Love my puppy!

Mittelwest German Shepherds - Love my puppy!
We went to only see the puppies without any expectations. We ended up taking home a puppy (her name was Doris now she is Sasha) and she is by far the best German Shepherd or dog I have ever owned! She was potty trained within one day, super sweet and playful with my kids and adults, shes not growling and she has an amazing temper! These puppies are worth every penny or as my husband would say, she is priceless! If you are thinking of getting a puppy this is the only breeder I would trust. Even my mom who is petrified of dogs loves my dog! She is such a calm non aggressive dog yet, so playful! I love her! Thank you guys for all your hard work and love towards these dogs/ puppies!

User's recommendation: Yes!

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
New Reviewer

So far, so good!

We have owned several German Shepherds in the past. This is the first time we have purchased from Mittelwest. We purchased a female. We have been amazed at how mellow her temperament is. She is sweet and cuddly and so far everyone that meets her loves her. Right off the bat, she slept through the night! She also does amazingly well with other dogs and the staff has been super available, supportive and helpful! Before we picked her, we had a chance to meet her parents. They also had amazing temperaments; very good with kids! We also did our research with other German Shepherd breeders throughout the Mid-west. Before we even went on sight, I had spoken with Grant and Julie multiple times. They were always very accommodating and responsive. When we visited their facilities, they were very transparent with us; we could meet any of the dogs including the parents that we wanted to. Their warranty on their dogs is amazing which attributes to the quality of the breeder in my opinion. If we were looking for another dog, we would go back in a heartbeat!
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Reason of review
Good quality

Great Experience

They really have the best GSD’s I’ve ever seen. I own one of the dogs and have been to the facilities. Many of the complaints I have read do not share any of the experiences I have had. Even the one concern I had with my dog (which was fixed with a probiotic), Julie was very accommodating and responsive.
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Reason of review
Exactly as described/ advertised

Shopping elswhere.

After reading these reviews, it sounds like a puppy mill with mean owners to their dogs and clients. They are really expensive too. I will purchase elsewhere
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Obviously this review is bogus.

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Elgin, Illinois
New Reviewer

Puppy ears never went up. Tail to long.

Recieved a male puppy from a premier litter. The company is Mittlewest german shepherds in Illonis. I saw other reviews and Im not the first one to complain. The puppies ears never went up and tail is way to long for the body. On the registration certificate AKC states, proudly bred by an AKC breeder of merit participant. Thats a bunch of *** The pups date of birth is October 7, 2016. There is 4 peoples name as the breeder, which one is the real breeder. I have photos of my dog, but Im unable to send them, as my i-phone, I am learning to use it. My son helps me with stuff like that. I have bought another male german shepherd out of Miami and he is now 15 weeks old.
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Your dogs ear's didn't go up, and you find that a reason to call the Breeder of Merit status *** ? Was your dog healthy ?

Ears can be fixed ! Could have been taped up and posted at 4 months old, did you contact them when the puppy was still growing ? What kind of communication have you had with them ? We bought 2 dogs from Julie over 15 years ago, and the prices then where $2500 ..

seems like 15 years later you got a heck of a deal. Ears are cosmetic..

unless you where buying a dog for showing, and breeding.. you likely have a nice pet.

@Ein Obn

I dont think julie owned the kennel 15 years ago.


I purchased a female German Shepherd in 1999 from Von Fenwald Kennel owned by Cindy Heimenz at the time. Later found several bad reviews on line about the quality of her dogs.

Yes my dog did develop problems during the first year (skin allergies, she lost a good portion of her coat but with treatment it came back and then she had problems with her eyes which had to be treated four times a day for her entire life). In spite of all this she was the sweetest dog and was a real head-turner. Cindy eventually sold her kennel to Julie Martinez (Mittelwest) and moved to Texas. I believe Julie originally had her kennel in Lockport, IL and was named Mittelwest.

I've heard pros and cons about Mittelwest.

I would recommend Landheim Shepherds in Dyer, Indiana owned by Bob Fleming. Have only read positive comments about him and the quality of his dogs.

@Ein Obn

You can't even spell !

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Wonder Lake, Illinois
  • Ears never went
  • Pup not worth over 3 thousand
Reason of review
Bad quality
Preferred solution
Let the company propose a solution

Neurological problems!

I personlly have one of her dogs I love my daisy. Never really had a problem with her. Great lines great attitude, great dog! She is a little big, at the top of the scale for a female. I brought her to this trail in Danbury Ct where I met Julie in person. She had really beautiful dogs, all winning 1st, Second places at the trail. I walked up and introduced myself. She snobbed me. Did not want to be near my dog. I felt terrible for one second. Yikes! Then I realized she probably has her own dogs slep in massive kennels, treats them like show pieces. My girl is beautiful though. I love her so much! I rescued her from Julie. And my girl rescued me right back! Love my girl! But and I have a huge but, my girlfriend and her husband who is a homicide detective in Ct. Also bought a puppy from Julie. The dog had neurological problems and had to be put down. She did call Julie, and she did not care. Nor did she replace or give a credit for the young dog, 1 year old that had to be put down. She took this dog all the way to Boston to see a specialist for neurological issues for dogs. He could do nothing. The dog had like turning sickness, chanced his tail and would not stop. Julie blamed my friend. Wow I was shocked ! Julie really does not keep her word. Both our dogs were gaurrented! When you meet her in person, as I did. You understand! She keeps the best dogs, puts them through trails, wins. Dose not care about any dog that is not show quality. The end!
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I purchased my second Mittelwest German Shepherd six years ago and have been very satisfied with both dogs. I live in Minnesota but have driven twice to their facility and believe me it is no puppy mill..

I've met Julie in person and found her to friendly and helpful and I just can't believe these petty remarks. Also corresponded via e-email, just keeping her updated on the last puppy "Alex" and she always answered gracioiusly. The person who complained about the tail being too long is apparently not aware that the standard calls for a long, saber like tail. The tails of many poor quality Shepherds barely reach to the hock and lack that elegant flow.

The person who complained about their dog chasing his tail excessively should have been instructed by the "specialist" they contacted to redirect this compulsive behavior.

I'm a trainer with 24 years experience and am working now with a dog who has this issue so I know it can be handled. Of course if a puppy gets sick it's a whole new ball game but I'm sure Julie sees to it that all her puppies are inoculated.


That's too bad. Poor dogs

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Hartford, Connecticut

Julie Martinez and Mittelwest Kennels Sold us 2 sick Puppies, 1 of which died!

On March 11th, 2012, we purchased two 15 week-old (brothers) German Shepherd puppies from Mittelwest Kennels in Wonder Lake, Illinois, owned and operated by Julie Carroll Martinez. We were met by Grant, her kennel manager and boyfriend, who showed us the pups. He never asked us one single question about our experience with German Shepherds, our home or the environment the dogs would be living in. There was no: "¢ Application process "¢ Bill of sale "¢ Receipt "¢ Contract "¢ Health history The only question he asked is if we would be paying by cash or check. We asked Grant if the pups were vet checked, and he said no because it wouldn't be possible for them to bring every single pup to the vet, making it sound like there are too many pups and it would be too expensive. Prior to going to Mittelwest Kennels, we searched the internet, and we found customer complaints, on the rip-off boards as well as other German Shepherd boards, filed against Julie Carroll Martinez and Mittelwest Kennels. We asked Grant about the complaints, but by this time, we knew the pups were coming home with us. We took the pups to the vet the very next day, and both pups had parasites and worms. One of the pups, Rocco, was biting and scratching in the car on the way home from the kennel after purchase. He was diagnosed with a yeast infection, as well as a bacterial infection that he's been fighting to this day. He scratches and bites his fur continuously, and when we informed Julie Carroll Martinez of Rocco's issue, she didn't want to be bothered and made the comment to us that it (Rocco's problem) could be anything. Milo, his brother, had been healthy except for a yeast infection in his ear, which was successfully treated. On June 11, 2012, Milo suddenly died after our daily evening walk. Needless to say, we were devastated by the loss of our 6 month-old puppy. We had a necropsy performed ($600) to determine Milo's cause of death. Although the test came back inconclusive, it ruled out intestinal twisting, bloat and anything we could have been responsible for. Three DVM's (our vet, the vet performing the necropsy, and the vet who examined the tissue) all stated the findings were consistent with ventricular arrhythmia (sudden death heart attack). We immediately sent the report to Julie Martinez as soon as we received it, expecting her to proactively replace the puppy. She said she would give us a $500 credit towards the purchase of a new puppy. Knowing that we were distressed and angry, she then countered with a $1000 credit towards a new puppy. We had already spent more than several thousand dollars on the purchase of the puppies, $750 on the necropsy and cremation for Milo, and over $1000 in vet bills on Rocco, who is still suffering from an autoimmune issue. At one point, after trading several e-mails with Julie Carroll Martinez, she knew we were very upset and concerned with Rocco's well-being. She extended an offer for us to bring our family out to the kennel stating that we have all been through a loss like this and we all know how tragic it is. Even though we were very angry at Julie for being so insensitive, we thought it might be her way of offering some empathy, and we decided to ride out to the kennel (this was the night after Milo died). As we drove past their electric gate into the property and kennel, Julie was outside, and when she saw our car driving through the gate, she immediately went in the house, never to be seen again that evening, sending her boyfriend, Grant, to meet us over at the kennel. Grant never once mentioned Milo's name or uttered any words that he was sorry for our loss, nothing about Milo at all. He did, however, go into the kennel and bring out three different puppies, telling us to take each one for a walk with Rocco. We were completely blown away at the lack of sensitivity and professionalism on both their parts, as it was Julie who invited us out to the kennel in the first place, and she never left the house to come out to talk with us or even offer us any condolences. After this incident, we told Julie we would like a refund based on the fact that she sold us two unhealthy puppies, one of which is now dead. Julie's response was "We cannot replace every dog who has died that we have sold." Well, our puppy, Milo, was only 6-1/2 months old, and our other puppy, Rocco, has had health issues since the night we brought him home. Unfortunately, after the fact, we have talked with other people that have had similar experiences with Julie Carroll Martinez and Mittelwest Kennels. This has been a tragic experience for our family and the surviving pup, Rocco. Please do your research and Google Mittelwest Kennels and Julie Carroll Martinez complaints. Check out postings on AND before you consider purchasing a dog from Julie Carroll Martinez and Mittelwest Kennels. If we can prevent one person from experiencing the heartache, upset and sadness we experienced with Milo's death, it will be well worth our time of writing this. We are happy to talk with anyone considering purchasing a puppy from Julie Carroll Martinez and Mittelwest Kennels, or we would happily talk with any owner of one of her unhealthy dogs that is afraid to come forward. We strongly believe in ethical breeding and showing these beautiful animals for the love of the breed, the animal and the sport, but not solely for the love of money.
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That's terrible. I'm so sorry for you.


I had similar interactions with Grant; our puppy was actually brought in from Germany, not from their lines. We were never allowed to see any part of the kennels, or any other dogs.

Also, vague with details but quick to get to the $ part. Didn't seem to care if we had any experience with GSDs or what our living arrangements were. Ditto on the vanishing owner, Julie. All suspect, will not go back or recommend.

My dog trainer also mentions she works with a lot of their dogs, attempting to correct highly reactive/aggressive behaviors. Buyer, be very aware.


Without knowing exactly what was wrong, your vet report, what your dog was given for flea treatments, shots, heartworms, age of neuter, etc (all of which ruin a dogs imune system)and no necroscopy, for us to see, it is wrong of you to blame Mittelwest. This is no different than a trial being held, based on circumstantial evidence and you the the victim, judge, and jury, proclaim to the world your opinion.

I've never met Mittelwest, but I do see you are angry and out to blame the breeder no matter what. Purhaps your own vet ruined his immune system by giving a combo shot of 5 to 7 different things at once, then heartworm, the flea treatment....You need to do your research. This is not a black and white area. Vets will reach for steriods like candy to give dogs with any type og skin issues, rather than take the time to figure out the cause.

Steroids is a temporary fix and will cause a heart attacks in many cases, especially if you didn't give it exactly like the instructions say. Maybe you killed your own dog...accidentally?


Ive ben to Mittlwest. Puppymill. How dare you accuse this person of killing their own dog.


Our dog from Julie died at two years old from a heart defect. He was the son.

We got nothing for us she didn't offer us another puppy it was just too bad that our God is dead. Our hearts were broken.


Oooopps, this is really sad to read.

This makes me sick.

A reputable breeder stands by his pups and dogs.

There are litter after litter, breeding after breeding.

Gumbil (gsd in Colorado)is no better!


Thanks for this post... When I saw her pups on Facebook

I was in love with how adorable they were..then going to her website I thought at first this must be a puppy many litters!!! Glad I didn't pursue


The website says lifetime warranty. Did you get your money back.? That is so heartbreaking.


I just counted the number of Mittelwest Kennels litters that are on the ground and the ones expected - I was shocked - the number is 21 !! That, in our way of thinking, is a puppy mill.

You cannot tell me that quality breeding is going on with 21 litters due from May, 2016 to September 2016. Beware buyers - quality counts. Think about how all these puppies are being raised.

Research other kennels.


Thank you for writing this. I was looking into them.

Their price of $3000-**** you would think they were good breeders. I will look elsewhere

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Chicago, Illinois

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