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No availability for customers seeking morning appointments?

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For two days I have been trying to get into the Cosmotalegy school. Yesterday 3/15/2023 I called the school at 11:06am. I explained to the receptionist that I wanted to make an appointment to do the highlighting special and get a trim. I asked her specifically if I come to the school now would I be done by 3pm (because I have to pick up my 11 year old at 3pm from school) she said yes but I would need to come asap. I said ok. I arrived at Milan around 1140am and checked in. I sat there waiting until 1210pm. Apparently all of the students were going to lunch and couldnt make time for me so thats fine.i made an appointment for today at 1045am and unfortunately I was running a little behind schedule so I called Milan again from my car at 1050am and told the receptionist that I was running a little late but that I was on my way. She put me on hold to ask someone again if I could be seen and she told me no that ALL students go to lunch at 12 noon and no one has time explaining that highlights take 2 - 4 hours depending on my how long my hair is, etc. My question is is if I hadnt been running late and showed up directly at my 1045 appointment time how would the students have been able to finish my hair before 12noon when all the students go to lunch? Tomorrow the students are testing and arent available so now Im stuck waiting until Saturday morning first come first serve no appointmemts available. Just thought you would like to know how your school is being ran.
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User's recommendation: Be ALOT more flexible to customers. And respond to legitimate complaints


Milan Institute Of Cosmetology - Program Review

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a one star is what they deserve this school is beyond a joke. i am former student i did not receive my graduation certificate they refused to help me get my 160 hours and another location to externship site i speak only english and out here you need to be bilingual this school does not care about their students they take your money and leave you with nothing practically i wasted nearly a year and half. i want my certificate!!!!! Las vegas Milan institute
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Not as described/ advertised
meggan Jhh
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Milan Institute, Fairfield, CA

I hope that me writing this will make someone think twice about enrolling into this program, this review is specifically for the Fairfield, Ca campus I have not been to any of the other campuses so I cannot speak about them. I chose the Cosmetology program, I was taken through a tour of the campus and the recruiter answered my questions and everything seemed to be going great. They allow a 14 day grace period for you to drop without the loan going into effect, which I thought was great. I have seen many people drop within that 14 day grace period but have seen even more drop during the program because they feel that it is better to pay back the $18,000 plus interest, and I know that sounds utterly ridiculous but when you are constantly stuck trying to cope with a system that does not work and a staff and higher-ups that do not care about the students, and the constant "ghetto" that you are forced to work with; it is exhausting and some come to the realization that is simply is not worth it. There is no reason for a school to be this horrid, myself and so many others (98%) feel not disappointed but disgusted with this institution. From day 1 you make sacrifices such as not having a parking lot to park in, having to wear a uniform that is unprofessional (a cheap t-shirt and scrubs made for men), and hardly ever getting your fully supplied kit (usually there are things missing). This is all just day 1, now imagine the rest of the year! They never have a fully stocked product dispensary, which usually results in telling the client you cannot do the service, or trying to improvise or even convince them to get something done that they dont even want. My personal favorite is how they teach you to sell whatever you need to no matter what even if you have to stretch the truth a bit, and when you don't you are criticized for having bad retail skills when in reality you are an honest person who shouldn't want to sell something to someone that you know wont work anyway. The only reason they are pushing sales is because the drop out rate is so high that that is one of the only ways they are getting money, through services and retail. The higher-ups are in such denial or perhaps they play *** as to how bad everything really is, I find it extremely difficult to believe that they are unaware of the severity of how bad things really are, but then again when you sit in your office all day and are the part of the issue, how could you know. I understand they they're job entails that they sit there and listen to everyones complaints and the people the complaining....yet nothing ever changes. They still allow the ghetto population to enroll, there is no screening process there is only 1 question, "do you have any felonies on your record?" if you say no then you can start the next day. Milan has no standards because they aren't the ones asking the question, the government is because if you have a felony then you cant qualify for the loan. But if you do have a felony then your probably involved in something shady such as drugs or prostitution, therefore you probably have enough money to make monthly payments and not even go through the loan process, so you are still able to get in. The staff is the most under motivated group of people I have ever met in my life, and I don't blame some of them, they realize the place is a dump and they want out of there just as much as the students do. You will not get any education after your phase 1 class (the beginning class that prepares you to go on the salon floor to service clients). You are thrown out to the wolves and theres no such thing as "only the strong survive" nope! There are students on the salon floor that don't even know basics such as how to brush someones hair properly or give a shampoo service, and god forbid they do any kind of chemical service or haircut. Even those close to or already graduated cannot do a proper service. There are so many failures in the Milan system that it is impossible to list them all but I do believe the worst part is that everyone knows it but does nothing to change it. The people in charge do not care about the student body, they don't care if you have an issue that you would like to discuss, they will only have a comeback saying you need to deal with it and go to class and if your lucky you will even get to hear about how great the school is and how they are incapable of doing anything wrong and they will never fess up to they're own mistakes and how they are liars and how they just robbed you out of an education. Excuses are they're talent but blaming the student is they're specialty. I truly hope this place is retired some day, I would hope that no one else would have to deal with what the students there are currently dealing with. Save yourself the stress and trouble and look elsewhere for a quality education.
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Theae people ripped me off! :(


Totally agree. Milan is a waste of money and a bunch of scam artists.


I hear ya! One of my most expensive mistakes ever.. :upset

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