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| map-marker Clinton Township, Michigan

Used car/truck salespeople are rude, absolutely no care about service.

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Updated by user Sep 26, 2023

Moran chevy are crooks

Original review Sep 19, 2023

My son was physically threatened as was his girlfriend when he returned a lemon they sold him.

Shaun the supposed office manager blatantly lied on the phone to me when I inquired.

Said he would call back and when I called him he was rude and hung up.



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  • No service

Preferred solution: Lawyer will decide. Going to court

User's recommendation: Stay away

map-marker Denver, Colorado

Bad service

I took my vehicle there for a Takata airbag recall drop the vehicle there in the morning a few hours later they call me told me my vehicle is done whent there to pick it up.

Start it up and the air bag light come on which was never there before.

went to the service department they told me the light was there and all kinds of excuses I asked to speak with a manager. The manager came out and told me the same excuses & lies. I took the vehicle from there drove it to one of my friend shop in Commerce Township he decided to check the work that the dealer did.

He found out one of the safety pin from the airbag plug was not pushed in all the way pushed the pin back in started the vehicle the light went off problem solved , What socks is that the manager didn't offer to double check their work

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John L Dcp
map-marker Clinton, Michigan

Very unhappy with the 2015. Cadillac SRX that I purchased from Moran Chevrolet about a month ago

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Very unhappy with the 2015. Cadillac SRX that I purchased from Moran Chevrolet about a...
Very unhappy with the 2015. Cadillac SRX that I purchased from Moran Chevrolet... - Image 2
Very unhappy with the 2015. Cadillac SRX that I purchased from Moran Chevrolet... - Image 3
Very unhappy with the 2015. Cadillac SRX that I purchased from Moran Chevrolet... - Image 4
Very unhappy with the 2015. Cadillac SRX that I purchased from Moran Chevrolet... - Image 5

Well to start off, the vehicle was supposed to have been rubbed out and removed scratches before I picked up the vehicle. Had the vehicle home for a few days and the check engine light came on also I felt some resistance in the motor exhaust system.

So I called the service desk made an appointment to bring it in, was told that it needed a switch in the transmission then that it also needed a flex tube on the exhaust. So I figured why I'll have it there in for service they could rub out and buff the scratches that were supposed to be removed before I picked up the vehicle. As of today they have had my vehicle for 2 weeks they called me yesterday and said that all the scratches were removed. So I went up there to look at it and I'll pick it up and it look like someone wet sand in certain areas of the vehicle it looked worse then than it did before I brought it in.

So yesterday took it over to the Moran Collision Center to have it rubbed out or whatever work on the scratches that were there because somebody tried to wetsand it and put more scratches on it. So I went off to Moran Collision today to take a look at it Go scratches seem better in a sense because they're at least now they are Shining but it seems like I have more scratches on every panel than I did before I dropped it off. What really needs to be done to make it right is to have the clear coat removed and then reshoot it with new clear coat but I think the bastards are too cheap to spend the money to fix my vehicle. I asked the sales manager Phil if he would buy the vehicle back from me seeing I've had it a month ago and spent most of that time over at the dealership and I put less than 400 miles down on a vehicle so he told me no way would he buy that car back from me.

Now I feel like that they have one and then one by *** me over. This is a third vehicle that I have bought from them and I can guarantee it will be the last vehicle that I buy from them just because they damaged my car scratched it up more than it was and now they don't want to spend the money to correct it I can already tell they want to be cheap bastards when it comes to that and just *** over. If that's how they want to treat me as a customer after buying my third vehicle from there.

Looks like I've learned my lesson and I will never buy another vehicle from them again. But they got me on this one.

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  • Have some nice cars

Preferred solution: Temove

User's recommendation: If you're going to buy a used vehicle from them do not listen to any of the promises that they make to you. And if they tell you that not to worry about something that they'll take care of it don't believe them because they won't.

map-marker Clinton Township, Michigan

Oil change

First time on my tarverse put in to much oil. Had to return. Second time tire valve stuck in there driveway flat tire air fixed it third time Why dose the tech have to move my seat and sterring wheel to drive the car 100 feet?

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Machele Imf

After a lifetime of changing my own oil and filters on vehicles the Chevy dealerships in my town offered two years of free oil changes and as I had looked at the placement, etc. of the oil and filter areas prior to handing over my money for my Traverse I took them up on the offer.

This Chevy dealer has his own three bank oil/lube/tire changing site next to the dealership and the guys are really great--professional and they know what they are doing. I have since bought another Chevy model in addition to the Traverse and they do just as well with that one.

I pay $35 for an oil and filter change and, considering the problems with changing a Traverse's oil and filter consider that a good deal---these old bones are not the same as when younger. In your situational complaint, you need to complain to the service manager and if you get the brush-off or it happens again, wander in to the dealership manager and complain to the head honcho.

Anina Meu
map-marker Sterling Heights, Michigan

At chevy moran we treat you for money not as a family

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I got my car towed their cranking wont start .in the next 45 minutes they called me saying that it is electrical and the diagnoses will be 275$.. usually it is 100$. I did have a choice so i said yes for it .than in the next hour they called stating that my pcm was bad and it has to be replaced for the total of 1100$ as always i did not have a choice because i need my car. he said will take them 2 days to get the part. since than i have to wait 4 weeks back and forth ...they did not update me with no thing whats so ever i had to call every second day to get informed whats going on.they keep saying its a complex problem. so i said give a loaner they said if we give you a loaner we will charge you for each hour we spend working on it (2 weeks of work imagine.... my car worth $4000 **** vue ) . and he said the good think that i will not charge any thing and we will keep the first estimate which was $1100. after 4 weeks they call me and they said your BCM is bad and will solve the issue for an additional $375. i said that you told me that you are not going over charge than the original estimate...any way they replaced the bcm and called me after 2 days the car is ready to pick up. i went their i paid $1400 with a discount he said. not even a thank you or have a nice day like $1400 is not money for them.i got the car went to work try to lock my car the car wont lock i went back to them they said you have a bad switch and a bad remote (both was working fine before) and the lock system is related to the BCM..... estimated for $330 and they said we will give you a 100 off i had no choice and the guys named CHUCK (advisor ) was saying we have to make money....finally got my car not even washed or cleaned like they do.

when I paid the total i told them that you told me we will not give you a loaner because we will stay at the first estimate but ...i had to pay $1700 without it ....

at chevy moran we treat you for money not like a family...

my worst experience ever .....

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  • Service
Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

map-marker Detroit, Michigan

Bait and Switch at Moran Chevy

Maybe if Dan didn't spend so much time with that *** Jordan down at BTs, he'd run this dealership right. Instead they can't even get the car they sold me to the dealership, instead, I get pushed onto another car they say is better...and after 3 weeks of driving I hate it.

I go back and they say there's nothing they can do now that it has over a 1000 miles on it. So I'm screwed because they couldn't get it right and sold me something I didn't want in the first place.

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Doing t
map-marker West Bloomfield Township, Michigan

Bait and Switch at Moran Chevy

This *** bag, Kevin Morris, at Moran Chevy in Clinton twp posted cars on the internet at one price then switched when I went in person. These guys are such *** bags.

I even called in the morning before before going out there to confirm that the cars (2) were still there. When I went there the *** tells me they made a mistake on the internet and the price is $3000 higher. ***! Made me waste my time!

*** bag. Why are these *** still in business? Unethical *** bags.

How do these *** sleep at night knowing they are unethical and dirty rotten SOBs? Isn't there a law against these types of practices and people?

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Nothing else needs to be said................

omnipotentorion D
map-marker West Bloomfield Township, Michigan

Used Saturn ION 2006; Moran Chevrolet, Clinton TWP. MI

I am writing this review with the intent that the fallen market, failing GM enterprise, and pissed off consumers will attribute to the demise of Moran Chevrolet, that is to say I hope they go out of business. I bought a 2006 Saturn ION used from these saps and just extended the warranty to the tune of 800 dollars. Ever since I bought the car there has been shaking at the front end of the vehicle, I took the car in and they preformed warranty work, but this did not fix the problem. I brought it back in and they had to keep it overnight. Well, I get a call stating that they need to replace the tires due to dry rot and that will run me 430 dollars on top of 800 for the extended warranty. What do you think folks A. the dry rot occurred on the lot or B. the dry rot occurred because of continual driving. I think the answer ois B. Take the following excerpt for example;

Tire Tech Facts taken from:

The sidewalls of tires which are PARKED for EXTENDED PERIODS, dry check and eventually crack and split.

My point is that a 20k dollar used car not owned for more than 6 months should not need tires replaced, especially for 430 dollars, oh but that's with 10% off.


Read the following e-mail(s) for details:

Dear Jane Doe,

I want to make clear that I personally wish to informally apologize for any rudeness on my behalf, since you are a nice woman and my girlfriend really likes you. As I have told her however, that you get paid to be nice, although I'm sure you are still nice aside from work. Professionally, however I cannot apologize for what I am about to acknowledge about my experience thus far from Moran Chevrolet.

I bought a 2006 Saturn Ion from salesperson John Doe in the month of November of 2008, in fact I was not shopping for one, merely looking. Of course John comes strolling outside to practice his experienced craft in salesmanship, something I have witnessed over and over again, as I have been to Moran Chevrolet more times than I'd liked to. Of course John is making us feel so warm and friendly on a cold November day, just sign here and here, and oh that, that's nothing, and sign here. A 12,500 car turned into a 20,000 car, wish I'd paid more attention, but *** it has a sunroof and my GF really liked it.

I felt confident however that I was buying a "Certified" used vehicle. Shortly after the purchase, shaking and clunking occurred up front when driving down the freeway, of course my GF pays no mind to this, besides it's a "Certified" used vehicle. It's hard to get vehicles in for service when you work from 5:00 am until 5:30 pm and don't get home until 6:45pm, unless, of course, you happen to be laid off, which I currently am. So finally on January 7th 2009 I brought my Ion in and come to find out that I'm not crazy after all and there was a problem, diagnosed and fixed, free of charge under warranty, by Moran Chevrolet. But wait...still the car shakes, compartments are busted, for a brief moment the washer fluid accessory was unresponsive as well as the passenger side electric side view mirror, an honorable mention, but they came back to life. I'm sure it's some electrical fluke hidden deep within hundreds of dollars later. Certified used vehicle? 10k FREEWAY miles, 6 months and 800 dollars later for an extension on the warranty I'm being told to shell out an additional 400 and some change for brand new tires, but good news! That is after 10% off and includes balancing and mounting which of course is already standard, unless of course I wanted to give it a go putting the tires on myself in my apartment complex driveway.

Tires are the single most important component of a vehicle, without them the vehicle is useless. So I guess I paid Moran 15k and Huntington 5k for an engine, body, sunroof, and stereo system, good tires that are not dry rotted are optional. Whatever it takes to get the customer to drive the car off the lot, dealing with their complaints is secondary; being fair and honest comes last.

To think that you also implied that this is my fault for thinking that I put a special detail dressing on the wall of the tires, a compound of which you also implied rots the tires. In fact, as previously stated, until recently, I hadn't any time to do anything cosmetically to my vehicle, and if you take a peek at it now you will surely notice its lack of a car wash.

The truth is that the vehicle was shaking since day one, which means the tires were rotted since day one, which means they rotted on the lot. *** I had to bug John to fill up the tank, replace the air filter, and replace a missing detail piece (something that should have been standard), and you pride yourselves on customer service?

A fair dealership would recognize this opportunity to replace the tires FREE OF CHARGE (or damn close), to keep the customer satisfied with their dealership and purchase. Instead, because of my practical judgment, Moran Chevrolet has lost all of my respect, good tidings, and above all MY BUSINESS (2 GM vehicles x at least 6 years of maintenance + the opportunity to purchase another vehicle). My business is good; I shell out the bucks for reasonable and quality driven services. I was going to get my truck repainted at Moran (aprrox. 1.5k - 2k dollars), my vehicles detailed (150 per, 300 total), my bumper replaced (easily 500), and most importantly I WAS going to trade my truck lease in and purchase another vehicle if not try to purchase it (15k and up), and not to mention all of the standard maintenance of two vehicles for the term of ownership, which is likely to be 6 years or more. Moran Chevrolet has lost at least 20k dollars in continued services as the result of 400 dollar tires. This is why they tell you to keep your customers satisfied.

A very dissatisfied customer of John Doe and previously loyal Moran Chevrolet customer,

John Doe



When asked about the tires I looked at the fact that the vehicle had been driven almost 10,000 miles over the last 5 months and we (John Doe, John Doe, and myself) had never received even a phone call or mention of any tire complaint whatsoever. If there had been a problem early on with tire noise it would have been easy to justify buying tires for the car. As recently as yesterday when you were in not a word was mentioned about the tires. Tires can wear funny for a number of reason and be noisy for a number of reasons.

Mounting and balancing are not free as we do not simply pack the cost into the sale of the tires as many would, so when Jane Doe was offering you 10% off and free mounting and balancing we were looking at paying aprox $100 of the $500 charge for the tires. We were trying to give you help because you have been an important customer to us.

What milage did you expect to get to with the tires? Let me know and I will talk with the other manager and see if we can work with you, like with the warranty you got yesterday. We greatly appreciate your business past and future.


John Doe

Used car manager

*** 791-****

My reply:

Dear John Doe,

I have to say that I am greatly impressed with the timeliness of your response, however I did complain about front suspension activity as recently as January as noted in your computer system and my previous e-mail, and actually paid out 28 dollars today for an inspection that apparently concluded that the shaking at the front end of my vehicle was caused by dry rot of the tires. Dry rot occurs when tires are left inactive, such as sitting on a dealers lot, not driving 30 miles a day. If I'd paid only 7k for the USED car I wouldn't care, but 20k (that's a new *** car for Christ's sake!) , and to have to replace them this soon? There never was a tire complaint because I had no idea the tires were worn, they actually look fairly decent judging by the tread. What tire noise are you talking about! This complaint is being issued over a judgment call that my Saturn shakes between 60-70 mph because of dry rot. I will not pay any more attention over this matter, I have already found another dealership and was quoted quite a bit less for new tires than what you have stated. Besides that my car stayed in the shop over night and nothing got accomplished. The last thing your dealership will do for me is the warranty work on the drivers side compartment. I have already opened an online blog about your dealership and reported you to


John Doe

Wouldn't you expect more from one of Michigan BEST dealership's? Sounds like self gloating to me, I've gotten better service at Valvoline.

Needless to say I've already found another dealership and taken my business elsewhere.

BTW, 500 for a set of tires is far unreasonable, Belle Tire quoted 250, and the balancing and mounting are free!

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I have had many dealings with Moran Chevrolet, purchased vehicles from them, referred people to them, and have had those people including friends buy from them. Even new some cars aren't perfect but Moran has gone above and beyond for any issue that may arise.

Your post has many issues that don't seem right and you seem to be blaming Moran for your buyer's remorse. You say things weren't right from the beginning but you bought the car anyway?? Why? If things weren't right why would you buy it in the first place?

None of the people at Moran forced you to buy the car. I agree with Tom in that you wish to blame others even though they may not be at fault. A used car is a used car and no matter where you buy it from. There are so many holes in your story you don't even deserve recognition but I feel you are giving Moran a *** rap.

You expect Moran to give you free tires? You took from Nov to Jan to even bring the car in for a problem. You threaten they will lose your business but state you are laid off now and as such probably can't afford any vehicle.

I could go on and on but I think most educated consumers will be able to tell from your rant that Moran is not the terrible dealership you are making them out to be. PS Moran is not in the tire business and I am quite sure that you can buy your tires anywhere even if your car is under warranty.


I have found Moran to be the best in all regards over the last few years of ownership. Sounds like you couldn't afford to pay for tires and tried blaming everyone else. I mean you looked at it when you bought it, right?

omnipotentorion D

Of COURSE I meant the answer is A, cause by dry rot, but my mind was so infuriated that I goofed at put B instead.

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