Dead at 3 and a half

I bought my boy, Odin, from Brandon. I could care less about the money that I paid for odin, even if i paid more for breeding rights. He was tested for hips and passed with excellent ofa ratings, so that was awesome. The downfall is that today Odin died. Why? Because Odin was battling a disease called wobblers. Its a disease found in a few giant dog breeds and with research, youll know if the bloodline carries it. Im posting this because i want anyone who bought a puppy from Brandon to know this. Its tragic, especially when i bought this dog for my 2 year old and who is now 5 and had to say "goodbye" to him for the last time. Buy a rottie from a breeder who health checks their dog(brandon doesnt or didnt), who wants to better the breed, that cares more for the puppy than the money, registers the litter, who gives you the register papers without you asking a bunch of times, who actually gives a *** what hes breeding. Im sorry for anyone who has to deal with any dogs he unfortunately bred. Its not only about money wasted. This hypocrate bible thumping *** messed with families by being a fake, ignorant, neglective breeder. Screw you brandon howard, you'll need more than gods forgiveness for what you've produced to many families. I dont wish you any success selling homes, you're probably scaming other families too with that. ***
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Mountain View Rottweilers - Rottweiler Dog Review from Wichita, Kansas

Brandon breeds Audi and Unique every 4-5 months. This is how he and his fiancée lives. All he cares about is breeding a dog for $2,000 per puppy and does not take the dogs health in consideration!! He wants to get your money, give you the puppy, and hopes he'll never have to see you again. Puppy Mill!
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I had a HORRIBLE problem with Brandon as well. The first dog I bought had bad hips so my replacement pup is a *** dog that I can’t breed, horrible markings, crap bloodlines, she is still scared of her own shadow, has to take anxiety meds, came with parvo AND a UTI so bad she was bleeding!!

No way he could have missed that, this was not even one of his pups, papers came from a completely different state!! He did end up paying for the parvo treatment but not the other $150.00 for the UTI, I had to threaten to sue before I got that.

I actually still should!! Puppy mill FOR SURE, just in it for the money, buyer beware!!


Funny unique has only had two litters in 7 years of life... Audi is retired and still lives with us.

Also we have constant contact with our former customers many whom "love us" and consider us family.

Sure there have been a few things that have happened out of our control but we've always refunded money and given a replacement pup. Get out of here with the horrible information.


So where is my refund, which I will be pursuing?? I got a *** dog scared of her own shadow, still at almost 3, just had her first litter and will be getting spayed, just like the first one!!

Every pup born 6 have a white streak going down its chest!! I want my money back!!


I have a 1 year old Male. He was very healthy when he arrived.

He has a great disposition and was very well socialized. I have had zero issues with my dog and Brandon was very professional with me. I absolutely love my Rottweiler and would recommend this breeder to my friends.

My male is out of Jetta and by King. He is a little taller than the standard Rottweiler but has a beautiful head, large bone and nice mohogany coloring.


Did your puppy have parvo? Or receive his first parvo shot expired? If you haven't then you probably got lucky.

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Wichita, Kansas

Puppy Review

***BEWARE PARVO PUPPY MILL***!! Will take your money and run!!
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Mountain View Rottweilers - Dog Review from Wichita, Kansas

I purchased a pup from Brandon Howard and 1 day layer I was rushing my pup to the vet. The pup was diagnosed with PARVO!! Brandon has a 2 year health guarantee, but told us that does not cover PARVO! Our vet bill was over $3,000 for a 2 week stay fighting for his life....
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