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MAC Morrison Aluminum Construction, INC. 1412 Viscaya, Parkway, Cape Coral, FL 33990 Hurricane Irma hits SWFL in 2017 and trees and wires are down, roofs missing, home flooded, people die, pool cages damaged/destroyed and hundreds of thousands of insurance claims and the same numbers of jobs to be done with people looking for contractors to do the work. New roofs still going on Oct. 2018 and some communities still covered with blue tarps more than a year later. I was lucky; all I lost was a brand NEW Pool Cage that was insured. So, I decided to take the easy way to find a contractor. Go with the company who built the cage a year ago when the spec home was under construction. Didn’t shop around, should have! What should have been a day or two at the very most to remove the old cage and, being generous, maybe another 3 or 5 to put up the a new pre constructed cage, *** let’s say two weeks, ended up being a job that started badly in mid-May of 2018 and was finally completed well, almost completed in August 2018. I ended up doing the finishing of the painting myself. It was just easier and less stress and it got done right! First they sent someone out who seemed very professional to measure for the new cage and create a blue print for the company to follow. Then waited for the phone call and a start date. That call finally came and the crew was going to remove the old cage that was leaning but still standing. The crew decided to remove all the bolts holding the cage to the pavers first. Cage begins falling over damaging the stucco on the house and the trim around one window. Ladder and electric drill fall into the pool creating a large stain in bottom of the pool and one of the guy’s crashes into a window that holds his weight and doesn’t break. Lucked out! I’m sitting just inside that same window doing paperwork. No one cleans up screws and bits of aluminum at the end of the day so I do it myself. Real Professionals! Cage construction begins. I meet the installer who makes it very clear he doesn’t want me or anyone watching him install the cage. “Stay out of my way!” Starts the install and it is still May and I am hoping that they finish as I have to head back north. Cage gets put together and I mark all the places that need to be fixed, corrected, repainted, and repaired with blue painters tape. Easy to find! Once again over the days of construction I clean screws out of the pool and off the deck. Installer had a bad day yelling at partner and swearing at the pool cage. They have the same installer return who says to me “What’s the problem?” I explain the problem and point out over 40 spots marked with tape. The problem is between my deductible and the insurance pay out we are looking at a $13,000 cage. They problem is there is no pride in workmanship! The problem is too many jobs and too few contractors. I have to leave and hope he does the work. I get back to find some repairs done and some paint touchup done. About half remain untouched. I have to head North soon and hope they can finish this job. Next, before I leave the pool cage fails the inspection as it is not built to the blue print and missing a couple dozen screws which the inspector says are pretty important. How can you build a pool cage in your shop and not build it to the blue print that you created to build that same cage? Does no one check their work? *** no, they do this every day! I have left FL and I start to get phone calls saying the work is done and the bill is due. I’m now 1300 miles away and can’t check myself so call a neighbor and ask them to check on a punch list. He returns my call to say “nothing on the list is done”. This goes on all of June and July getting phone calls and emails asking for payment. IF I CAN NOT GET THE WORK FINISHED WHEN I OWE THE CONTRACTOR THE BALANCE, HOW WILL I EVER GET THE WORK DONE IF I PAY HIM? This cat and mouse game plays out all of June and July. Work is complete, Call neighbor, Work not complete, No payment! I ask directly is this item done? Answer, YES. Call neighbor and the truth is a big NO, the work is not done. Apparently this company and their owners have no idea what Finished, Done, Complete actually means. I and the owner of the company agree that I will pay all but $500 when all the work is finished so I have at least some recourse if not done. I ask him just to confirm that the list is complete. He says, “I’ll get back to you”, but never does so needless to say I withhold the payment. I am going to head back to FL shortly so will deal with it in person. It’s August now. I make an appointment to have the owner meet me at the house and personally show him what needs to be corrected, repaired, and finished. He shows up all pissed off. He is mad at me as I have not paid for a job that is not done and now he has come to the house again. In what world does that happen where you pay your contractor for work left undone?? Paint is on his punch list and he reports that the paint is discontinued. Not my fault. So, he asked if he can break off a half dollar sized piece of the stucco from the bottom of the house saying he will repair it so the paint can be matched. I give my permission. House needs paint, Window trim needs paint, Baby barrier needs to be delivered and installed, eye bolts need to be in place for that barrier. He informs me that I don’t even really need a baby barrier. Well, yes I do and it is part of your contract! Another week goes by. Come on this is an hour’s work. Finish it and get paid, it’s that easy!!. Once again the owner returns just as I am leaving. He wants to paint. I’m not stopping him, paint! I have repaired the stucco myself saving him both time and money; he just needs to paint, EASY. Does half a paint job on the body of the house, doesn’t seem to remember to paint the area where he took the paint sample and also forgets the opposite side of the house. Does not paint window trim? Hey, just look for blue painters tape, a kid could do that. Place another call, person answering phone says “I am told the job is done” and I let her know the job is not done. Owner comes back a couple days later, pissed off again. I point to the blue painter’s tape which I have showed him and others from his company several times now. At this time the tape is fading it has been on the house so long. He asked me what do you want? I tell him, “I want the job finished” He says “it is and you are enjoying a pool cage”. No clue what finished means. What the *** is wrong with contractors in FL.? Too Much low hanging fruit I guess. So he threatens to put a lien on the house and I say go ahead, or, you could just finish the job and be paid! SO, he puts a lean on the house, LOL. The only way this will get finished is if I finish the work myself. So, I finish the painting myself and send a check paid in full August 29 and asking for a receipt. Check is cashed, no receipt, no nothing. Called today, October 1, 2018 asking for a receipt. Oh, you want a receipt? Yes I do! Another simple request. I’ll look into that. Asking also for a copy of the release of the lien. Oh that’s in the mail weeks ago. Sure it is, that’s why I don’t have it. Buyer Beware, with all the building going on in SWFL this guy and his company will continue in business unfortunately because there will always be easy new business for them! Never pay for work unfinished, NEVER! Would I recommend this company? *** NO, BUYER BEWARE!!! Steer clear!!!
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