First and foremost moonstar7spirits doesn’t technically have 100% feedback. Rhonda coerced and threatened her customers who left a negative to change the feedback to mutually withdrawn. Rhonda is one of the reasons ebay discontinued mutually withdrawn. Secondly moonstar7spirts single-handedly destroyed judithsbookofshadows. Judith sold the highest ticketed wares. Rhonda copied Judith’s high-ticketed material and waited three months before claiming the auctions as her own. Moonstar7spirits copied the high-ticketed auctions now claims the auctions are her own. Rhonda copies off snee and the top four highest rank sellers. Rhonda shill bid in 2006 and was suspended. Rhonda’s powerseller status was revoked and reinstated after her suspension. Moonstar7spirits claimed to be *** to get the *** community’s business. The woman is evil and no friend to the *** community. Rhonda buys wholesale from and sells for hundreds more. Every word is the truth and can be checked out. She ripped me off for $600 and the ring cost $7 The thirteen worst metaphysical sellers are right on.
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Boston, Massachusetts


Candidly moonstar7spirits brought the house down last year with her website devoted to gays Rhonda claimed she was *** on the site later on her all about me page she claimed it wasn’t her site someone copied her name because get this she was so successful screamed she wasn’t *** oddly enough once she was exposed for a fraud for exploiting the *** community for her own personal gain for the *** community disappeared and became Rhonda’s warlock site the lady would say anything to make a quick buck the *** community let the cat out of the bag and Rhonda had a long dry spell the lady was suspended for shill bidding in 2006 claimed to write a book guest star on national TV why am I so pissed last year I spent over $3000 the lady promised me the moon my business had suffered and she blamed it on the meta sellers screaming they were frauds she got the information by looking up my feedback to spy on the sellers I purchased from I continued to purchase from sweet little Rhonda I had to file bankruptcy purchasing from moonstar7spirits is like buying from the devil himself Rhonda screams a warning not to purchase demon rings moonstar7spirit is a demon bad luck will trail all wares auctioned by moonstar7spirits money problems relationship problems health problems business disasters the only way for it to end is to get rid of her *** never buy from sellers who disguise behind private auctions sellers form shill bidding groups ebay can’t prove it the scam artists claim they are protecting the customers privacy when in fact they are hiding the bidding history many sellers have more than one selling account honest sellers have public auctions and buyers know exactly whose bidding against who moonstar7spirits isn’t alone if you ask me the ebay paranormal category is scam artist paradise moonstar7spirits brags 100% positive feedback go back and count all her mutually withdrawn negative feedbacks all is not lost I got a reading from Chip Coffey world renowned paranormal investigator and he gave me some excellent advice directed towards the haunted *** being auctioned on ebay oh and by the way Chip wrote a book and guest stars on TV you might have seen him on the children of the paranormal series Chip's reading worth every dime haunted imposters are in full swing on Ebay and the only ones getting rich are the sketchy scamming sellers.
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Go to this site and see who started all the trash talk and is a liar too.

Everyone interested in the metaphysical should read this guys blog exposing all Mandrakeghost's lies.


Creepyhollows and all of the people that pay them dues and work under the are getting so paranoid that they need to keep running to every free posting sites to post their nonsense about sellers who dont want anything to do with them. It's too late.

The game is over. Give it up and walk away with at least a tiny bit of pride.

Since the FBI is already investigating creepyhollows all of you others should spare yourselves and jump ship wile you have a chance. as to mandrake ghost she does good work and so many people are just jealous of her.


The 'fraud-busters' do more to make the metaphysical field look bad than a whole football stadium of country fair fortune tellers and palm readers.

This Meena persons extreme negativity and bashing of others is not the way. She presumes to know it all and comes across very badly in my opinion.

REALLY! If some believe they can have the spirited of a beloved pet attached to an item for a few dollars--- to be with them always, where's the harm? It's all in the eye of the beholder, or mind of the believer as the case may be, and probably a lot cheaper than psychoanalysis.

I'm much more concerned with those true scammers who string along people for months draining thousands to tens of thousands of dollars from those desperate for healing, etc...

And lets speak on the profaning of the Hindu religion as Meena has been loudly trumpeting about over the last few days. This defender of the Hindu faith isn't as squeaky clean as she likes to pretend. She recently sold a cheap costume ring( as in gold plated 1960's costume worth 10 dollars) for over 10,000 dollars saying it (the stone) 'fell' out of the head of an idol in India in front of it's first owner and was somehow blessed or connected with some Hindu Goddess. Supposedly it brought great wealth, etc... to everyone who owned it but cursed those who coveted it too much. Gee! Bet those Goddess statues in India don't throw around stones like that everyday! And, how wonderful of Meena to offer it to some needy person!


If she would just sell her things and keep her mouth shut about other sellers, no one would care, but she berates and insults other sellers for doing and offering similiar items.

I'm much more concerned with those true scammers who string along people for months draining thousands to tens of thousands of dollars from those desperate for healing, etc...


was totally exposed by another seller named mandrakeghost who actually gave us proof of moonstar7spirits buying cheap items and reselling them with lies. moonstar7spirits, creepyhollows, 2piratesbringutreasures, spiritedenterprise are all frauds. wake up people.


Proof: 1. evidence sufficient to establish a thing as true, or to produce belief in its truth.

2. anything serving as such evidence:


Please decide if it is in your best interest to believe these internet terrorists who do not have a life and make it top priority to constantly lie about honest sellers.

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Boston, Massachusetts



Moonstar is a company founded by a person who claims to be a wizard and scientist with twenty years of experience. The wizard offers such service as spell casting. According to the wizard, the spells work due to the use of knowledge of science and background in witchcraft. Moonstar is headquartered in Fayetteville, Arkansas. To purchase a spell from Moonstar, a person has to write down her or his name, address and phone number, birthdate, put there a lock of the hair and sent to the wizard.

At the present time, Moonstar provides refunds for up to forty five days after spell cast.

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