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Too bad they think women can't make a decision. They wouldn't come out to do an estimate unless both spouses were present. Plus I made a previous appt and they never showed. So I called and they stated both had to be there. Oh well, LOST my business !!
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LOL. Let me balance the weighted replies here.

I agree that decisions, when it comes to married couples, should be made together -- and I am pretty darn sure the woman who commented here will do just that! Which brings us to the other comment regarding "only reputable companies require this" -- B.S.!!! It's the exact opposite, actually! Requiring both spouses present is a high-pressure tactic used to capitalize on the weakness of one or the other spouse.

I was suckered into a similar sales pitch when purchasing a water softener system -- good system but way overpriced.The Golden Rule (thank you, Angie's list for saying it..): If you cannot come back to an offer a year -- *** -- even a DAY later -- then it is definitely NOT a good offer! Again, this is a sales tactic to close the sale. It's purely statistical -- if you cannot close the sale within a day, as time goes by chances of losing that sale increases.A reputable company will allow the customer to do their due diligence. A reputable company will educate the customer and offer to compare their product features with others.

A reputable will give arm their potential clients withs question to bring to their competitors -- and let the best product/service speak for itself. That's what a reputable company will do.Get at least 3 quotes from various companies and meet with them at least twice to narrow down who you will go with. You will learn more about the product you are purchasing by doing this, and you will pick up questions to ask each company when you meet with them the second time around.

You will also be surprised when one company's rates will remain the same and where another one might raise theirs. You might be itching to press the button on one company but realize on the second consultation that they were not as sincere as you thought they were -- and the other company was better.It's amazing what you can get when you have choices.


I don't see the compaint issue other than them not letting someone know ahead of time why they wouldn't be there ahead of time? !

Marriage is a partnership and one person shouldn't be making major decisions without the other anyway. Especially when it comes to spending a large amount of money. If a decision was made by one spouse and money was spent and the other spouse ends up not agreeing with it the company could get sued for starting work on a home that is you and your spouses together without both in agreement about it. But that part is just obvious to anyone in a real marriage that would be considerate of their spouse.

There shouldn't have been no problem with that policy on the part of the wife. Doesn't mean she's not capable just that she acknowledges the importance of both spouses in a decision making process.


Has nothing to do with being a woman. If it was just your husband and you couldn't make it, they still wouldn't show. All reputable home improvement companies work like this, because it is a one-call close environment so therefore they want to ensure that all decision makers are present.


Both homeowners must be present in case either one has a question that needs to be answered. It's not just an estimate, but a demonstration as well.


Miracle Windows and Sunrooms offer the estimate free of charge with no obligation. The only requirement we have is to meet with all homeowners.

This allows us to get the estimate right the first time so both parties can preview all the different options and styles we offer. This policy a lot of s to decrease the amount of return visits and therefore we can pass the savings on to the consumer.

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Jacksonville, Florida
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Poor customer service
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Paid 1000.00 for one window that leaks everytime it rains!

Got convinced by high pressure salesman into purchasing 3 windows for my home (my fault for falling for the spiel). I have vinyl siding and the first installers didnt bother to pull back siding and seal the window to the frame. Water leaks from the top screw holes everytime it rains. Had them out to fix it but unfortunately I couldn't be there to oversee their work. Looked like they just added more caulk over the siding. Long story short, it still leaks from the screwhole and is getting worse as time goes by. I'm going to try one more time to get them to fix the problem or refund some money, but I am not optimistic. Would not recommend this company to anyone.
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Jacksonville, Florida

Miracle Windows Consumer Fraud

Miracle Windows And Sunrooms - Miracle Windows Consumer Fraud
Miracle Windows And Sunrooms - Miracle Windows Consumer Fraud
We spent several thousand dollars on windows for our home in two installations within six months. Not being professional window installers, we didn't know until the second installation that the first installation was not done correctly. No foam wrap around the windows, no caulking around the outside of the windows, and the caulk at the window wrap joints doesn't match in color. On the second installation, they gouged the trimwork on the inside and left the foamwrap sticking out, then caulked over it, leaving an unsightly mess all around the window. Instead of adding value to our home, they have devalued it. Company President Steve Wetherford in Kansas City refuses to fix it. Don't buy from Miracle Windows!
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I don't get it. All these complaints about the price and need for both owners to be present.

As far as the both owners requirement, you can talk to the lawyers about that. It eliminates another potential lawsuit.

As far as the price.........Just like all your other quotes, you either like it an buy it or move on to the next salesman. Why the need to *** about it on a website.........


Miracle Windows put our windows in and they are exceptional. Steve was also our salesman and I felt that he was very professional and very knowledgeable on the products offered.

As far as the installers go they were amazing everything went soooo smoothly and they picked up after themselves and didn't leave a mess for me to pick up behind them! I would use them and recommend them to anybody!!!


Miracle windows and Sunrooms based out of jacksonville fl is ratched. Not only are their charges out the roof but they treat the employee's like ***.

They sell the windows to YOU the customer and then the employee that you spoke with and set everything up gets nothing as far as commission. They lie out their *** to the employee that walked their butts off all day and talked too the customer. They do this because the truth of the matter is the company are theives. They keep all that PROFIT for themselves and then turn and fire the employee because they have NO sales.

But they have sales and this crook of a company steals from the person you may be talking with. AVOID.

Bill Bugbee and the other owners of this company are rotten to the core. They don't care about the employee because they are money driven blood sucking bastards


Thank you worker of the mess everything you say is 100 percent true. Homeowners don't know what the worker has to go thru.

Bill Bugbee is not only a liar but a *** artist as well.

He will tell the worker what they want to hear, promising them the moon and stars only to *** in their face when the time comes to pay up. I can't wait for the day this company falls flat on its face no scratch that on Bugbee's face *** coward lyin pos.


This is not in regards to Miracle Windows Kansas City and is not affiliated with the one in Jacksonville or Nashville


Imagine the concept of getting fired if you make NO sales. Too many people want something for nothing.

I never made a penny if I did not produce. This is the problem with a lot of people in America who believe they are entitled to equality when they do not put in the effort that is necessary to succed.


I second 'rental man'!


I have Miracle Windows for 6 rental properties I own. Have had wonderful results and no problems.

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Kansas City, Missouri

Miracle Windows NO/ Window World Yes

We just had a quote on our windows. Our choices were for almost the same windows from Miracle Windows for 10 windows installed including tax and installation 18,000.00 or from Window World for the same thing all 10 windows installed including tax and installation 2330.00 both lifetime unlimited transferable warranty. I feel bad that some people do not shop around but i am not an *** why pay more for the same thing. Anyone can bring 2 windows into your home and make the one they have look better. Spider-man does not live near me no one will be walking on my windows. Also with Window world they make them local so if one breaks i have a new one next day reinstalled by them for free not 7-10 days with a broken window for someone to gain access to my home while i wait and then have to instal it myself.
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No they do not make them local. The use Alside windows and they plant is in Akron, OH 44309

PO Box 2010, Akron, OH 44309 | 800.922.6009

If you do have a broke window you will wait at least 7 to 14 days from anyone you buy windows from.


Window World has a website dedicated to complaints. Like 220 complaints when I was looking.


Miracle Windows of Jacksonville, Fl. should not be confused with Miracle Windows of Kansas City. They are not owner by the same person or affliated in anyway


I've got to say reading these posts was very helpful. I couldnt even get MW out to my place to give a quote because they said they wanted both homeowners (Me and my wife) present.

I told the owner if he wanted to sell some windows he would talk to me and only me and he promised he would get someone to call and set up an appt. Never happened.....i have now goten 2 quotes from other window companies and will not be entertaining listening to anyone else from MW.

hard to believe they are selling anything doing buisiness this way.


Save your money. Just had the whole sales pitch last night from Miracle.

For 12 windows to be replacd the total was $19,000.00,about passed out when I saw the quote. I had another quote from different company same lifetime warranty for $5200. Questioned Salesman about cost differance. He made a call to the owner apperantly and the price was droped to $9900 if I bought them right then.

I politly decliened and his whole attidude changed. He became pissed left without leaving any info about his product. Very unprofessional. How this company stays in bussiness is beond me and how they also hold a Better bussiness Bureau rating of "A" is a shock to me also.

I agree with Melissa, I only had to spend 1 1/2 hours with them but still a waste of my time. If you are buying windows you defently need to shop around.


That salesman no longer works for miracle windows. Ha they can't keep saleman as a matter of fact because they screw the saleman over just like they do the employee.

They steal from the employee, the one who is out in the field getting the lead for this rachet company and then in turns tells the employee after the sale has completed or is in the process that there is no sale or it canceled. Karma bugbee is your new best friend cos its coming for you ***.


had a quote today for 21 windows for an amazing 45,000 bucks, they told me i could finace for 4500 down a only 875 a month. i politely ended the conversation there with mericle window


As to the James Phillips comment, you have never worked for Window World of Jacksonville, I do believe you may have worked for Miracle Window.

We do not buy the windows from the cheapest dealers, most of the windows are bought from a comapny called Alside. All of Alside's windows that are made for WW have a Goodhouse Keeping Seal on them. They can't be cheap if they have that.

As to replacing the next day, can't be done by Window World, at the least it would take 1 week to get the replacement sash into the office. Maybe 5 days if aired into tthe office.


The "Goodhouse Keeping Seal" only means that you have advertised in Goodhouse keeping. It states NOTHING about the quality of what was advertised!


Not true. Good Housekeeping Seal is earned by rigorous testing and guaranteed. Do your homework before posting.

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Jacksonville, Florida

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