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Terrible Stay at the Hotel Migjorn Ibiza Suite &Spa in Playa D'en Bossa, Spain

So I decided to stay at the Hotel Migjorn Ibiza Suite &Spa after reading some good reviews about them online. I honestly don’t know where to start with this place. When I arrived in Playa D'en Bossa all I wanted to do was relax for the evening, but my experience quickly turned from a dream vacation from a nightmare. For one, from the very get-go they acted like it was a nuisance for me to be there. The welcome lady up front was snarky and acted like she didn’t give a care in the world that I was giving them my business. The place looked like it didn’t have a single cleaning person on the staff, there was dust and dirt all over the lobby, the seats were torn up, etc. I had almost gone to another place a few minutes away, but had heard good enough reviews to want to give this place a shot instead. I knew from the moment that I stepped in that was a mistake. After a few minutes of small talk that it was obvious she didn’t want to be making I got my room key. The hallways were just as bad as the lobby, some of the dirtiest carpets I’ve seen and trash scattered here and there. When I finally got to my room it looked like I went to a cheap motel. The bed had holes and ashes all over it, even though it was specifically a non-smoking room. By the smell of it whoever was in the room last was smoking pot like there was no tomorrow, almost got a contact high from that alone. There were also a good bit of food stains on the sheets, it was painfully obvious that the place hadn’t been cleaned. The TV was badly burnt in and had next to no channels. The room came with free wifi, but it was so slow that most simple websites timed out before they could even load, much less being able to actually be productive on it. The phone was probably the only piece of technology that actually worked fine. The place didn’t have any of the things you would expect for a place of this price. They try to charge you more just to get a minibar in the room, which is insane considering how much it costs just to get a room here. The fridge hadn’t been cleaned out and there was plenty of stuff from the last guy that was in there, and the coffee pot was badly stained to the point that it made the coffee itself taste bad. The kitchen had obviously not been cleaned, as there was a huge mess from whoever was in the room last. There was food splattered all over the microwave, crumbs all over the counter, you get the idea. When I decided to check out the bathroom it was very obvious that nobody had cleaned the room. The shampoo bottles had already been used and there were no clean towels for me, which was very annoying after a long day of travel. I was able to get some from the front desk, though it took about a half hour for the cleaning lady to show up. I showed her the The poor lady that showed up looked like she was being overworked to death. It was obvious that they were understaffed in cleaning, but would rather make a quick buck then make their hotel look nice. I was just heading out as she got there so she ended up finally cleaning the place while I was gone. I went out to the pool afterwards hoping to at least be able to relax after my long day of travel. Sadly, nothing could have been further from the truth. I went out there and there were a ton of obviously drunk people being loud and messing around. I figured it might have just been a party that day, but every day I stayed the same thing happening, just with a people leaving and a few new coming each day. A good bit of them looked underage too, not sure how they got ahold of it. There was a gym to the hotel, if you could really call it that. There were only a few machines and the ones that were there were really outdated and needed some repairs. It was usable, but just barely. Because there were so few machines I ended up spending more time waiting to use the popular ones than working out, if you go during a busy time don’t expect to do much but stand around. The Unic restaurant had a ton of different options for when you’re looking for a fancy meal, although it may take you forever to get your food. I was waiting at least 15 minutes when I ate here between when I was ready to order and actually had to, and the wait time for the food was one of the worsts I’ve ever had (well over an hour). They weren’t even busy at all, if this is how they handle customers during off times I’d hate to try to grab something during the dinner rush. The wine selection was also very disappointing for such a high class place, only having the bare basics. It had a very unique atmosphere unlike anywhere I’ve been before. The bar itself was pretty nice, although there were quite a bit of drunks there that took away from the whole experience. It might have been because it was during the busy time, but the bartender never even bothered to ask what I wanted or make any small talk, just gave my drink and went onto the next person. They do have a very large selection of drinks there, no need to worry about that. There were a couple of drunk people that were being loud and trying to cause trouble, but that’s expected for a bar. The breakfast buffet had a very large selection when I went, but it was relatively early in the morning and a lot of the food was already cold. In addition, the line was huge and by the time I got up a good bit of the food was gone (they were occasionally bringing out food, but nowhere near fast enough to keep everything filled. It didn’t seem like they were too busy as much as the staff was just too lazy to do anything. Now for the spa, which I was hoping so much was better than the experience I was having so far. I had pre-bought a all-inclusive package, but from the moment I checked in I was getting asked if I wanted to upgrade. Not sure how you can upgrade from all-inclusive, seems like they just wanted even more money out of me. They didn’t take me back until 20 minutes after I was scheduled to start, even though I showed up a few minutes early. The first woman I was with obviously wanted to do anything but be there. I tried to make some small talk with her but mostly got only sarcastic remarks. God forbid I asked for anything, you’d think I asked her to bow down to me by the replies I got (which is kinda the point of spas anyway, isn’t it?) All of the staff was very disorganized and half of the time I spent was waiting instead of actually having something done. I talked to the other customers in the meantime and they all seemed to be thinking the same thing. Fast forward to a couple hours later when I finally got out of there and I learn that half of the things they did weren’t included and they asked me to pay for the ‘extras’. I told them it was all inclusive and fought it out with the welcome lady for about 20 minutes before she finally decided it wasn’t worth it and let me go back to my room. The website of the hotel claimed that the rooms were soundproof, but I can say firsthand that isn’t true at all. The people in the rooms near me were the same ones by the pool earlier and they were being loud all the way until around 3:00 AM. I asked numerous times for them to stop and called the front desk multiple times, but nothing was done about it. All in all this is the last place I would like to visit again. For the level of service I got I would have been better off anywhere else, there’s plenty of nice hotels and there’s no reason to ruin your visit by picking this one. Not to mention the fact that they are trying to squeeze every penny out of you, charging for everything from having a minibar to using the hot tub, and then trying to upsell what you already bought. Hopefully my next trip to Spain will be a little better since I’ll find somewhere else to go!!
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