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We had been using Medisoft for a while and were annoyed by long waits at Relay health. So we wanted to use MPMSoft's clearing house. They concealed that they were using Relay health. The Godd at mpm' Maribel charged us setup fee and never completed the process and when we called back to finish what she promised to call us back, we were told to make a new appointment. It appeared the rude receptionist is programmed to force for a new appointment even if you want to ask for bath room. Instead of completing the setup Maribel coerced us to buy their mpm software. We agreed as our cash flow had stopped. In just few hours we realised that mpm is not even close to what we are used to. It took about one month and after threatening messages to get our money back. What a nightmare. I will never recommend mpmsoft even to my enemy. This company is probably being run by a gang and their ultimate goal is to collect money with all deceptions. We never got our setup fee back.
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These guys have renamed the product prohealthbilling and are continuing to rip people off under a new name. 8 time felon Jim Muschetti is now back at company.

It seems he has got his ex wive doing the *** with him as she currently has 3 cases in Napa and 1 in Sonoma for possession of a controlled substance *** as well as a conviction for possession of burglary tools [ her ex's sideline].

btw when Jim was arrested he had some 45 stolen credit cards in his possession., and now he has access to everyone's patient data and financial information. Use these guys at your own risk.


The only way Jim can get his legal "problems" fixed is to serve his time for Stalking, Child Abuse & Endangerment, Terrorist & Criminal threats, Intimidating a Witness, 12 probation & Bail bond violations, Theft and Stolen Vehicle. If he lives through his 4 years sentence.

Seems Jim was telling on people to NSIB in order to get his sentence reduced. If you'd like to contact Jim he can currently be reached at San Quentin State Prison.

BTW his Dad ( also a Jim) is impersonating people from Bentonville Ak. He should really learn how to use that IP spoofer better.


Hummm? Seems that Mr. Heath is at it again, huh!!


If you don't want to be ripped off I would stay away from this group. Jim's (soon to be) ex-wife Lisa and her boy friend, Mr.

Robert (Bob) Heath set Jim up and extorted the business from him. Lisa went so far so to say she would kill her two girls (Jim's children) if he didn't sign the company over to her. This can be verified through Napa Child Protective Services, as well as the Napa Police.

it was all recorded. Stay away from these people until Jim can get his legal problems fixed.


Ricky Cabral sorry to hear your life problems.(No ONE CARES) obviously you are too familiar with all these people's life's. wait you forgot you where commenting with different "NAME", same state."Under God all that is said here is true.

Stay away from these people.' how could you even use god to cover for your lies. Stop attacking people whom you obviously know nothing about.

Signs, The person who knows who you are! :grin


Although like with any other company, service is based on the eye of the beholder. As far as this beholder goes, and the references we talked to, everyone at MPM has been nothing but curteous and responsive to our needs.

They have adequate online resources to help us and appointments are always kept. We know about appointments as we always make our patients set one so that we can reserve our time with them. That's really the best way to do anything now a days. Even Concast and ATT sets appointments for service.

Anyways, we are very happy and so far the people we spoke to (about 10 of them) before we invested our money were really happy to. We are looking forward to their EMR that is due shortly as well. MPM is awesome!!

Dr. G., SF, CA


So sorry to hear about what has happened to Jim. I never trusted Maribel, or Lisa.

Now they have another crook named Heath working with them. I know of this person.

Bad news. God bless you Jim, hope you pull through this okay, you're a good man.


MPM is now being run by a couple of dishonest people, and Jim Muschetti isn't one of them. His soon to be ex-wife Lisa, and her boyfriend Bob (Robert) Heath have extorted the company from Jim while he was in rehab.

Maribel still works there and can not be trusted, at all. They will say anything to get your business, but the service will be poor as long as Jim isn't there. They are changing the name to fool people into thinking they're another company. Jim will reopen his own business within the next 12 to 18 months.

Now he is in shock finding his wife on drugs and seeing different men. Been hard on him, and his two little girls. Lisa cares only about money. Even said she was going to kill her little girls if Jim didn't sign the business over to her.

Under God all that is said here is true. Stay away from these people.


Jim was convicted of 4 felonies and is still in Susanville. he now has 7 felony convictions. That pretty much says it all


MPM is a great little company, or it was before Lisa Muschetti, soon to be divorced from Jim, and her boyfriend extorted the program from Jim. Since that time the company has done down hill.

Jim is rehabbing from the shock of finding his wife with another man using drugs and generally stealing money from the company. It will take a little over a year for Jim to get his company restarted.

In the meantime stay away from them. Maribel can not be trusted.

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MPMSoft Napa, California Breaking the Federal Law

MPMSoft's medical billing software breaks the federal law of 1991 by sending advertisements via fax. I was the victim of this--I received countless ads this year. I asked them to remove my contact number but the advertisements didn't stop coming. I'm very frustrated with having to deal with all the junk fax, with the cost of the toner and electricity, and with their disrespect for my privacy and for ignorance of the law. I can not believe that they have to resort to such means just to advertise their products and services! I encourage everyone who has experienced similar problems about this company to speak up and be heard. We need to put an end to this illegal activity.
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I'm handling junk fax lawsuits. 1-80*-***-****.

Jos. Santoli, Esq.


We initially received the fax from MPM and we are so glad we did - their program is very user friendly and we would have not known about it otherwise.

Many companies use a third party for faxes. It's not their fault if the third party doesnt remove the number off the list.


Among MPM's illegal activities...denying access to patient information when their software glitches prohibit proper downloads of data. This was an ongoing issue for 8 months before they demanded a renewal fee.

We lost a client over their incompetence.

mulch must be an MPM crony, as his rude response is typical of MPM customer support. By the way mulch, it's called an instruction MANUAL, not manuel.

Manuel must be you boyfriend's name. I know how to read, do you "knwo" how to spell or type?


Why don't you config your fax to not recieve them anymore? Not that hard and all faxes have the function built in to thier software.

Read the instruction manuel to find out how. Well if you knwo how to read that is...


I think it is a discrace to see anyone break the law and junk fax. It costs us money to receive these faxes.

Someone get them to stop! :cry

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