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Called for service on my heat pump. They claim that they don't provide service to my area, on their website they advertise they do. There is an employee that lives 1/4 mile from my house with a service truck, and I see their vehicles running all over this area every day. When I ask why don't they have service in my town/county on their online chat, I was told I had to become a Priority Service Customer.
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Svcs provided and professionalism.

To sum it all up, I reside @ 202 pine court, China Grove NC. We had a thermopride ac unit for home. It was over 40yrs old. They got it to work, but advised me that it was a matter of time before it was would stop, plus the refrigerant was obsolete. It used r-122 and it had a heat pump, fuel oil from tank. It only took 3 visits to get unit repaired & replaced. 3days actual. The 3rd day brand new unit was installed and up and running. I watched entire process from start to finish. Impressive. It was like a training session for me as I asked questions and they responded, no 'shop talk'. As straight forward as you could get. I could never gotten that kind of svc locally. Professionalism? Over and beyond. Not to mention the high heat and humidity they endured. If 10 stars could be given, then so be it. Yes, you'll always have those who look for something for nothing and unappreciative to boot. As for me and my family, Morris-jenkins in top shelf bar none. Thank you for everything. Satisfaction guaranteed. John Stinson. China Grove NC 09 July 2022.
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User's recommendation: Be hospitable, and respect what they do. If you got a problem with that then don't waste their time.

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Morris Jenkins repaired the plumbing outside my home and did a bad job

Morris Jenkins repaired the plumbing outside my home and did a bad job
Morris Jenkins Is a rip off. I was priority advantage member about $30 per month. They only serviced my AC once, I decided why am I paying $360 a year when the service charge is only $79. I cancelled the membership and now my yard is sinking from the botched job for5 which I over paid anyway $3105.00. I decided to cancel when a service tech came out because my pipe in the laundry room was making noise. Morris Jenkins tech said I need to replace the pipes for about $1500, this was a lie, my water pressure was just to low, another company made adjustments and the noise stopped. Rip Off company and they need to be stopped Sewer Repair-30" Deep Yard 1.00 $3,105.00 $3,105.00 -Remove defective or leaking pipe outside in yard -Repair Drain line and Install New Pipe or Cleanout -Spread Grass Seed and Straw as needed -Check for proper operation -1-Year Standard Warranty -2-Year Priority Advantage Warranty
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  • Overcharges customers - lie about service needed

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered

User's recommendation: Stay away

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Service tech Chris Cabana

LikeOn Monday, Nov. 16, I called Morris-Jenkins to request an appointment to have a service tech to check out our heat pump. An appointment was arranged for a time between 1 to 4 PM of that day. The tech, Chris Cabana, arrived on time and started his evaluation. It was not long before he had determined the problem, a leak at one of the Freon ports, and eliminated other possible areas that may have been leaking. Chris replaced the value in each of the three ports and recharged the unit with Freon. Now, about Chris, he is straight forward and knows what he is doing. I ask him several questions about heat pumps, of which I already knew the answers, and he answered each question correctly. I also ask questions that I did not know the answers, Chris answered in a way that I was able to understand and was logical to me. Nice guy and I will be requesting him again. Larry Taylor
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