Selling fakes DJinn,haunted stuff

Hi All, Looks like some of these metasellers like Moonstar7spirits thrive on scamming innocent, vulnerable individuals. High time we stop such kind of cons and lot of these seller reviews also don't seem genuine.

User's recommendation: Stop getting conned and get real.

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Wow they look fake to I was going 2 order but never mind don't look rite 2 my eyes I hate cons and scammers if u guys no any real deal spell caster let me no

@Jayveon Epw

Lisa at mystic morning treasures the witch of seacliffe on YouTube is amazing !!

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Stop selling fake items in the name of god

Stole money out of my bank account

3 charges on my debit card that i did not authorize
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Same issue with the Seller , infact most sellers on ebay & other sites selling metaphysical are conning people with false hopes and promises

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that they stop ripping people off1
New Reviewer

Remember there are different seller on these sites

I bought a ring and I have received the ring I bought from Rhonda that is the seller's name she even emailed me when I had question.
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Johannesburg, Gauteng
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first item never received but send one took long
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Deliver product or service ordered
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Moonstar7spirits ripped me off of$100.00 and promised me HAUNTED NECKLACE OF SIDDHIS.when I advised her of not receiving she cursed me ang refused with my refund.Few months down the line she waved a false olive branch and suggested reconciliation.After agreeing to...
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screwed by moonstar7spirit.she offered to resend me an item on condition that i retract my pissed consumer report. i agreed that i shall recant if i received the item and its promised benefits.knowing that she sells fakes she refunded my $100.00.howevwer i never received any tracking numbers from her.

and the items she sold me in the past are useless as my situation never improved as promised. I HEARTILY APPRECIATE YOUR INTERVENTION.

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Stay away from SpellBoundMagick too!!!

I want to add another person to this unscrupulous list. Spell Bound Magick. They are also on Ebay. The owners is Wendy and Kat and ironically they have no negative feedback but I can attest to there sells NOT working and the BS. I've sent several emails to them with no response and they claim it goes into the spam, yea right! I believe people do notleave negative feedback out of fear. It truly is a shame. I'm going to fight fire with fire and start using the follow-up options as on Ebay and let everyone know they are FRAUDS.
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she is totaly scam

i bought her item and nothing happen


MOONSTAR7SPRITS is really fake its funny cause today i was looking at her ebay store saw all this postive feedback and postive comments those people must be on medication or just lucky that once in a while the seller actully sells a reall authintic iteam but i dout that with her she reallys seems fake to me :zzz


lol of course there all scammers just cuz they have postive feedback dosent mean they sell real iteams mostly they get there friends are family to right positive feedback for them and if you ask them for help sometimes they will be sometimes rude and tell you to get alife i know beacuse i have had been scammed and they where rude so just becareful who you buy from mostly people who sell those kinda of iteams are fakes and liers with nothing eles to do but sit on there *** all day drinking and eating waiting for people to prey on just like moon star

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MOONSTAR7SPIRITS OF EBAY HAS MADE A FORTUNE ON THE BACKS OF THE VULNERABLE ALL IN THE NAME OF SPIRIT. YOU ARE ABOUT TO WITNESS PROOF OF HER EVIL ACTIONS. SHE IS NO DIFFERENT FROM CREEPYHOLLOWS AND ALL THE OTHERS WHO USE THE WORLD OF MAGIC TO FILL THEIR IGNORANT COFFERS. TO THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE LOST MONEY TO THIS HORRIBLE SOUL, WE ARE SORRY THAT YOUR INNOCENCE WAS USED AGAINST YOU. ONCE YOU HAVE READ THE PROOF BELOW, YOU WILL BE OUTRAGED AND SADDENED. STAND UP FOR YOURSELF AND CONTACT MOONSTAR7SPIRITS DIRECTLY AND TELL HER YOU DO NOT APPRECIATE BEING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF. DO NOT FEAR HER. SHE IS POWERLESS. Moonstar7spirits of Ebay lies about all of her items. She keeps a separate Ebay account to purchase all of her so-called "haunted" and "magic" items from other sellers. Her other Ebay ID is "kind2all". You can do the research yourself by comparing the two accounts, but we thought we would help you out with a few examples. Moonstar7Spirits is the lowest of the low. She has no power, no coven affiliation, no knowledge of magick, and she has swindled countless people out of thousands of dollars. If you have been a victim of Moonstar7Spirits, feel free to post your experiences below. THE TIME HAS COME. THE OTHER SIDE DOES NOT ENJOY BEING TOYED WITH. ALL THOSE WHO DISRESPECT SPIRIT WILL FACE THEIR DOWNFALL IN SHAME AND EMBARASSMENT. MOONSTAR7SPIRTS: YOUR NUMBER IS NOW UP. WHO WILL BE NEXT? ....WAIT AND SEE. THE SWORD OF TRUTH SHOWS NO MERCY. Rhonda as "Kind2All" buys: Sterling Silver Boulder Opal Ring Size 8.75Price: $13.75 Rhonda as "Moonstar7Spirits" resells it as: HAUNTED GENIE DJINN WILL ROCK YOUR CURRENT EXISTENCE! Price: SOLD FOR $175 and says: This particular Genie will shower you with gifts from every realm of the Universe! Happiness, Wealth and vitality will be yours forever! His ability to see into the future will benefit you in so many ways. He will form a protective cocoon of positive outcomes around you. Rhonda as "Kind2All" buys: 15Pcs Silver Tone Prayer Wheel Pendants: Price: $3.99 for 15 pieces. Rhonda as "MoonStar7Spirits" resells them as: HAUNTED PRAYER WHEEL GRANTS ALL WISHES: Price: 29.99 and says: "This item comes from a special Buddist Shaman (name withheld for privacy), who is an expert in ancient spells. His items are very expensive and hard to get due to their popularity and proven track record. They produce results of miraculous proportions for everyone who uses them!" Rhonda as "Kind2All" buys (FROM THE SAME SELLER SHE GOT THE PRAYER WHEELS FROM!!): Asian Cloisonne Design Jewelry Box (Set Of Three): Price: $15.99 for three -(Rhonda stocks up here and buys a few sets!) Rhonda as "Moonstar7Spirits" resells them as: Magic Recharging Box! Price: $36.99 each and says: This is a hand crafted enamel recharging box! You can put several items in at the same time. These vessels measure approx 2 1/2 inches in diameter and approx 1 inch deep. They will hold up to 10 small size rings or pendants. It recommended that you recharge like items together. For example, all Genie items together, all spelled items together, all fairy items together, all dragon items together, all vampire items, etc...... Mixing different types of entities or spelled items with entity items can misalign energies. Rhonda as "Kind2all" buys: 20PC Silk Cloth Jewelry Gift Bag: Price: 20 pieces for $12.99 Rhonda as "Moonstar7Spirits" resells them as: HAUNTED RECHARGING BAG FOR YOUR GENIE, DRAGON OR DEVATA Price: $12.99 EACH and says: THESE BEAUTIFUL POUCHES ARE PERFECT FOR YOUR GENIE, DRAGON, ANGEL, DEVATA, KHODAM, VOODOO OR SPELLED ITEMS! Rhonda as "Kind2all" buys: Animal Spirit Guide Pendant BUTTERFLY: Price $12.95. Rhonda as "Moonstar7Spirits" resells it as HAUNTED BUTTERFLY SPIRIT GUIDE FOR LIFE TRANSFORMATION! Price: $79.99 and says: This item is very special. Obtained from a Native American Shaman. He calls forth the spirit of the Butterfly Goddess and imbues each beautiful pendant with ancient spells to enhance and transform your life from the bleak to the amazing and Beautiful!! **DID YOU NOTICE THAT THE ORIGINAL SELLERS LISTING SAYS: *inspired by Native American design, not made by Native Americans. Proudly made by Americans (THIS IS DISGUSTING!!!) Rhonda as "Kind2all" buys: Animal Spirit Guide Pendant (LIZARD): Price: $12.95 Rhonda as "MoonStar7Spirits" resells it as HAUNTED LIZARD SPIRIT GUIDE FOR DREAM INTERPRETATION. for $79.99 and says: "This item is very special. Obtained from a Native American Shaman." She also bought this from the same seller whose description reads: *inspired by Native American design, not made by Native Americans. Proudly made by Americans #####Rhonda even has the nerve to try and pass off cheap Avon perfumes as spell potions!!!####### See her auction for her so-called "Voodoo Crazy Passion Potion"??? This is just one of several "spell potions" she is offering. Well, it looks like Rhonda's alterego "Kind2All" picked up some of those bottles she is using and then stocked up on some AVON PERFUMES . WOW! THOSE ARE SOME SACRED HERBS AND OILS!! The above proof is only the beginning. If Rhonda has the nerve to continue with her fake items, we will continue to expose her at every turn. We'd write more right here and now, but we feel we have already conveyed our point for the evening and it is not necessary for us to humiliate her any further unless she continues doing wrong by others. Why doesn't Rhonda show a photo of herself in her auctions? Perhaps this explains why: Rhonda buys a lot of ANTI-AGING CREAMS for someone who claims to be a sorceress. If you look, you will see that she buys them by the truckload. Rhonda also offers a weight loss spell and then uses her poor customers money to buy her SIZE NINE UNDERWEAR!!!!! So apparently her weight loss spells aren't working either. Just imagine Rhonda and her 50 inch hips trying to swindle vulnerable people into a weight loss spell that will never work! SHAME. SHAME. In her spare time, Rhonda of Moonstar7Spirits posts fake "Rip Off Reports" about sellers that she views as competition. She accuses them of all of the things that she does. As if she weren't greedy enough, she tries to eradicate her competition by accusing them of her evil deeds. How much lower can a human being get? MoonStar7Spirits thought she was exempt from karma and that she could go on taking victims into infinity. Now, the proof is here and it is indisputable. She may try to scurry and make her listings and purchases disappear, but it is too late. She took one step too far and there is no turning back now. Rhonda must not believe that the spirit world exists. She must not believe in magick, sorcery, spells, and all of the things she claims to possess. If she believed in it and truly knew it's power, she would never have made such a grave mistake. Poor she's just a fool who dabbled in things she knew nothing of and shouldn't have dabbled in and now must pay the price. Since the beginning of time it has been this way. All that she has gained will be lost and she has no one to blame but herself and her negative actions. Time ticks away and all of the wrinkle cream in the world cannot absolve her of the great spiritual crimes she has committed in the name of money. All she can do at this point is do some deep soul searching and pray for forgiveness so that the powers that be will not punish her any further. We hope that she recognizes the errors of her ways and makes things right within her own tortured soul lest she continue to suffer the magical backlash that so often comes to those who make a mockery of the craft. She didn't believe in magick so she thought no one would ever see through her. Now, all of those people she has lied to and defamed shall rise up and disgrace her because there is no longer a story she can hide behind or a reason she can give to deny all of the above proof. WE do not tolerate lies in the name of spirituality. WE see through each dishonest action you commit. WE will continue to provide evidence of your wrongdoing. Your attempts have gone horribly wrong.
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Thank you so much for your comments on moonstar7spirits. I truly believed in Rhonda and spent nearly $2,000 and they did not work for me.

I am very saddened to know that she's a fraud because I feel compelled to believe you!!!

I want to experience true magick and now I don't know who to trust. Well I truly do believe in karma so may she get what she deserves IF she's guity!!!!


I bought from her as well and they ARE the real deal. Maybe you should find yourself a new hobby.

Do you think all that sell in the metaphysical make all their own jewelry, boxes, etc?

My gosh they would spend more time as jewelry makers or wood carvers and never have time to conjure or cast. This is the silliest post I have ever seen.


Get Real.. most metaphysical sellers online are selling fakes..


I never had a problem with moonstar7spirits. Everything I've bought from her worked. I guess some just had a different experience.


:( :( Stop trying to tear down the reputation of others! Just because you're not successful you don't go trying to pull down others just to make yourself look better!

I have bought items for her, and guess what? They were the real deal, and her spell beads worked from the first day!

She is for real!!! Do you have anything better to do other than defaming others to look better?


I believe in Rhonda!!! Everything she has sold me has worked!!

You guys need to have faith in her stuff before purchasing it!!! DO NOT COME ON THIS SITE AGAIN TO TALK TRASH YOU GOT THAT??! Your ruining her name because halls things didn’t work because u guys have not had faith!!!

Everything I have boughten from her Halas worked!!! NOW STOP DESTROYING RHONDAS NAME!!!


don't believe a word sorry..


don't believe a word sorry..


Moonstar7Spirits, CH AND ESPECIALLY the von strepples are all frauds who sell items that are as spiritually active as a happy meal toy. I was not only burned by the von strepples, but hurt by them.

I have come to "know" a couple of the people there, "borislav" and their spokesperson "bret" and believed we had become more than business associates, but friends. I bought quite a few items from them, including a tshirt "bound with an incubus". I followed their instructions exactly with positive expectations and high faith and...nothing... Without being mean or complaining, I simply asked them for advice on what to do.

I followed their directions then, and after long trial and error, still no result. Without being mean or complaining, only approaching them as a friend who needs help, I asked one more time. I was shocked to learn that I had been blocked by them. Being that I was their friend, I had their personal email and I asked why.

Initially, I got a BS answer saying "it's because you've been updated to the status of 'platinum customer' and all our 'platies' get front of the line access and don't need to bid. Congratulations!" That doesn't make any sense, according to my experiences...I've sold a few items on ebay myself and it's not free. And cancelling your own auction for no good reason is not smiled upon either. I tried communicating with them again with no reply.

Finally I did get a reply, it was from "Borislav", highly irritated at me for bothering him and accusing me of being a bad, faithless person and criticizing me for my lack of faith and that I must be a bad person with bad luck and that there's no other explanation why the items are not working for me. And I never heard back from them since. Looking at their listings, why would I want to? Have you SEEN the *** looking things they're selling?

They're CHOTCHKIES, people!!! The kind of porcelain clowns, figurines and dolls you'd see crowded on your grandmother's mantle...THAT'S supposed to have a powerful spirit/genie/vampire in it??? Wow, ok, I see who the crazy one is now *lmao* :zzz I have no idea where the rings I bought from them are, probably adding clutter to one of my drawers somewhere. The tshirt is the only thing I regularly use that serves a purpose (though only a practical one) fact, I'm wearing it right now :grin

People, I have to say, the best way you can get any result is to strike out on your own in summoning your own spirits...yes it's risky, especially if you don't know how to protect yourself.

Protecting yourself and reading up on what types you should summon should be the first thing you study, as you don't want to open a door to a bad place and have your house become the next Amityville horror. Sellers say over and over that summoning spirits is dangerous (and it is), but they say it not out of love or to protect you *LOL*, they say it because they KNOW that by you venturing into that on your own, you're outsourcing them. They're saying it to protect their money. A safer bet is to look into creating your own tulpa, or thoughtform.

It's constructed from your own energy, so you know it'll be safer than asking for favors from a spirit you don't know...there, you only have to be careful of programming it with the right qualities or it might stop listening to you or act up. If people who are less literate than I can do it, then I should be able to.

I have actually experienced results from both...not as much as I dreamed (probably because I am untrained and have no guidance), but certainly WAY more than these other items which have ALLEGEDLY the real thing summoned by supposed "professionals". Decide for yourself.


I've know a few witches how have performed real magic, I've seen it work with my own eyes. She may well have bought the Items from other people but it's the actual magic cast on the item that works.

For example if you took an old necklace and performed a spell/ritual on it and depending how powerful you are, it will actually work. It does take a lot of energy and effort to perform spells.

Each to his own tho' If you don't believe it. Don't buy it!

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Cranston, Rhode Island


I paid moonstar7spirits over $500 for a ring. The quality was good until I found out she purchases her rings wholesale from The metaphysical sellers who charge more than $50 are *** artists and fakes. Real Meta sellers never charge more than $50 fair market value. The *** artists say anything while they sit on their lazy butts waiting to prey on customers. I called ebay customer service and they told me they couldn’t deny the Meta *** artists shill bidding organization. The thirteen worst metaphysical sellers are right on. I found an honest seller relicsandrunes. The auctions are public and the bidding never exceeds outrageous amounts. The *** artists are scamming customers raising the bids through a shill bidding organization. Cassia is also an honest seller. Relicsandrunes ousted the *** blessingsalways for being a *** fraud. Customers you can trust relicsandrunes and cassia.
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Irritated Witch you probley are moon start 7 spirits :) but its kinda weird cause the scammers are bought from more then the real people who sell authentic iteams besides i already knew that was moon star 7 spirts of coures she wouldent put her real name on here hey just alittle advice for moon star if you dont wanna be called a scammer then sell real huanted iteams other wise get off of ebay and get alife ebay dosent need scammers like you i hear less good things from you actully no good things from you so juat get a real job we all know your a fake its all over the place have a nice day bye ;)


came accross this post while searching my own ebay ID. I do this often, to make sure no one's mentioning me in the "bashing" of one another.

Just to assure anyone wondering, I had no part in the above write up.

I do appreciate the kind words, but would in no way ever put down another seller, as I never have in the past. As always, Blessed be ~Relic


Sorry, I've got to go with Irritated Witch. You didn't really provide any information on how you know where she gets those rings anyways.

Besides, if it's good then why would you complain? If a person doesn't want to be scammed, they usually check the product out before buying it.


I would really like to know which seller you are - so that I can avoid buying from you.

I've never had a problem with Moonstar7Spirits (or Cassica for that matter...but this post makes me less likely to buy from her again).

Attention E-bay sellers - if your competitor is slandered and your business is praised in the same article. It looks like you are the complaining party and engaging in underhanded tactics to boost your own business at the expense of someone else.

The more people who have positive experiences with your metaphysical services, the more people will refer people to you. Any honest businessperson knows that repeat business is key.

The "warfare" is making a mockery of the sacredness of your profession. If you keep bashing each other, it brings the entire profesion down as a whole.

Please consider that.


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Boston, Massachusetts


First and foremost moonstar7spirits doesn’t technically have 100% feedback. Rhonda coerced and threatened her customers who left a negative to change the feedback to mutually withdrawn. Rhonda is one of the reasons ebay discontinued mutually withdrawn. Secondly moonstar7spirts single-handedly destroyed judithsbookofshadows. Judith sold the highest ticketed wares. Rhonda copied Judith’s high-ticketed material and waited three months before claiming the auctions as her own. Moonstar7spirits copied the high-ticketed auctions now claims the auctions are her own. Rhonda copies off snee and the top four highest rank sellers. Rhonda shill bid in 2006 and was suspended. Rhonda’s powerseller status was revoked and reinstated after her suspension. Moonstar7spirits claimed to be *** to get the *** community’s business. The woman is evil and no friend to the *** community. Rhonda buys wholesale from and sells for hundreds more. Every word is the truth and can be checked out. She ripped me off for $600 and the ring cost $7 The thirteen worst metaphysical sellers are right on.
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Boston, Massachusetts


Candidly moonstar7spirits brought the house down last year with her website devoted to gays Rhonda claimed she was *** on the site later on her all about me page she claimed it wasn’t her site someone copied her name because get this she was so successful screamed she wasn’t *** oddly enough once she was exposed for a fraud for exploiting the *** community for her own personal gain for the *** community disappeared and became Rhonda’s warlock site the lady would say anything to make a quick buck the *** community let the cat out of the bag and Rhonda had a long dry spell the lady was suspended for shill bidding in 2006 claimed to write a book guest star on national TV why am I so pissed last year I spent over $3000 the lady promised me the moon my business had suffered and she blamed it on the meta sellers screaming they were frauds she got the information by looking up my feedback to spy on the sellers I purchased from I continued to purchase from sweet little Rhonda I had to file bankruptcy purchasing from moonstar7spirits is like buying from the devil himself Rhonda screams a warning not to purchase demon rings moonstar7spirit is a demon bad luck will trail all wares auctioned by moonstar7spirits money problems relationship problems health problems business disasters the only way for it to end is to get rid of her *** never buy from sellers who disguise behind private auctions sellers form shill bidding groups ebay can’t prove it the scam artists claim they are protecting the customers privacy when in fact they are hiding the bidding history many sellers have more than one selling account honest sellers have public auctions and buyers know exactly whose bidding against who moonstar7spirits isn’t alone if you ask me the ebay paranormal category is scam artist paradise moonstar7spirits brags 100% positive feedback go back and count all her mutually withdrawn negative feedbacks all is not lost I got a reading from Chip Coffey world renowned paranormal investigator and he gave me some excellent advice directed towards the haunted *** being auctioned on ebay oh and by the way Chip wrote a book and guest stars on TV you might have seen him on the children of the paranormal series Chip's reading worth every dime haunted imposters are in full swing on Ebay and the only ones getting rich are the sketchy scamming sellers.
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Go to this site and see who started all the trash talk and is a liar too.

Everyone interested in the metaphysical should read this guys blog exposing all Mandrakeghost's lies.


Creepyhollows and all of the people that pay them dues and work under the are getting so paranoid that they need to keep running to every free posting sites to post their nonsense about sellers who dont want anything to do with them. It's too late.

The game is over. Give it up and walk away with at least a tiny bit of pride.

Since the FBI is already investigating creepyhollows all of you others should spare yourselves and jump ship wile you have a chance. as to mandrake ghost she does good work and so many people are just jealous of her.


The 'fraud-busters' do more to make the metaphysical field look bad than a whole football stadium of country fair fortune tellers and palm readers.

This Meena persons extreme negativity and bashing of others is not the way. She presumes to know it all and comes across very badly in my opinion.

REALLY! If some believe they can have the spirited of a beloved pet attached to an item for a few dollars--- to be with them always, where's the harm? It's all in the eye of the beholder, or mind of the believer as the case may be, and probably a lot cheaper than psychoanalysis.

I'm much more concerned with those true scammers who string along people for months draining thousands to tens of thousands of dollars from those desperate for healing, etc...

And lets speak on the profaning of the Hindu religion as Meena has been loudly trumpeting about over the last few days. This defender of the Hindu faith isn't as squeaky clean as she likes to pretend. She recently sold a cheap costume ring( as in gold plated 1960's costume worth 10 dollars) for over 10,000 dollars saying it (the stone) 'fell' out of the head of an idol in India in front of it's first owner and was somehow blessed or connected with some Hindu Goddess. Supposedly it brought great wealth, etc... to everyone who owned it but cursed those who coveted it too much. Gee! Bet those Goddess statues in India don't throw around stones like that everyday! And, how wonderful of Meena to offer it to some needy person!


If she would just sell her things and keep her mouth shut about other sellers, no one would care, but she berates and insults other sellers for doing and offering similiar items.

I'm much more concerned with those true scammers who string along people for months draining thousands to tens of thousands of dollars from those desperate for healing, etc...


was totally exposed by another seller named mandrakeghost who actually gave us proof of moonstar7spirits buying cheap items and reselling them with lies. moonstar7spirits, creepyhollows, 2piratesbringutreasures, spiritedenterprise are all frauds. wake up people.


Proof: 1. evidence sufficient to establish a thing as true, or to produce belief in its truth.

2. anything serving as such evidence:


Please decide if it is in your best interest to believe these internet terrorists who do not have a life and make it top priority to constantly lie about honest sellers.

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Boston, Massachusetts

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