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Had Molly Maid out to clean my house for the first time today (out of Grosse Pointe, MI office). Came home and had to sweep. Every corner still had dust/crumbs in it, underneath the coffee table was untouched, kitchen counters were wiped, but not with any sort of water or cleaning agent as they were gritty to the touch... on and on. I'm pretty sure they didn't use cleaning product except for in the bath/shower, which looked pretty good. There... Read more

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Sounds a lot like the boss I worked for named Scott hopkins.. I have had a good experience until not being paid on time my checks were short. And I finally quit. So after the findings I have had with the company. My boss said he could loan me the money to pay my bills. Some boss to try and persuade to correct the problem. Not only to mention that the company has had a run in with having a person rob all company cars. No police report was made...... Read more

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Molly Maid Plymouth Mn Review
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I contacted this Molly Maid about 1.5 weeks ago regarding a deep clean for my house that I am getting ready to put on the market. After telling them this information, I specifically asked them to clean all 3 levels (basement, main floor, and bedrooms upstairs) as well as appliances, etc. Everything that is typical for this situation. I had a deadline, which they were aware of, and did work to accommodate this. The house was scheduled to be... Read more

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Horrible horrible horrible ! Waste of money 2 hours and all we asked for them to clean 4 rooms and this is what they left us !! Sticky counters , garbage left , among many other stuff !! Do not use this crook of company !! Read more

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I called Molly maid of burbank and asked for a quote, give them my sqf (home is 600) they said 126 2.5 hr 2 people and asked for my credit card upfront...I agree..then the bill came they charge me 210$ for a 600sqf home. I called complained and a person calling it self "maxime" told me no 126 if for 1.5 hr... I explained my daughter was present and hear the conversation and that not whaat I was told or agree to...Maxime said call you bank and... Read more

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I decided to use Molly Maid to do a cleaning of my basement suite as I was having a tenant move out and a new one moving in. The original price I was quoted was $172.50. I already had thought this was a fairly expensive for what I required but reluctantly went ahead with the cleaning. The basement suite is 750 square feet and my previous tenant had left it in good condition. When I checked my credit card statement, I was surprised to see an... Read more

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Very profession gabby is team leader 5 and Katelyn is on team 4.. I didn't have to babysit both of them... Extremely professional.... they took no breaks.. gabby showed me how to make everything shine.. I never new that.. I am thinking I am due for 2 more surgerys.. I might get molly again.. Stephanie was very prompt along with gabby and katelyn.. I could go on and on.. I would be here for days.. how much me and my hubby appreciate the 2 of... Read more

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If they clean it wasn't at my house $150. Dust on base boards oh well every where dirt in corners of tile floor I could have done better with a leaf blower never again no one was in my house for 2 wks when I came home couldn't believe my husband paid for this as a nice thing for me next time open door let the wind blow save money

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Badly overpriced.The workers were slow and disinterested.100 dollars an hour,workers get what 10 each?Absolutely bad value. Read more

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I hired them to help do a deep clean of our home. The ladies they sent were hard workers for the most part but I had to go behind them and point out very obvious places they had missed. After 3 hours or so, they slowed down and took forever to get their job done. They didn't clean the oven as requested. It had them here for about 8 hours, 2 days in a row. The second day they moved slower and again, I had to go behind them and point places... Read more

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