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Lost around $680.00 to these crooked theives back in 2016 because some missions required money.

Thanks to this large scam operating out of Switzerland, I was duped out of nearly $700.00 due to their money grubbing ways, I bought like 8 moon deeds, plus ammo packs and life aids just to find out that one shot of ammo deducts 50 bullets and to make things more hectic you waste more mining for objects to craft, like 200 or more, not to mention the missions they give you, you start off as a level 1 cadet and have to work your way up, which in my case took forever, as for the missions you are faced with monsters that are 20 to 50 levels higher than you are, if that is not fair to other players, then I don't know what is, very disgusted if you ask me.

User's recommendation: Avoid at all costs, don't line their pocketbooks.

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  • Plenty of missions
  • Sexual references
  • Npcs use bad profanity
  • Players face much powerful enemies
Preferred solution
Full refund

Thieves -

Account gets hacked, hacker walks away with the loot, but the account owner is locked out "for their own safety". Steer very clear
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Lisburn, Lisburn And Castlereagh

Its a Trap

Brilliant scammers trap, but in no way Morally and ethically justified. I hope they remmeber these days in *** and in torment, so they never scream why they are there. Mindark uses spy avatars to drain the lootpool. Secret avatar names who pose as normal high rolling gamers, who frequentlly and cosntantlly drain the loot pool. Nobody else, no matter how much money or skills used, can HOF the way a handfull of avatars do. Interesting that Swedish and Malay IP adresses these avatars actually have. They use Loot-distribution "managers" and lie about this fact saying its all automated code. This is in no way a game of chance. Too many suspect cercumstances that point to serious orgenized theft and corruption. I myself have lost a fortune to these thieves. I curse their spirits for al leternity. Angry
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Apeldoorn, Gelderland