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Monitor Medical Inc. Unethical Customer Service Business Practices

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This is "not" a dispute about the companies Agreement Consent Forms that I signed making me responsible for the Companies or Medicare's Guidelines. This is not a "Safety" Issue either. My email complaint to you is about Quality of Service, Monitor Medical's Business Ethics and Practices, Their Verbal and Written Statements, The Refusal To Contact me from the many Emails and Phone Calls, and the failure for their Customer Service to contact me "at all period" about anything what so ever regarding my Medical Purchase in the 6 months since Jan 1st The Billing Dept. at Monitor Medical had, where I first was issued my CPAP Machine prescribed by my Pulmonary Doctor for Sleep Apnea..

I have called and emailed to them with request from Upper Management to contact me. I have repeatable left messages with Customer Service Representatives that told me they have more then once forwarded my request for call back and nothing. It is my beliefs at this time after a month that they are intentionally avoiding me. I have tried twice to contact Richard Webb Patient Care Technician Service Complaint with no response.

My dispute is the fact that according to the agreement consent forms I signed and also the companies Website and also The Verbal Statements from their Account Manager as well as many Customer Service Representatives that I have spoke with, that they all state that someone form Their Customer Service Departments regarding my needs would contact me.

I was issued my CPAP Machine for Sleep Apnea prescribed by my Pulmonary Doctor on Jan 1st 2016, and have received Zero Contact from Medicare or Monitor Medical concerning anything at all what so ever at period. Not by Physical Mail, Email, Phone Nothing. I am assuming that by signing their agreement guideline form that I am "Solely" and "Fully" Responsible for All Issues and Needs that involve my CPAP Machine Usage. But all information from them Monitor Medical in all forms state that they do indeed have a Customer Service Employee(s) and Department that is supposed to assist the clients for supplies, maintenance, etc.

How this all began. It never entered my mind that after 6 months that I had not received any communication from Monitor Medical. I had run out of supplies for my machine, so I decided to call The Galveston,TX Office where I was issued my CPAP. At that time when I inquired about supply ordering , the representative pulled up my account information and discovered I was Non-Compliant for their required 70% usage of my machine and therefore was disqualified. The CPAP machine has a Micro-chip installed in it where MM monitors the Compliance Percentages Usage and I assume they forward that to Medicare. I also believe according to their agreement forms that my Doctor was also to be notified where upon the Doctor and I were to have a Face To Face Visit to go over my CPAP Status. I also believe the agreements forms states that I or My Doctor was to send a statement to MM saying that I was benefiting from the machine and that I needed it.

After Monitor Medical has received documentation of your complaint usage data, a copy will be sent to your Doctor.

On/After the 31st data (2-06-16) of initiating therapy, you must see your Doctor who will evaluate your progress with your PAP Unit.

The evaluation will document benefits, improvements and adherence. Your scheduled appointment with you're Doctor is on After 2/6/16. The Monitor Medical representative who will be contacting you regarding your compliance will be Maria Sanchez.

(1) My Doctor canceled an April 11th, 2016 appointment which would be the only appointment I have had with him since December 7th, 20115 .and it was rescheduled to June 13th. I canceled the June 13th appointment because it was 4 days prior that I discovered I was non-compliant and the only other reason to see My Doctor would be to re-take another Sleep Lab Clinic because there was nothing else he could do for me.Then I did not reschedule another appointment but UTMB Appointment desk did. They rescheduled it to July 11th,2016 but my Doctor also canceled that appointment too.

(2) No one named Maria Sanchez ever contacted me nor did anyone else.

(3) The Compliancy Requirement Form that sates the above does not say if Compliancy means Only Compliant or also Non-Compliant.

(4) There is no record from Monitor Medical, My Account ,Medicare or UTMB (University Of Texas Medical Branch) of any contact all except for a claim from Monitor Medicals Billing Dept, sent a Fax on May 13th, 2016, but The Billing Representative could not tell me whom The Fax was made "Attention To" or It's Contents. UTMB Sleep Lab Clinic or their data base has no record of ever receiving such a Fax.

I had been in contact with UTMB's Records Data Base and a employee or assistant of my Doctor at the Sleep Lab and they both have been very helpful with my research and investigation about everything and anything regarding Medicare, UTMB, My Doctor and Monitor Medical. There is No Record of MM contacting Me, but only me contacting them first in the begging of June after 6 months. for Me Contacting Them and The UTMB Sleep Lab contacting them and all these calls were made in June 6 months later.

The only contact Monitor Medical records and My Account shows is one Three-way Conference call Medicare between, myself and MM Billing Representative could not tell me whom the Fax s made "Attention To" or it's contents. UTMB Sleep Lab and their Operator's Data Base show no such Fax being received by them. So when MM sent me any emails pertaining to their contacts with me stating that MM and Medicare both have repeatable tried to best of their ability that clam is simply not true. I contacted Medicare and they show No Such Record of them Contacting me either. As a matter if fact I did not receive a Mail Letter notification form Medicare until last week. I talked to Medicare and they said their statements don't go out until months later and that I wasn't going to receive a letter from them until June or July. I did receive it in late June showing my Medicare Record of Monitor Medicals Stop Requesting their Billing Rental Fee Payments.

.My CPAP has a Rental Fee that Medicare pay's for 13 months and upon compliancy after that period the machine belongs to the client. MM stopped Billing Medicare on March 5th, 2015. I have had my CPAP since Jan 1st until June. If MM stop Billing Medicare on March 5th and I was Non-Compliant and Disqualified back then...

(1) How would I know I was Non-Complaint if no one contacted me? There is no way for me to know. It Would have been a great help if their Customer Service Representatives would have sent me a notice or phone call to make me more aware of the situation . My appeal was that my non-compliant usage was that I frequently go to the rest room through the night due to health reasons. Because of my usage of my CPAP it has made me sleep deeper and longer than I have in years. Also I take "Trazodone" a prescribed medication for Insomnia, so the combination of both leaves me in an almost incoherent state when I go to the rest room in the middle of the night and when I return to bed I am still very groggy and am not putting my CPAP Mask back on my face.

(2) The MM agreement forms also state: "Upon Non-Compliancy if the CPAP Machine is not returned it will be considered theft and the police would be notified " However since I didn't know I was Non-Complaint and was using the machine for 6 months and nobody called me about anything, apparently they weren't too concerned about the return of the machine or Medicare and Monitor Medical were not aware of my Non-Compliancy.

Jun 30 at 8:40 PM

Dear Dr. Jokhio

I sent you an earlier email today, where Monitor Medical made the claim that their Customer Service Representatives in collaboration with Medicare's Representatives have followed up with me on a number of occasions to the best of our abilities, which is preposterous because both My Account Records and Medicare's show no such thing.

However today I was reflecting on our conversation where you said to me more than once that You had no control of Monitor Medicals Business Practices. So as our conversation is running through my mind, I got to thinking about what you said regarding your comment that "You use Monitor Medical or any other Medical Supply Company as only a "Referral" and not a contracted business association. Then it occurred to me that you send you're CPAP Patient Diagnosis Prescriptions to the Medical Supplier that you say are only a referral. Am I misunderstanding something about that? The agreement forms I signed with Monitor Medical say "Upon Compliancy Monitor Medical will contact the prescribing Doctor and the patient and Doctor must have a face to face visit". I am assuming that this requirement is more of a joint effort between You, Me and Monitor Medical or else why would they need to know about our face to face to visit?

I say Policies because apparently the word responsibility pertaining to your Monitor Medical Customer Service is inaccurate. I have had to argumentative , over-powering confrontational phone calls with the Account Manager at Monitor Medical in June. As a matter of fact in my first unpleasant phone confrontation with Miss Tammy Bucek when I asked her if Monitor Medical was responsible for assisting the CPAP Client her response was " Well Responsibility is a Big Word" so I rephrased it to "Policy" is it MM Policy to assist the customer? She the finally after several minutes of arguing admitted that yes, she did have an employee that contacts the customer about supplies and maintenance. So then I questioned her, if you have an employee that you say it is her job to contact the customer then why I have never ever been contacted about anything? So then if the Customer Service Employee and she failed to contact me then is she or isn't she Responsible? This is one of the disputes I am trying to get an answer for and no one will simply say to me yes or no about Customer Service Purpose.

The Second unpleasant phone confrontation was also I June 2016 from Miss Bucek calling me to let me know that she was sending me a box to pack my CPAP Machine in to take to UPS to send back to Monitor Medical Galveston TX which is a bit of away and as I we (my family) have transportation problems, so getting to the UPS is less of a challenge. Well the conversation started out very nice and we both were cordial in spite of our last yelling match, and then I said to her, "Well Miss Bucek, I am not going to go into my issues but I still have some questions and disputes about my non-compliancy. Then sure enough that it was round 2. During the back and forth yelling over each other she made a accusation and false comment to me that I actually stated to her on our last and first phone exchange that "I never used the CPAP Machine". I responded in bewilderment, "Why Would I Make such a statement? I used my CPAP every night! I just wasn't percentage wise compliant. I asked her could she prove her allegations that I never used it? She retracted and said, "Well not enough" Speaking of proving my percentages usage, she didn't even offer to review my account. So I had to contact Jason Rodriquez at Galveston Monitor Medical and he looked into my account and informed me how they monitor the results and I was 84% in a certain days time frame where Monitor Medical or Medicare retrieves their data and then 41% in another time frame, the bottom line was I was Only 2 Days away from qualifying. So for Miss Bucek to make such a remark aside from her argumentative and aggressive manner it's just part of her unprofessionalism.

I have to say 2 things regarding this.

(1) In all my work experience and all my employers and businesses it has always been their policies to appease the customer, "The Old Customer Is Always Right" adage. Outside of Physical Violence, Verbal Threats or Foul Language, you pretty much had to take whatever the disgruntle customer was giving you. Either my manger or I would have to say things like, "I'm so sorry Sir for your inconvenience, let me see what I can do you reconcile the situation, let me contact my supervisor and see if we can resolve the issue, and the most important thing was to be patient, listen and let the customer have their say. Not Argue and Over Power try to each other.

(2) For the past 20 years as I recall I can't think of one incorporated business that did Not Monitor It's Client -Customer Service calls for quality assurance, and others company's have even stated in your their automated voice system "While you are waiting out Lawyers would like to let you know that this call is monitored. I believe that statement is form The Micro-soft Corp. Had Tammy Buceks and My aggressive conversation was monitored you would be able to verify that everything I am telling you is in fact true. I hope form this experience that perhaps MM will consider doing so I the future. Because as it stands she will most likely deny it ever took place. I only say this because if her Business Ethics are what I experienced I am just assuming that she will not admit her part, however I will admit mine and that I too was a participant but then again I am the Customer not The Account Manager.

Below are communications by email that only occurred in June and the 1st of July. But I repeat there is no record UTMB, Medicare, My Account Records or Monitor Medical Data Base of any contact other than June and July since Jan 1st.

On Thursday, June 30, 2016 9:12 AM, Tammy Bucek wrote:

Mr. Burton,

Tracking shows the empty box and UPS return label were delivered Tuesday, June 28th.

Thank you in advance for your follow through on the return.

Monitor Medical billing and customer service representatives along with Medicare representatives have followed up with you on a number of occasions to the best of our abilities. It is unfortunate that you are dissatisfied with the responses. It is not Monitor Medical's intent to frustrate you, but to assist you at this juncture in the completion of clearing your outstanding balance owed by the return of the CPAP equipment.

If it is your intent to re-qualify through Medicare for sleep therapy coverage, please consult with your attending physician.

Thank you,

Tammy BucekCSR ManagerMonitor Medical, Inc."The CPAP Company"

From: claylord99 [mailto:claylord99@***.com] Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2016 6:05 PMTo: tammy.bucek@***.comCc:***.eduSubject: Re: Contact Request -E78845F9TX James Burton

On Thursday, June 30, 2016 2:25 PM, claylord99 wrote:

Regarding The Conformation Box Delivery Email Below.

Can someone "Please" show me exactly where Monitor Medical billing and customer service representatives along with Medicare representatives have followed up with you on a number of occasions to the best of our abilities?? I have been trying desperately to inform Monitor Medical Customer service and Account Manager , UTMB and Medicare that I have never ever been contacted in any form what so ever , email, letter, phone call, smoke signal, nothing regarding anything at all about My CPAP. I contacted Medicare and they show nothing at all where they have contacted me. Call them and verify it for yourselves, The Only Contact You Will Find In My Monitor Medical Account Records Is Me, contacting MM Customer Service several times in the past 3 weeks.

On Friday, July 1, 2016 11:09 AM, Tammy Bucek wrote:

Mr. Burton,

I along with Stefanie Williams in billing, Jason Rodriguez and Toni Smith, both CSR’s, have spoken with you more than once to address your issues. Stefanie Williams has also had a 3-way conversation with yourself and Medicare. You, however, seem to continue to be dissatisfied with the responses.

Tammy Bucek

CSR Manager

Monitor Medical, Inc.

"The CPAP Company"

Direct Line: 281-637-****

On Friday, July 1, 2016 12:58 PM, claylord99 wrote:

Please try as you may to listen Miss Buck, It Was "I" that made the very first contact with you back in early June, The records you have are only referring to June, I am once again trying to relay to you that no on ever form Monitor Medical Customer Service has ever contacted me in the 6 months since Jan 1st about anything at all. The three-way conversation that took place between Stephanie Williams in Billing was also just recently.

The only contacts in your records and my account are me contacting you and Toni Smith and Jason Rodriquez or Toni and Jason returning my calls in June. My first contact with Jason was 6 months after I had already had my CPAP. Monitor Medical discontinued Billing To Medicare on March 5th. So If I was Non-Compliant in March why didn't anyone let me know. Jason Rodriquez apparently had no idea I was non-complaint until I called him.

The only other contact to you was from Andréa at UTMB Sleep Lab, and that was her contacting you in June also. Monitor Medical Records claim to show a Fax sent to the Sleep Lab but The MM Billing Dept. could not tell me who it was made Attention to or it's contents and UTMB Sleep Lab Data Base has nothing showing that fax period!

I would like to make some comments about your unprofessional ethics, research, information and the fact that not one of your supervisors have contacted me but I am not going to sink that low.

I don't care if I have don't have a legal technical leg to stand on, I just don't know how you people can operate without even acknowledging your own words, website, and agreement consent forms statements without a conscience or explaining why you have Customer Service Dept. that has never contacted me about my CPAP usage, I am Fully Aware of My Sole Responsibilities Upon signing The Agreement Guideline Forms This Is Not The Issue. The Issue Is Your Unprofessional Business Practices.

I apologize for all the long repetitive comments and information was trying to give as much detail as I could, I hope you can help me but frankly I am at the point where nobody can because of the legal walls.


James Clay Burton

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  • Lack of any contact what so ever at all
Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: The Admission that this Company (Monitor Medical Inc, Does indeed have a Customer Service Policy to assist and participate with client needs.

1 comment

I can concur with your assertions that their customer service is dreadful and they are untruthful, as well.

I am fully compliant with my CPAP and I did not have a problem with that.

I was hospitalized for surgery in 2015 and then again shortly thereafter. The hospital tests one's CPAP machine but they insisted I use their mask and hosing and a new filter. They apparently don't want things brought in from outside in that manner.

I was then housebound due to the delicate neck fusion and other things with a custom collar for months and could not go to my doctor for a CPAP visit.

In December 2017, I visited my doctor and he sent my orders to Monitor Medical. I asked them for a verification of what date the information was sent to Monitor because they have not been great about being honest or timely. They were sent the orders on December 14. I waited until about a week later and was told Katie was my representative and I spoke with her.

She reported that they were awaiting preauthorization for my supplies, when my understanding was that no prior authorization was required for supplies. I waited another week, as I needed it and was once again told that my insurer had not gotten back with them. Bull, frankly.

Christmas passed and then New Year's. Still no supplies and I was thrown into a new year and new deductibles, etc.

because of them. Almost 30 days just to receive CPAP mask which I badly needed.

I called and Katie did not respond so I spoke with Tammy Buchek, the manager for the representatives. I had spoken with my insurer which reported that prior authorization has never been needed for CPAP supplies, and they had no record of Monitor of ever having sought verification of insurance and certainly no authorization.

Every time such an issue comes through there is a number and date issued regarding the issue.

When I spoke with Tammy Buchek, she claimed that it was verification of insurance which had been delayed and somehow it had slipped through the cracks and they did not fill the order. I told her that was not correct, but rather a lie, since I had contacted my insurer and no attempt to verify my insurance had taken place from them and there was a notation made when every verification was requested. I also told her they had never required authorization prior to supplying CPAP supplies.

She kept telling me that they had indeed done it, but their "system" knocks off a verification if it is not used, after two weeks. I said that was asinine and she was lying and misrepresenting the situation. She was furious and I gave as good as she gave. I simply cannot abide with lies, especially about medical issues.

I then called my insurer back and asked if there was more than one way to verify coverage and she said it could be done verbally or via a computer system. Both would have noted the inquiry my Monitor and neither system had been activated or recorded any contact. As we were speaking, the Monitor verification came through. They had lied.

Clearly they had lied and anyone who lies like that is going to get a tongue lashing from me. I also am a former medical professional and I understand terminology and had sought out the answers to their contentions and they were LYING. Misrepresenting isn't clear enough they were lying. When Tammy Buchek returned my call, I told her I had verified my contention with my insurer and they verified Monitor had never asked for insurance verification and Monitor was fully aware that no authorization was necessary for supplies.

That had her nailed and she knew it. She kept saying I had misinterpreted the terminology and I told her she was a lying machine. We ended up in a screaming match and she told me they would not issue the supplies. I am going to get it from another supplier but Tammy contacted my doctor's office and was rude and lied to them about me.

I told them we had ended up in a screaming match and I had called her a liar and told her she was unethical, which she demonstrated. Now, they are going to send their patients to a different supplier.

I am going to report them to Medicare. They should lose their ability to supply for patients when they are so unethical.

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