several other offense.
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Problems with payment

Fraud Menu Sales Ads

Mr Manns Menu - Robert Brian Mahanes 1501 S Hwy 156 Haslet Texas 76052 817-716-**** He will try to sell you an ad In a restaurant Ad. He will only want checks made to him not is business. He won't take credit cards. He goes straight to back cashes the checks & you will never hear from him again. He is scamming small businesses . Always do a scam or background check before ever working or purchasing any type of work from any salesman that walks into your business fast talking trying to make quick deals with only a few spots left if I pay now. Don't trust anyone before researching them out. He got to several of our small business owners in Roanoke Texas Buyers Be Ware
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He is working his way in Burleson, Tx. Got our business for $360 claiming if we paid in full, he would put our ad in two different restaurants.

Over 1 month later, and attempting to call, and call, and only getting a voice mail, we realized it was a scam.

If anyone reads this, I sincerely hope you were able to read this before handing over any money. He is a loud mouth, fat, bald guy driving a yellow Nissan SUV at the time.


He is claiming to selling menu ads for Judge Beans in Keller and Bosse's Pizza in NRH. Was suppose to be in court in Collin County for same actions when he came to my business.

He as been doing this type of action for years around the DFW area in previously in CA.


I just started my small business and I was taken by this loud mouth also. I have spoke with him several times about refunding my money and he assured me I will be getting my refund.

First effort was supposed to be a check he mailed from Tulsa, OK.. Needless to say I still have not received a check. I have spoke with him many times on the phone about the refund and every day he promises to bring my refund "tomorrow". This has been going on for three weeks.

Every day he has a different excuse for why he can't make it in to see me. This has gone on long enough. My first stop tomorrow morning is the Ft.

Worth Court House to file against him in Small Claims Court.

DO NOT do business with this guy. He is just out to rip people off.

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Roanoke, Texas

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