belinda f Eko
map-marker Oak Lawn, Illinois

Dearlership experience

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Went to Mike Haggerty Volkswagen for a recall. Made an appointment for 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday July 18. Went there and parked my car and went into the dealership. Since I had an appointment I felt that this was ok. I saw cars lined up to drive in as well. I was standing in line behind a guy and waited until the service girl waited on him. After which, she said whose next. By this time, a white guy, about 6"3 and 270 pounds with a cane who was standing behind me said in a loud voice that he was. Since I was standing in front of him I turned toward him with my hands extended so he could have stepped up it made no difference to me. He just stood there so I stepped up and the lady waited on me which took all of five minutes. The guy was being waited on as I enter the business. Moments later, the man walked up to me and said in a loud voice, *** next time get in line. I was appalled and yelled back. The guy walked toward the front of the dealership and no one in the place as far as the workers called the police or tried to intervene. Me being a woman you would think at least the workers would have called the police or something. Obviously this man has a serious problem and probably is used to being a bully. I find it interesting that he approached a woman, which by the way is cowardly and who is the real *** in this instance. I then took it upon myself to call the police. I feel that this place had no problem getting my business, but I wonder since i am a African American female, that this is why no intervention was made. This situation could have turned out bad. Obviously you have a lot of disturbed people walking around, and a simple thing like this could have turned out badly. The police responded as said they could not do anything since he left and that no crime was committed. But if i have spend thousands to purchase a vehicle and I come to the dealership for service, I know they were not responsible for him but you have a duty to ensure the safety of your customers. They didn't even call the police I had to. Do not buy a car from Mike Haggerty Volkswagen, in my opinion it is the worst place to do business. The service department there is awful.
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Reason of review:
Safety and poor customer service

Preferred solution: An apology and for the people working at that time to be reprimanded because they heard the altercation and no one did nothing.

Zacary Rii

Mike Haggerty Volkswagen - Mike Haggerty Car Repair Review

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I have a Volkswagen and I have been taking it to Mike Haggerty in Oak Lawn for the past 2-3 years. At first, I was pleased with their service, but I don't know if that's because I only needed minor things done(oil changes, wind shield wipers, etc). My opinion quickly changed. They are so rude to their customers and work very slow. They charge $80 and say they will find out what's wrong with your car then call you back and say there's nothing they can do and still charge you $80 for nothing. I had a broken window that wouldn't roll up and they fixed it for almost $800 (way overpriced) but I paid it. The next day I went to pick up my car and on my drive home I noticed they didn't anchor my driver side window panel controls back into my door. So Everytime I roll my window up or down the whole panel comes up with it. I brought it back that week when I had the time and explained they detached the panel to replace the window on my drivers side and didn't put it back properly and they said that's not their fault, they did not do that. How can they deny this?????! My panel is still broken because they refused to fix what they broke! I couldn't believe it when they were saying that they did not do that, they clearly took it apart to repair the window and put in another and obviously they had to use the panel to test the window to make sure it worked and would go up and down, so of course it was them! Very upset they would not take responsibility for their actions. Another time, my cup holder slide out of place and I had them fix it, for again an insane amount of money and while they took that piece apart to repair it they also damaged my charging port for my phone. The port is connected to the cup holder compartment and all of a sudden my cup holders were fixed but my charging port was broke? The day I brought my car in my phone charged perfectly fine and the day I got it back my phone wouldn't charge at all. But again, this "wasn't their fault." I'm sick of the careless mistakes from the service department and then not owning up to it and fixing what they broke while working on something else. Poor poor customer service they don't care about their customers, they just want your money. Don't trust them, put your money into a more trustworthy and professional place. I still have a broken window panel and a broken port, thanks Mike Haggerty. Now if there is ever an emergency while I'm driving and my phone is dead I cannot charge it to get help. Shame on them for their careless mistakes and for their treatment to their customers. Never will I ever go back or buy a Volkswagen again. I believe they took advantage because I am a young girl.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
map-marker Chicago Ridge, Illinois

Employee Review

Went in the parts dept was left waiting. 6 mins when one person snubbed me for the second time when I walked into the service dept to ask who the person in question worked for Katie haggerty got in my face and told me I took it to personal she was rude and crossed the line in a professional work place
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pheckenast H
map-marker Chicago, Illinois

Mike Haggarty is full of *** bags!!!!!

I received sexual harrassing texts from a sales person there asking if I wanted to be spanked told me the car had cruisecontrol on it I was driving on the highway in the snow trying to find it only to find that it did not have cruise control. Now I have problems with a seal my carpet is moldy and full of water - ruined my coach purse. Service manager was extremely rude to me. To the point that I was CRYING - when I said I would contact the BBB he responded "go ahead they're going to laugh at you."
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Crystal G Vrk
map-marker Chicago, Illinois

Sold a Lemon

I purchased a used Volkswagen EOS Convertible from Mike Haggerty Volkswagen in Chicago. The car had 24,000 miles on it. Since I purchased it, I have had to return to the dealership 6 times within 3 months for repairs. Most of the problems I believe have been caused by a faulty electrical system however Volkswagen will not look into it. I have attempted to talk to the managers and owner about my concerns however the response I get is pretty much deal with it! I am very frustrated and pissed! I am not protected under the Lemon Law because it is a used vehicle.
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map-marker Brookfield, Illinois

Mike Haggerty VW dealer in Oak Lawn, IL

Me and my husband purchased a new VW Jetta from this particular dealership. About a year later, we had trouble with the latch that keeps the trunk open. My husband took it in to the service shop so that they could assess the damage. The service manager and the mechanics did EVERYTHING they could to NOT help. They even made him try to sign a pre-written statement saying that the defect was not there problem. My husband refused to sign 2 of the 3 statements because he disagreed with the verbage. He kept the copy that he did sign, which infuriated the service manager and the mechanics. They then verbally assaulted and tried to PHYSICALLY assault my husband. I called to complain about the poor service to the owner, Mike Haggerty. He acted as if nothing was wrong and literally said," Well, what do you want me to do?" That dealership hires nothing but imbeciles who are only out to screw people. If you are looking to buy a VW or any other type of vehicle, stay away from this dealership! Mike Haggerty needs to have his businesses shut down secondary to the poor services they provide!
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I have heard the rumors about how horrible the service is at this location, but guess what I have experienced it for myself. I dropped my Volkswagon Toureg on a Monday, 04 April 2011@***4 am.

It was dropped off for an oil change and the airbag warning light was on. I had to call the service department on Tuesday, 05 April 2011@ 4:30p.m. to be told that my car was just being checked, I received a call @ 5:30p.m. and was told the oil change was completed but the wiring was burnt out for the airbag.

I asked the service person to go ahead and fix the vehicle. I never received a call that night or the next day until I called the service department on Wednesday, 06 April 2011 @4:30 pm. I was told that the part for the airbag was not ordered and if they ordered it now, it would not be in until Thursday, 07 April 2011. I stated they have had my car for three days, they was suppose to order the part on Tuesday, but the part was not ordered.

I told them I was coming to get my vehicle. This is not the end of the bad service. I drove my vehicle for two days when the coolant light came on in the dash board that stated stop the car immediately and check the coolant fluid. When I had a auto store to check the fluid because I could only make it off of the expressway.

They stated they coolant fluid was wayyyyyyyy below the min requirement (I have photos), washer fluid was not filled. Remember at the beginning of the letter I stated I had and oil change where they are suppose to check and top off all fluids. I completed a complaint on their website, but no reply. Do anyone know how to get in contact with the owner of this dealership so I can inform him of the poor service at this dealership.

Now I have to make an appointment to drop the same vehicle off at another dealership to complete the job that was not done.

Ohhh they did charge me for putting the vehicle on the machine but did not complete the work. I still can not drive my Volkswagen Toureg until I get it to another dealership.


I feel your pain, I truly do. Haggerty Pontiac is the same way.

Liars and idiots. They need to give *** tests before they hire people.

Including management. I wouldn't get another car from them, Even if it was free.

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