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I bought my first hearing aid from miracle ear in Groove Oklahoma and I LOVE it I have had this one for a few years . I went back for a check up and got it tuned up, they showed me a new one you came out with it worked ok for a few days problem is I have psoriasis in my ear it plugged it and I have to drive 65 miles just to get cleaned again if I would of known this I wouldn't have bought this you need to have your people to advise a person of...
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After spending $700.00 dollars for hearing aids and many hours visiting the MERICAL EAR offices in Madison, I have not yet been able to hear with the left device. Being on a very limited fixed income I can no longer afford new aids and am looking for some help in either a replacement of the aids or some sort of compensation to replace what I have. Why do they always try to sell me new ones at the very high prices? Just what do I have to do...
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My 91 year old mom was sold a Miracle-ear device for over $4,500.00 in Florida. She returned to their shop numerous times complaining that it didn't seem to fit properly. She moved up to NY and was still having problems with it. She went to a Miracle-ear here in New York and the specialist told her that her ear-canals are too small for even their smallest device to fit into. The people in Florida sold her a bill of goods that didn't work...
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I did not realize that my moodiness and depression were a result of not hearing well. At my first test I remember them saying a person needs to hear noise for stimulation to the brain. The first time was a little alarming due to the loudness and hearing things I had not heard for years. It is like I am alive now and I no longer have the depression or moodiness. My TV volume used to be on 39 and now it is set on 19. I would not want to return...
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