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$550 to repair my dryer then told me "Sorry the other part you need is not available so it can not be fixed." I now will need a new dryer. What about the my money? "Sorry there are no refunds." I should have know right away when I had to lend the "Technician" some of my tools has did not have what was needed. This franchise business model is only interested in making money by using under qualified, unlicensed, non business people to go into...
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We our dryer go out on us and contacted Mr. Appliance and was told they could come out the next day between 12-4. I said great and scheduled the appointment. But before they could schedule the appointment they had to secure the appointment with a credit card. I was hesitant to do so, but went ahead, since we have used them in the past. It got to be 3:30 the day of the scheduled appointment and I called to make sure that they were still...
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I didn't like
  • That they never showed up for the job nor did anyone call
WE had Mr Appliance of Middlesex & Sommerset County come to our rental property to fix an issue with the clothes dryer. Here is a sequence of events: - were told the vent was blocked; paid nearly $215 for vent cleaning vs. our usual $79 - then when it did not work, were told the coil and igniter was not working - paid another $175 [total $390] - then were told that the thermostat is not working - wanted another $98 but agreed to $45 - we just...
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Anon This company needs to be SHUT DOWN!
I had a similar experience and felt unsafe, almost called police to come.
I would post my name but these people are actually scary.

I didn't like
  • Ovrall service

Mr Appliance Dryer Repair Review

Very dissapointed! Terrible service and customer service. Out $250 and still have a broken dryer! Never would i refer anyone to them.

On thier website they have Saturday and Sunday appointments available. So when our dryer went out on a Saturday I went online and selected a Sunday 8-1200 appointment. I even got an email CONFIRMATION of appointment. Well guess what, I wasted 5 hours of my Sunday waiting for a repairmain that did not show up. I called the number 3 times, first two times operator said they will reach out to him and have him call me. Never happened. #rd call I was...
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These unprofessional customer service people Ashley had me waiting in from 7am to 12pm for a dryer repair man, then when I called to ask when he would be arriving as I took off of work hoping I can go in for the afternoon, she tells me I am on the schedule for 1pm until 4pm. Who does this to people. I was soo upset and she had No apology but sadi agter I was freaking out, that" I dont seem like I want a repairman to come out!"how can you be...
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