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I purchased Morning Star Bamboo from Lumber Liquidators and was told it had a 30 year guarantee, was durable and practically scratch resistant. It's interesting that I just saw a post with the same problem, and also one that included how Amanda wasn't helpful. I have separating, creaking, scratching, and cupping gong on, and was just told in no uncertain terms (despite the number of lawsuits and complaints) that my product was not faulty. I was...
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I liked
  • Salesman was nice but sold me a faulty product
I didn't like
  • Not being honest about installers
I purchase the morning star bamboo click strand. The first time it was installed, it started separating and cupping in less than three months. After many phone calls, emails and several months, I finally got them to pay for the installer to come out and replace the flooring. It turned out that the installer never installed the moisture barrier before laying the floor. The second installation was done exactly per the instructions provided...
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Anonymous I purchased this same product. I just got off the phone with Amanda who told me in no uncertain terms it was not the product and all due to installation. She also said it was ...

I didn't like
  • Product
  • Customer service
  • Inexperienced installers
I bought and and installed morning star antique bamboo flooring from lumber liguidators. Within a month it started sepperating at the seams all over my house. I emptied the house, took all the flooring up and re installed it making sure I left all the correct gaps around the perimeters and interior walls. A month ish later it started pulling apart again!. I reluctantly emptied the house again and fixed all the flooring for a second time. It...
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