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Missouri Custom Builders LLC - SCAMMER
Missouri Custom Builders LLC - SCAMMER
Missouri Custom Builders LLC - SCAMMER
Missouri Custom Builders LLC - SCAMMER
Missouri Custom Builders is the worst company I have ever dealt with. We hired them for ONE GIANT project involving our backyard, gutters, fencing, and a deck. We have had trouble with every single one of the items I've listed. The yard and sprinkler system were done totally wrong. Malik Senussi and his team didn't listen to our requests and did what they wanted without checking in. They added a new sprinkler system and said they'd take out the old one, but never did. The layout of the sprinkler system doesn't even make sense to the size of the lawn. They promised to level the yard and bring in new dirt...but then lied to me and never did either one of those parts of the project. The sprinklers didn't even work when they said the job was completed. Missouri Custom Builders never had drawings or any design plan in place...a very big concern for me. I take blame for not making them provide that to me before digging in our yard, Huge mistake. They came out numerous times after to fix the heads and system but never fixed it to our satisfaction. They then wanted to charge us travel fees to come back. Mind you after all the back and forth we ended up doing the rest of the yard by ourselves. The gutters that they installed on our carriage garage were installed without proper ventilation. A year later when black mold was growing ALL underneath our eaves I called to have them take a look at the situation. That took over a month to have them come out and then to have them fix what they should have done correctly was now going to cost an additional charge of $975+ . This was on top of the $420 originally I paid to have the gutters installed. I paid an additional $150+ in early February to have them add another downspout. on our carport. Again this should have been done correctly the first time. This month I ended up having them pull the whole system down. They left gaping holes and chipped a lot of the paint on the exterior of our garage, The fencing part of the project was not anything like what we asked for either. We wanted the fencing to match the existing fencing already in place. We agreed both verbally and in writing about the aesthetic but when the fence was done it was nothing like our agreement. They lowered the overall height, never bothered to make the screw holes line up, and with our concern about the fencing around trees they just slapped the fence right up against the trees so all the boards are popping off now. Another project we will have to hire someone else to fix. The deck build was HORRENDOUS... no attention to detail. They refused to seal the deck properly. The boards are not level, the pattern is off, and they again added what they wanted without talking to us. We have water spouts we never asked for... and a much bigger footprint than what we wanted. I am a carpenter and set designer by trade...and have worked in the trade industry for over 20+years. I have never worked with such an unprofessional set of people. Malik Senussi does not listen, didn't follow directions or keep his word. In the end they tried to gouge me for more money to fix the issues that had arisen due to their work. Overall we were extremely dissatisfied. Never referred them after the work and wouldn't refer them in the future. I'd ask for references, get drawings, and watch them like a hawk. You'll need to or you too will be out a lot of money and then need to fix it all over again. Malik Senussi even tried to transact unauthorized charges on my credit card... The Police will be informed of your illegal acts. Bad boys, Bad boys, what you gonna do when they come for you?!
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