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I registered early for the course over 2 and a half months prior. The cost for the GRE prep course is $1,495 (no small sum for me). I was informed that I would be notified a week in advance where the location would be in the email they sent me. Scheduling around the date I was slated for I decided to establish my Test date shortly after the course was supposed to end (an additional $185), so it would all still be fresh. A week before my class date and no word about the class (no worries maybe they're emailing everyone tommorow. A week goes by and I send an email regarding the in class prep location. The day before my class is supposed to start I'm informed that "Due to logistical reasons I wont be able to get into the class." So I have been planning around a date that I was told 2 and a half months prior was my class date and now they have to reschedule me? Why are they holding my money for a whole quarter? Why wasn't I informed that I'd be moved? Did they not realize 2 and a half months ago when I registered for the course that it was going to be full? I just read another story which sounds remarkably similar on Of course I sent them an email stating that it was unacceptable to tell me 12 hours before the class that I wasn't going to be in it. In that email I requested a refund. Angry about the situation I find myself currently in, out 1,500 dollars for a service that I would not be able to acquire. I wrote a report on (which I believe is a perfectly reasonable response, and further more reads alot like this one).**** The company responded back stating, "Our legal department will contact you about your recent malicious post on a shady forum about our company. Your IP address has beenlogged and you will be required to pay damages." First off stating that my reaction was malicious is wrong. What I have written is the truth! This is what happened to me. Furthermore the fact that the truth damages your reputation is not my problem it is theirs. If you intend on conducting business in a way that betrays the consumer not only should you be held accountable but you can't take any sort of moral high ground when confronted with the truth. Yes, I am angry, but I believe I have a right to be. But I'll try to keep this impartial here is all the info. THE SITE I WENT TO ORIGINALLY: After reading all the info on this site and competitors I decided to go with them which took me here. THESE ARE THE TERMS: I understand that once my registration in the GRE prep course (GRE Online prep or GRE Turboprep course) that I have selected is confirmed or once I have begun to receive training instructions, (or, once my study guides order has been fulfilled by sending me the links for downloads) I will not be eligible to receive refund of fees paid or charged to my credit card. I also understand that failure to attend or participate in the course in which I am registered and confirmed will not constitute non-delivery of service by MLI Consulting, Inc. The GRE study Guides and the training materials provided to the participants are proprietary materials and are governed by the trademarks MLIC® and Turboprep® and any infringement of our copyrights and protection under the trademark laws will be subject to criminal and civil penalties. The study guides for GRE ordered through this gateway and any other training materials received from MLIC as part of the training cannot be redistributed. I agree to these terms and authorize MLI Consulting, Inc. to charge the credit card for the GRE course in which I am registered. In hindsight you can see just how the company screwed me. But if you go into this with fresh eyes expecting a legitimate business I read it as though they were just defending against worse case scenarios not outlining their diabolical business model. Basically their terms state that they can send you some course work and charge you 1500 dollars for it without ever attending the class and hold your money. The rest of the site talks about the course work and the all important class. EMAILS:Helen, Our legal department will contact you about your recent malicious post on a shady forum about our company. Your IP address has beenlogged and you will be required to pay damages. Lorraine Smith At 12:48 AM 6/21/2013, you wrote:Lorraine, Thank you for the update. However, the fact that I was not notified of this until the evening before the course is unacceptable business behavior and extremely inconvenient--on many different fronts. I have already scheduled and paid for a GRE test two weeks after this JUNE course, which falls under the recommended 30 days after completing the course and assignments. In addition, I have turned down freelance job offers for this month so that I can make time for this class. The fact that I was not notified of this until less than 12 hours before the start of the $1500 class is an indicator of poor structural organization and I do not want to invest any of my precious time invested in my education in MLIC. I would like to request a full refund. Please give me the contact number of the person in charge of customer service. Helen From: MLIC GRE Prep Courses To: Helen Zhang Sent: Thursday, June 20, 2013 8:01 PMSubject: Re: GRE TURBOPREP CLASS AT LA, CA - INSTRUCTIONS FOR PRE-CLASS TRAINING Dear Helen, Due to logistical issues, we have to move you to the class in July 2013. We apologize for the last minute noticeand inconvenience. Please let us know if you have any concerns about attending the July session,and also confirm how far along you are with completing the precourse training modules. Regards,Lorraine Smith At 07:18 PM 6/20/2013, you wrote:Dear Lorraine, Has June's class been cancelled? It is the day before the course and I still have not received information regarding the location of the meeting room.Please return my email as soon as possible. Thank you. Xiao From: MLIC GRE Prep Courses To: h.zhang54@***.com Sent: Tuesday, April 2, 2013 1:53 PMSubject: GRE TURBOPREP CLASS AT LA, CA - INSTRUCTIONS FOR PRE-CLASS TRAINING Dear Xiao, Thank you for choosing our goal-driven and skill-enhancing GRE Turboprep course for the current GRE offered in Los Angeles from June 21-25, 2013. You are confirmed for GRE Class attendance at Los Angeles as per the following details. The fee of U$1,495 has been billed the Amex credit card issued to you, and the charge will appear on the credit card statement under our corporate name MAPLE LEAF INTERNATIONAL, NEW YORK. Please make a note of this so that you can recognize the charge on the credit card statement. Please confirm that you have done so. PRE-COURSE REVIEW:As part of the pre-course review, you need to begin to work through the files titled GRE PREPROGRAM QUANTITATIVE ASSIGNMENT and GRE-AWA before the class. The GRE-AWA file includes 6 essays. . You can also begin to review the vocabulary file AND the file explaining the anchor-phrase strategy for Reading comprehension simultaneously. If you have any questions, let us know. IN-CLASS TRAINING LOCATION.The in-class training will be held at the following address: Embassy Suites, 9801 Airport Blvd, Near LAX. Information about the meeting room will be communicated to you about 1 week before the start of in-class prep sessions when you will be sent the required in-class workbook files. IN-CLASS TRAINING HOURS: DAY 1 (FRIDAY): 04:00 P.M. TO 07:00 P.M.DAYS 2 TO 4 : 09:30 A.M. TO 05:30 P.M.DAY 5 (TUESDAY) : 09:30 A.M. TO 05:00 P.M. EXPECT HOME ASSIGNMENTS ON DAYS 2 THROUGH 4, EACH HOME ASSIGNMENT REQUIRING A COMMITMENT OF 1 HOUR AFTER THE CLASS. You will get a break for lunch from 01:15 p.m. to 02:00 p.m. GRE IN-CLASS WORKBOOK FILES WILL BE SENT LATER ON In a separate email message, you will also receive instructions for downloading the GRE in-class training workbooks that will be used during the GRE prep class. INSTRUCTIONS FOR GRE PRE-CLASS TRAINING Right now, we are sending you instructions for the mandatory pre-course assignments that need to be completed to the best of your ability by you prior to class attendance or after the in-class training. The pre-course training modules are meant to provide the required refresher training in certain math concepts critical to doing well on the GRE Quantitative assessment and to give you a preview of the procedures and strategies that will be relevant to working competently in the other assessment sections of the current GRE. Please click on the following link to download the pre-GRE-class assignment files, or copy and paste the URL in your browser to start the download. Create a folder under the name "MLICETS GRE" and Save the downloaded file in this folder so that you can easily identify the downloaded files. You will require ADOBE ACROBAT READER 6.0 or better to read the PDF documents included in the above set. If your computer does not have the Acrobat Reader, please download the reader for free at . PLEASE WORK ON THE ASSIGNMENTS IN THE FOLLOWING ORDER: 1. Review the GRE-AWA file and understand the requirement and the procedures for the GRE writing section. This file explains the expectations, procedures, and the structure for the two types of essays that will be tested at the beginning of the GRE testing. Each type of essay is discussed in terms of requirements and explained with examples. Then, you are required to complete 6 writing tasks - 3 per essay type - and return them to us for review before the in-class training or bring them to the class on Day 1 of the in-class training. Create a word document containing your essays and save the completed file under your name-AWA.DOC and return it to us if you are sending in the essays before the start of in-class training. 2.. Review the Quantitative concept files -- QUANTITATIVE CONCEPTS IN A NUTSHELL, GEOMETRY FORMULAS and Algebra 101 (if required) which can be downloaded by using the link provided below this message -- and then begin to work on the GRE PRECOURSE QUANTITATIVE ASSIGNMENT file included in the pre-course training set. The pre-course math assignment is organized in terms of concept discussions, with each concept explained in terms of how it will be tested; then, you are required to complete concept-specific assignments pertaining to each area. Please complete the assignment sections to the best of your ability, and be sure to ask for help before the start of in-class training, if required. Please bring the completed work to the in-class training and hand it to your in-class instructor. 3. Review the GRE-Vocabulary file attached and familiarize yourself with the vocabulary tested in the Verbal sections of the GRE General Test. Also, review the GRE Study Guides for revised GRE Verbal sections. This file explains the procedures for answering the sentence completion, sentence equivalence, critical reading and reading comprehension passages tested in the new GRE. 4. Review the ANCHOR PHRASE STRATEGY discussed in MODULE5-GRE file explaining the READING COMPREHENSION section tested on the GRE. Please be sure to work through the examples illustrated in the file. Please acknowledge receipt of this set of instructions and that you were able to download the pre-class training files. Lorraine M. SmithMLI Consulting, Inc.TurboprepCourses for GMAT, GRE, LSAT, and SATTel: 1 21* 682 **** * +44 (0) 20* 123 *060 Fax: 1 64* 390 ****GMAT: http://www.greprep.orgLSAT:
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 GRE exam is a requirement for admission in such programs i.e. Masters, PhD etc. But no where in the world..., they use it to grade your PhD or your working during PhD.

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