Amiria Mor
map-marker Calgary, Alberta

STAY AWAY from Mortgagestogo.CA

When I first met with the agent from their company, I was told that I needed to have my house appraised. My response was that was no problem as I had planned on doing that anyway. The agent then told me she knew of a really good company and would be able to come right away and she would even set up the appointment for me. She also had a friend that was a lawyer and would set up that appointment also. At the time I thought that they were very helpful. When the appraiser came, he did the inspection, he told me approx. when it would be done and I paid him. When it was done I was told that I was not the client, so the appraiser could not release any information to me. I was told was the client and I needed to get the info from them. At that point I called the agent I had been dealing with. She told me that she was not allowed to release that information. After several calls the agent finally told me that they don't tell clients the appraised value of their house because when they find out what it's really worth alot of people back out of refinancing. At that point I told her that she basically stole the money I paid to get info on my house and I had no intention of dealing with them any more. Then the phone calls started. The agent kept stating that she had done work so I should give her something. I should also give her friend the lawyer something too. I asked what she thought I should give to someone I had never even met or talked too (meaning her friend). She suggested $200. I told her I had no intention of giving her or her friend a dime. That's when she threatened to put a caveat on my house. As I believed she had no grounds to be able to do that, I told her to go right ahead. I was very surprised to get the notice that she actually did put the caveat on. I went to the Land title office to find out how they were able to do this when they had not secured any financing and had actually done nothing but make me feel *** for going to a company named The lady got the paperwork and came back laughing. She asked me again if they had actually arranged any financing. Again I told her "No". She told me that the only thing they could have used to get the caveat is the clause about how I could only use them for financing for 30 days. She told me they had to remove the caveat at that time. I knew that the caveat was on the title but I honestly though that because there was no dollar amount that it actually meant that they had no financial claim. Now 6 years later. I'm selling my house. My lawyer called them about removing the caveat and they are demanding I pay $1485. That is the fee I would have paid them if they had actually gotten me financing. It takes at least 2 months for me to take it to court. I don't have that much time so I have no choice but to pay. I didn't even realize they were doing it, but they held my house hostage all this time and now I have to pay the ransom.
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Reason of review:
they are robbing me.

Preferred solution: They should just remove the caveat without me having to pay anything.


Saw their sign on 16th Ave N and thought 'what harm could there be in checking them out'. I guess now I know I've scratched them off the list


Thank goodness I did not sign up with these people!!!! I am so glad my pen did not touch paper!

I decided to close my file. The broker called me stating she would like to look at my credit report at the end of the month. I said NO.

Meanwhile this broker has been in touch with my realtor behind my back saying she is going to look at my credit report.

I took all the info into a lawyer and I am sending you a letter that if she attempts to pull a search I will be suing !

I am so glad I did not sign anything! But they pissed off the wrong person.

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I work at mortgagestogo. We would never pull credit without a client's permission. I'm not sure why this client suggested that we would but there was obviously a misunderstanding.

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map-marker Toronto, Ontario

I'm not doing business with mortgagestogo.

I contacted Mortgagestogo as my mortgage approaches maturity. I quickly learned the rates were increasing while doing some research and at the time Mortgagestogo had published the best rate on They provided a quote and made me file an application in order to "have the rate guaranteed". The rate was supposed to be guaranteed for 60 days. The next day, their rep called to say the rate provided no longer applies. After expressing concern, they went back to that rate later that day. A few days later, I receive an email to saying that because of a system issue the rate was no longer applicable. All this during a time rates were increasing and the rate was supposed to be "guaranteed". Thank god I had obtained a quote and had a rate fixed with my existing lender. Their conduct was amateurish and have doubts about their business practices.
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What happened here is a customer shops several brokers for several rates. This is time-consuming and unfair to all brokers.

All brokers indicate clearly that rates are subject to change without notices. As rates began to increase the customer was prepared to move on the lower rate but it was gone. So the customer blames us while playing a bunch of brokers against each other. The fault here lies with the customer for playing a game.

It's no game to us and we would rather such people not waste our time and just go elsewhere.

We're out of pocket $300 on this customer and he blames us and takes the time to complain on line. Shame on him!

Lealon Uqv

Worst customer service ever

I am new to the real estate scene and after reading this article (****/) I came across MortgagesToGo. I thought it looked sketchy with very little useful information about the company, so I politely emailed them and asked them a few questions. Their answer was incredibly rude, they basically laughed at me by giving me stupid answers. Here's a direct quote: "We only have the one lender, That’s the Zocko Mortgage Company on the planet Resputo. Hope that helps". Even worse, the person who sent me this insulting reply copied it to another employee at MortgagesToGo, thus confirming that it's not just one person, but apparently it's their practice to laugh at their potential clients to their faces.
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If you have lots of equity in your home does it have to be clear title to obtain a loan??


The person complaining is clearly in the mortgage business. he asked very personal questions that had no relation to a general mortgage question.

He was so rude that he received a rude response.

The world is full of idiots and this *** needed a kick in the ***. We make no apology.

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Valeda Pqt
map-marker Edmonton, Alberta

MortgagesToGo, Rip Offs, don't ever sign

Tried to get a mortgage through MortgagesToGo and after being jerked around for 3 months, the manager made it out that we had a mortgage and sent us to the Lawyer where we signed the papers. No mortgage and by signing, he pursued us for the documentation fee of $,2,500.00. It took us all of 2 days to finalize our mortgage with a real mortgage broker. Don'r ever sign with these crooks and the MortgagesToGo is not with the BBB in Edmonton and they presents as only online. This is a family business run by Izzards , so don't expect any satisfaction by going above. Spread the word and save others the loss of money!
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Of course nothing this person said is true and by going public with her accusations she exposes herself to libel. We've had nothing but madness from this person.

Our Testimonial Page speaks for itself. Sadly, we may have to take action against her again in order to stop her madness.

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If thats the way you people respond, you will never get my business!

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