I subleased a room in a student house for a few months earlier this year. I was the only one in the house during the summer due to me being the only one taking summer courses at the local university. When I moved in, I was greeted by Miz in person (the daughter of the official landlord) and given a business card so that I could " call anytime if there was any problems". Everything was absolutely fine until after the first month when the...
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I didn't like
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Hi, I'm sharing my experience with Miz Rentals. I don't recommend them because they do not provide mattresses in any of their 400 student rental properties. One of the managers told me they had a bad experience with soiled mattresses they had to replace in one of the 400 properties they manage. He said to me, "If someone uses the mattress, who else wants to use it? That's why we make students bring their own." Now they force ALL students to...
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Anonymous Hello there
I recognize you.
I was one of your roomates and what a bunch of lies.
You have been evicted by Miz Rentals for unruly and unacceptable behaviour with your...

In around March of 2014 Miz Rentals Property Management a company that supplies mostly Student Rentals in the Niagara Region took over a rental unit in Stoney Creek Ontario. They took over the property from slum lord Muhammad Yasin upon his request (family friend or relative you know). You see at the time there was a tenancy board hearing happening in regards to unpaid rent and the deplorable conditions of the home Muhammad Yasin was renting. As...
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Anonymous I have been renting from Miz Rentals and have never had a problem.
Probably these are all evicted tenants for non payment of rent.


Anonymous It is an extremely mismanaged company with the staff thinking that they are above the law. Ms. Shay is very rude, un-professional and very ignorant and every time she communic...

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