map-marker Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Rude Drivers Review

The drivers of prime are ***..they run these rig masters generator on there trks they are loud and keep everybody awake..sitting there with there windows down..trk 40562 mark-n-Terri are 2 ***
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map-marker Frenchtown, Montana

Rude Customer Service Review

Pulled into wash n el paso tx told management I couldn't turn off my apu cause my alternater had guit working and apu is keeping batteries charged he was very rude n demanded I turn apu off employees name is Salvador this is the worst experience I have had with blue beacon I will not be back
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map-marker Chicago, Illinois

Your drivers have no respect

The driver that was pulling trailer 120253 at 4:30 in the morning of march 23 2013 was parked next to me and instead of getting out if his truck to pour his 2 bottles of urine out he just leans out of his truck and pours them splashing all over the side of my truck if your drivers have no respect fur any one else's property how much respect are they showing the general public? I was very impressed. I keep my truck clean and polished so the general public will have a good impression. Ty should tell your drivers about respect
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O have had my trucks in lease with New Prime Inc and Schneider. NEVER buy a truck from the company you are in lease to. They will run you until you drop and then stop and you will OWE THEM big time and they will get the truck back. DUH! They might even do two leases with you and then get the second truck back. Remember THEY are doing the dispatching and you are in competition with the COMPANY TRUCKS. DUH! So I don't know that I would call it SLAVERY, BUT SLEAZY... Schneider was great. I never had a problem with them. But that was back when Don Schneider was the Owner and the Manager. I don't know about today.

Anytime one goes into business they have to figure NOBODY is watching your back and it is a cut-throat world.

If you want to learn to be a driver...go to your STATE sponsored Driving will cost you almost nothing and you will come out a better driver. I went to Albuquerque TVI to get my CDL and it cost me almost NOTHING. I always made money at trucking, but I always realized I WAS IN BUSINESS FOR ME to make money and they were second. When I didn't make money, I DROVE AWAY! If you own your own truck you can do that. If you are buying their TRUCK you can't. SO IT REALLY ISN'T YOURS and you really don't have control.

YOU OWE THEM FOR YOUR TRAINING AND YOU OWE THEM FOR YOU you really think this is an altruistic world? You should get a job and let someone else fight the business world.

the t Hoj
map-marker New York, New York

New prime inc. trucking

i have been with several different trucking companies. i found that prime was the worst i ever been too. it nothing but modern slavery. they give u these newer trucks, some brand new some older. the payments are to high plus all the extras they add on. its twice the payment of what a dealer payment would be. plus they charge u for every mile u drive. more money out your pocket. you can go months with out getting paid! when you turn back in truck they charge like 500.00 for cleaning even if u cleaned it. they will say it was dirty. then they charge you all these bogus charges for stuff that been done to truck from past driver which most likely they paid for too. its the biggest crime i seen in the trucking industry. they have no fright no pre plans no support from dispatch.
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This company is the worst to work for under a lease program. I came in as a student, before I could even finish my training they were putting pressure on me to lease.

My trainer was an lease operator and I was determined to learn more about the business before even thinking about leasing.

I decided to continue on the truck with my trainer, and that just pissed the company off because the sole purpose for them bringing you in is to get you to lease so they can get close to $1000/wk off you for a lease pymt.

So after a while they realized that I wasn't going to lease then the loads changed. My trainer began getting just enough loads to make the truck payment and pay me and possibly have a couple hundred dollars left over for bills, and that was only if we stayed out months at a time.

God forbid you ask to go home for a week after being out 2months, they *** with your home time and try to make sure that your last drop is so far away that you are forced to move another load just to get back closer to home so you never make it on time, so never plan anything with your family because you wont make it.

Again, the dispatchers make you aware that they are in control of how much money you make. During training, they will tell you otherwise but they all work together for the company and don't give a *** about the drivers.

I agree with the other person that it is pure slavery and yes as a lease operator you turn down a load, but if you do, be prepared to pay for it in the end, they will make you sit for days waiting for another load ie.(controlling your revenue). If you need a CDL, its best to find a reputable school, pay the money out of your pocket, and research a decent company to work with.

Prime used me, but I also used them for training and time spent OTR driving that has now opened many doors for me with other reputable companies like FedEx, et. so this woman won in the end.


Risk wise...any lease product is a terrible investment. Leasing contracts are written to be highly favorable to the company.

If you cannot afford to purchase a truck on your own for whatever the reason, be it credit, down payment, not enough mechanical experience, or just afraid Its not for you. There will always be great money story cheerleaders for this and other companies, ALWAYS! You have to ask yourself is the risk of assuming all the responsibility for a $160k truck, being a way from your family for up to 4 weeks at a time l(iving the typical bad diet sleep deprived trucker life) is worth the bench mark minimum rate of $1.02 a mile? Here's what you will likely make if you convert your 50-60 hour workweek into an hourly rate....about $8-$13 per hour on average.

Not counting all of the sit and wait time loading and unloading. I finished a lease with Prime.

On the polarity of good and bad I was right in the middle, nothing spectacular about $30k year...if you consider the cost of living on the road probably less. If you are homeless or cannot find adequate employment anywhere else well working for prime is a step in a positive direction.


as far as the inspection, you have to put every little thing down on that paper before leaving with that truck. That's a legal document you can use against Prime if they try to charge you for anything that's on the paper.

Also, if you're not getting paid for months, obviously you're doing something wrong. And lease at prime is usually 900, if your saying dealers will only make you pay half that, then you're only paying 450 a week. And a truck that costs 160,000, you're talking about 7 years of payments. And if you've been working with other companies, then you should know to never lease from a company, better yet never lease.

You might have had a bad experience but not everyone's gonna go through the same as you.

If this company sucked then they wouldn't be running still. Plus there are so many successful people here just look at this guy hes making as much as a lease driver and hes company.


This is forced dispatch company, no preplan,no home time,and at fleet manager mercy. You will have high truck note with no control.

Iron phony is a recruiter for this company. If you like slavery prime will be your company,.

4-12 weeks out or more. Slow trucks


Don't Come to Prime, They will *** over, they are already starting with me. Company truck is having some issues but lets keep it moving anyways. Should have went to Werner.


***. First how many loads did you turn down?

They aren't all gonna be $3000 loads man.

Sometimes you just take the bad ones and go on. maybe you shoulda went company for a year or two before you got into a lease.


prime is a screw the driver co. for sure!!!!!!


He is lying. If your too lazy to work of course you will not get paid.

Prime is best company I have worked for. Lots of freight, best equip.

Always paid, on time. 6 years.


All companies are the same..screw the driver..they may offer u more per mile but that's map miles not what u actually run..they don't care..Helwig-son Terrell tx is a prime example..smoking mirrors...


Prime drivers who run rig masters and keep everyone awake with that piece of *** generator are ***..sitting there with there window curtosity for others..trk 40562 mark-n-Terri primes ***

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