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I watch MLB.TV on two TVs. One is a brand new Samsung TV connected to a high speed Comcast connection. I watch Netflix with no issues on this TV. The second TV uses the MLB.TV access through TIVO. While I don't get the game blacking out after a very few minutes, it does go in fits and starts with an exciting play stopping right in the middle of a millisecond delay before finishing the play. Does anyone know how to directly contact to see...
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I didn't like
  • Tivo connection stops and starts in themiddle of a play
  • Tv just black out after a few minutes of connection via internet
4/23/2015 on my bank statement is when I subscribed to MLB.TV I live on one of the Hawaiian Islands and a big SF Giants fan, you see, the local tv stations they don't like to broadcast much tv shows or events from the mainland USA because they are not appealing to the majority of the asian people.So the only way for you to watch SF Giants games I had thought would be to watch it through MLB.TV but I was wrong I had to learn the hard way. After...
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tpet I agree. What a scam from a major provider. It just comes down to corporate american greed. I can't watch the cubs when they play 5 west coast teams.
Wanted my money back a...