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Their service is horrible!Sent a defective card and all they can do is have me wait another 2 weeks for another. Their answer for everything is there is nothing we can do.Transferred money from their paycard to my bank account 2 days ago and being told i wont see my money till 2 days from now.
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Miss Betsy

Miss Betsy I have been using Amex Serve Debit cards for years with zero issues. Free to load free to use with no monthly fees and no waits on my money. I highly recommend this card above...

DO NOT GET A MONEY NETWORK CARD!!!! If you employer wants to pay you this way tell them that money network is a scam because it is. They will take money from you before you learn about all the hoops you have to jump threw to get your money without getting robbed. And one you do figure that out you will only be able to withdraw 400 in a 24 hour time frame. so after you wait 2 weeks for your company to pay you now money network wants to hold on to...
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Anonymous How did you manage to cancel your account??

I didn't like
  • Total bs

Money Network Exceed Debit Card Review

Worst company I have ever delt with trying to put money back on card from another company they have all the information and said I have to wait another 3 days they automatically took it within seconds but I have to wait